TMZ Live -- Dog Day Afternoon

12/30/2010 3:00 PM PST
You hounded us with questions today about Michael Jackson, "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood, David Beckham, and Chris Brown. But most importantly ... Charles' dog stopped by!!!! Woof, woof, bitches.

(00:00) We're back outside today!!! Let the gloating begin
(1:00) The upcoming hearing in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case
(2:50) What was the best story of the year??
(3:52) Twitter question ... was Dr. Murray responsible for supervising MJ?
(4:53) The TMZ staff argument about whether or not MTV was on the hook for the "Teen Mom" violence
(6:23) The Chris Brown Twitter controversy ... did anger management fail him?
(7:24) Michael Jackson may be responsible for his own death.
(10:35) Charles' dog Yogi shows up!!! Play time.
(12:08) Scott Disick blowing up on a photographer
(16:25) Chris Brown's apology for the Twitter rant
(18:40) Jive talk from "Airplane"
(27:55) Dog Tricks!!!!