TMZ Live: Bombshell for Sheen, and Harvey Sings!

1/12/2011 5:00 PM PST
As Simon Cowell would say, Harvey's performance on TMZ Live today was VERY karaoke. When the smoke cleared ... we answered all your questions about Sarah Palin, Dr. Conrad Murray, Charlie Sheen and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Plus, an awesome story about Wayne Gretzky from Matt!

(0:45) Huge Bud Light party for the Super Bowl ... and we'll be there
(2:13) The Jackson family has kept their mouths shut recently ... what gives?
(6:30) Matt tells a hilarious Wayne Gretzky story ... then shows off his kickass photo album
(13:00) Selena Gomez's Facebook was hacked -- is it a crime? Jason the lawyer shepherds this one from the comfort of his office
(16:50) Sarah Palin -- targeted by the media?
(17:40) Brett Favre's sister arrested ... breaking news with Evan
(22:10) Porn chat with Max in the studio
(25:13) Brace yourselves. Harvey sings "My Way" ... ALL of it. The staff inside is NOT happy.
(32:00) Laura Wasser ... the hottest attorney around