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Camille Grammer

Schizo on

'Housewives' Decision

1/14/2011 7:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer is leaning toward "walking away" from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- so says a source closely connected with C.G. ... and we've learned it's not the first time she's thrown in the towel.

Camille Grammer
Sources involved in the production of the show tell TMZ Camille walked off the show several times during the taping, saying she was "done with the show." In at least one case, scenes had to be shot without her. But every time, Camille had a change of heart and returned.

As TMZ first reported, Camille's lawyer, Larry Stein, got Bravo to give her an "out" for Season 2, at her option ... and she has 'til the end of the month to exercise it.  We're told Camille will wait to see how she's portrayed in the reunion show before making her decision.  Bravo hasn't officially announced Season 2 is a go, but it seems like a foregone conclusion.

As one person connected with the show tells TMZ, "She's crazy. She changes her mind from one minute to the next. Whatever she says now means nothing because she thinks something different tomorrow. Who knows."

We think Camille likes the publicity ... good and bad -- likes it a lot.


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Ana Nicole    

Please, please DO NOT Bring her back. Every time she is on I change the channel. I'm tire of doing this. I agree with the other comments. fugly, tupperware boobs... crazy.. b&^%$ etc. etc. Just give more time to the other Ladies. Those are Ladies. Not this HO

1384 days ago



1384 days ago


I am so amazed that people actually watch these type of shows, I only know what is going on at all is when I come in here to read or comment about certain people ..I read where garbage like Jersey Shore got 365,000, watching last wonder most people have the wrong impression of Americans. I had no idea Kelseys soon to be ex was on a reality show..I just never liked her..and I dont think he is going to be better off with his new gold digger . Kelsey cant you just date..and at least get someone worth looking at , I think he has a thing for ugly woman.

1384 days ago


Camille blames the "editing" in the show that created all the controversy about her behavior. Hello??? that is the most naive and empty excuse ever. She is a mean person, insecure, jealous and hateful.

They way she treats "her friend" Nick (who is married and her wife lives in was totally disrespectful for Kelsey and Nick's wife. People all over the internet commented the same thing.

I hope Bravo could get rid of her for Season 2. Sorry.

1384 days ago


Heard she had Irritable Bowel (diarrhea) but she's irritable all over.

1384 days ago


Anyone notice her right boob has a FOLD in the boobie bag? Check out the show the next time...she always tries to cover that part.. you can see it in the picture, it's not a shadow, it's a FOLD.

1384 days ago

sharon jones    

She IS insecure, she IS jeaslous, petty and not at all attractive. She is weird beyond belief and in her delusional mind she is always THE victim. Wake Up Camille--You DO need help like Kyle said and secretly you wished you could trade places with her because she is more woman than you'll ever be. How dare you hang all over Nick like a slobbering dog. You have no respect for marriage or motherhood. The ONLY thing you care about in this life is Yourself and money, everything else secondary.

1383 days ago


From what I hear about her behaviour, that of being irratic etc, and looking at the carcas of her wafer thin body, I'd say that she has some serious drug problem, perhaps diet pills, which she battles with. Or it could be other substances, but it's making her super thin and worn out looking and changeable. She was a Playboy model so obviously her appearance means a great deal to her and likely she has spent a lot of money on repair and augmentation. Perhaps she needs some pity instead of such heavy all out condemnation.

1383 days ago


I make it a policy to be nice to everyone I meet. You never know what they are going through. And, quite frankly, it’s exhausting. I work in retail. It’s really hard. But when I watch the Real Housewives, I get to pull out my mean girl. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy hating Kelly (NY), Danielle (NJ) and now Camille. Especially Camille. The ‘ewwwwwwwwwww’ factor on her is amazing. She doesn’t even have to say anything to make my blood boil. I enjoyed watching Kelsey parade his new, younger girlfriend around with her kids. I hope she stays. She is the most truly reprehensible, screwed up fun to watch bitch on the planet. Can you give me a shoulder shrug?

1383 days ago


What is this trophy wife complaining about??? The bitch is getting half of what he owns. Hello!! California is a community property state! Yeah these women were desperate to marry rich (and not good looking) men, no one believes in marrying for love, just for the convienence and in her and other trophy wives cases for money.

1383 days ago

Third Coast    

She's a serious nut case. Very sad if her motivation is only attention. This is mean, but no wonder Kelsey split. I would too.

1383 days ago


As she would tell everyone...

"You're all just JEALOUS of me!"

1383 days ago


Quit and get your children away from that man!!!

OMG! He's out drinking at a bar with his 6 year old son. Look at the pictures that's his son I saw on TV. What in the world is wrong with this guy? He's not even paying attention to him. Poor kid is seated with his head down on the table. At a BAR, at NIGHT with people in DRAG. That's not stuff his children, anyone's children, should be around at the tender age of SIX!

In some States, Family Services would take the children away from the parents for that behavior. Celebrity on not, you don't do things like that! He's a alcoholic drug abuser making this all the worse. Someone needs to inform his soon to be ex about this. This is serious. Why should his son travel the ungodly path he did?

Hey Camille!!! Get your children away from the moron.

1383 days ago


I think camille gets a bad rap from kelsey and viewers. she has a kind side that comes thru for family and friends. i find it hard to believe she would lie about anything. if she wasnt on show i would not watch it. thank you

1383 days ago


You're kidding. I think she is a genius. She can buy and sell all the rest of the "Escapees From the Wax Museum", and she is extremely entertaining as she pushes their buttons and brings out the inner rage in Kyle that apparently has not yet been taken care of in therapy. Camille - stay on the show and use it as a springboard to your own reality show later! You are sexier than anyone - they hate you for that - when in fact, you are quite sweet and sly like a fox!

1383 days ago
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