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Son of Former NBA Star Charged with Murder

12/31/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The son of former NBA player Nickey Maxwell Van Exel was arrested and charged with murder in the shooting of a friend -- in an incident his lawyer calls "horseplay" gone wrong.

Nickey Maxwell Van Exel Didn't Know Gun Was Loaded
Nickey Maxwell Van Exel is being held on $1 million bond in the death of Bradley Bassey Eyo. According to police, Eyo's body was found on Sunday near Lake Ray Hubbard (located just outside Dallas) ... but police later determined Eyo was shot at a home in nearby Garland and the body was then dumped near the lake.

Paul Johnson, a lawyer for the 20-year-old Van Exel, told the AP his client shot Eyo when the two were horsing around with a shotgun that belonged to Van Exel's stepfather. Johnson claims Van Exel didn't know the gun was loaded.

Johnson said Van Exel "panicked" and moved the body, dumping the gun in a creek. The weapon has yet to be recovered. Van Exel has yet to appear in court or enter a plea.

The father, Nick Van Exel, played 13 season in the NBA -- most notably for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1993-1998. He currently works as a player development instructor for the Atlanta Hawks.

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Bottom line. I don't have all the facts. The one thing that I do know is that parties in concern does not know the meaning of RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility in our acts. But don't worry son. There are so many out there in the same boat. They also weren't taught that at an early age. Personnally I am of the belief that you take a life, kidnap someone, rape someone you hang. And I mean literally. Our world is getting to small to be allowing such actions to go on. Do gooders. Enough is enough.

1355 days ago

Russ Bunty    

This is unbelieveable, and stunning...NO IT'S NOT!!!

1355 days ago


I didn't know the gun was loaded, and I'm sooooooooooo sorry my friend. I didn't know the gun was loaded. And I'll never, never do it again. I promise. Scouts honor. Pinky promise, on my mother's life, on my kids life, on any body's life. Dad, get me otta here !!!

1355 days ago


I can see young underdeveloped minds doing this accidently, by handling it as a joke or toy to scareI have in my 49 years been nearly shot 2 times myself!1 time a pal was putting an empty? clip into his Desert Eagle .44 automag pistol, it was aimed just so the bullet hit the doorwyas top area 1 ft above me where I was in his bedroom doorway!
It went BOOM fire flew out it was deafening and scary too, i had been hit by flying glass from Raiders pics framed above my head that he had saved for years, the blood I saw on my hand when i felt my face was scary as hell! another time a 22 rifle behind a trucks bench seat fell over went off and shot my friend driving in the side!!

1355 days ago


I didn't know the gun was loaded. And I'm soooooooooo sorry, my friend. I didn't know the gun was loaded. And I'll never, never do it again. Scouts honor, Pinky promise, on my mother's life, on my kids life. On anybody's life. Dad, get me outta here.

1355 days ago


Accident my A**!

1355 days ago


I'd hate to have you morons for a lawyer. No matter what it looks like, this kid is innocent until he is proven guilty. It don't matter what you think. None of you really know what happened do you? There is only 3 that know the truth; God, the victim and the shooter. All I can say is...I hope he's got a lot of money and can get a good lawyer cause he's gonna need one.

1355 days ago

james hall    

Just one more Negro killer with a mouthful of excuses.If you notice,all of his kind ,are always innocent.These mad dogs have no business living in a civilized society.The death penalty is the only cure.

1355 days ago


another ******, on the trigger

1355 days ago

Rick Tillman    

It's really sad to see yet again two lives wasted by a gun. To bad Nickey couldn't have been in Atlanta working along side his father or attending college.

Rick Tillman
Radio Personality

1354 days ago


He's a goot kid and waz gettin hiz life turned around to go to medical skool.

1354 days ago


Unfortunate, and the 1M bail is excessive unless Nick Van Exel is the legal guardian to his son

1354 days ago


there is so much hatred in this world. One day, we as people will hopefully figure this out. The Bible says we will destory our selves. At the rate were going, it's definitely going to happen. This is suppose to be the land of the free, instead its becoming the land to misguided. We as people need to open our eyes and take a closer look at our surroundings. we need to help each other and stop trying to out do one another. One word "MORE" Thats our problem, we're all so greedy.....

1354 days ago

Jessica paultre    

I am not writing to defend the guy but instead I want to bring out the ignorance of many of you who have posted to this article. Just because a black person commits a crime or is accused of a crime does not give you the right to make derogatory comments about the whole race. There is good and evil in everyone no matter what their race, gender, social status, nationality may be. Your spelling shows how "limited" and "undeveloped" your brain is. Before exposing your racist rhetoric, try to get an education.

1354 days ago


I think the most accurate observation was made by Rick Tillman.
Obviously, the gun did it! Send the gun to jail. If he had used a rock, send the rock to jail. Or better yet, just get rid of all guns or rocks and that will end all killings. It will certainly require more creativity on the part of our poor little killers. I guess the only downside would be that it would also make it more difficult for the rest of us to defend ourselves. But, what the hey!!! If you don't have weak, unarmed victims, how the heck can s*** ever accomplish their calling.

1354 days ago
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