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'Teen Mom' Farrah -- Baby, She Looks Good

1/7/2011 3:25 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With an orange glow and a bikini in Orlando on Friday, Farrah Abraham looked more like a cast member of the "Jersey Shore" than "Teen Mom."

For this 19-year-old, GTL means gyno, tan, labor.


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Breast implants project to the side too much, doesn't look good. I suspect she should have gone with the teardrop implant rather than the round.

1387 days ago

Shannon Steward    

I can't even imagine how good she must taste, i would love to much on her beav.

1387 days ago


denise, most people on here are more repulsed that she is a leech on society more than what her body looks like. The 19 year old girls I know have JOBS. PAY THEIR OWN BILLS. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THEY DON'T WHINE ABOUT THEIR LIVES, despite the fact they are struggling so hard. ***k the whole lot of you who defend her. And Denise, if I wanted to look at a walking skeleton, I'd rent a horror flick.

1387 days ago


Are all the people commenting on here personal friends of Farrah or something? You guys seem WAY defensive of people expressing their opinions. If people want to think that she's got a hot body & ugly face, then fine, whatever. Who gives a rat's ass either way? It's not like this chick is going to cry over these comments. And furthermore, her PERSONALITY is what makes her ugly IMO. She was right bitch on that show.

1387 days ago


I personally think that she is too skinny but nicely toned. I dont see anything wrong with her face ~ Tina W. / Florence, AL

1387 days ago


Is she pregnant again? Looks like she's got another bun in the oven?

1387 days ago


omg! I had a baby my bod is back in shape. I had him young. I am left with horiblw stretch marks. Where are hers?

1387 days ago


to Angel.. i seriously say STFU.. as you and I both know

texas is one of the main states that pays women to have kids. and there are many many many same boat as amber and farrah chicks running around here.. you're in denial sweetie and need to pay attention.. gov. perry knows this as well.

In general, states with the largest numbers of teenagers also had the greatest number of teenage
pregnancies. California reported the highest number of teenage pregnancies (96,490), followed
by Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois (with about 30,000–70,000 each). The smallest
numbers of teenage pregnancies were in Vermont, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota and
New Hampshire, all of which reported fewer than 1,60...0 pregnancies among women aged 15–19.
Tons of single moms running around here and sympathizers like you are the reason its socially acceptable..

that juju person.. you said you and your HUSBAND.. which is something THIS tween twit does not happen.. your example is null... afterall you said you're took a vacation with your hubby with your 2 kids.. ummm and how are you similar to this 19 yr old who doesnt even have a husband..

lol priceless..

ok so i was wrong about the breastfeeding so what im a guy im aloud.. guess what else that doesnt effect me.. neither does that monthly visit both of you have.. HAHA.. jealous ?? LOL

1387 days ago


Last we saw of her she was trying talking about going on welfare and get social security benefits for her daughter because she was broke and NOW SHE HAS BREAST IMPLANTS????? Too bad this self-centered, entitled b*tch couldn't save some of that money for her child's education....

1387 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Farrah looks too thin...She needs to eat ps men like booty! Gain some booty weight thin mint!

1387 days ago


and let me throw out a reminder..

Farrah Abraham didnt reveal much about the father of her daughter, Sophia, except that she cut him out of her life. On 16 and Pregnant Farrah’s MOM told her to block his number to keep him from calling her cell phone. Farrah complied with her Mother’s request and not long after cutting off contact with her baby’s daddy, 18-year-old Derek Underwood died in a car accident.

Yea.. her mother interfered with his rights as a father. and that there is one major problem for which we have with teen pregs.. you have other bitter women telling their daughters they CAN do it without the father.. every child needs a father.. this glorify in teen pregs that mtv proves.. 2 parents are alot better than one.. but also shows all the motions one has to go thru to put up with that babymama.

proof that some women dont know everything when it comes to raising a child.. but again maybe im just old fashioned and now adays its more imporant to have a hot bod, a cell phone, and planted infront of the mv watching chicks make the same mistake over and over again... and im supposed to feel sorry for them? HOW? ...

lets see if she can manage to stay NOT Pregnant up to the age of 25.. how about that.. the fake boobs make her look hot.. so im sure there's about to be a string of boyfriends.. now is that a safe enviroment for a fatherless kid?? to continue bringing different men or women into the child life?

you must ask yourself these moral questions.. but these youngsters do not...

grow up and step up.. goto the store at the 1st of the month..look the F! around you.. they're there and the cycle is repeating.

1387 days ago

WHOREtneyKardASS hian    

What a skanky WHORE! She's getting ready to spread her legs again with another loser! Her Mother should of beat the chit outta here!

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


all the ppl hating are just fat ass bitches

1387 days ago


Def fake boobs

1387 days ago
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