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Kelsey Grammer to Judge: Let Me Remarry!!!

1/21/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer claims in new legal docs ...  he's met almost all the conditions legally required to get a quickie divorce ... and he's asking the judge to officially  grant the divorce on Wednesday.

Kelsey Grammer

TMZ has learned Kelsey's lawyer filed legal docs claiming the actor has agreed to every condition Camille Grammer requested in order to get a divorce decree immediately, leaving the property settlement issues for another day -- every condition except one. Kelsey refuses to put up a $10 million bond intended to keep everyone honest while they negotiate the final settlement..

As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce stat, so he can marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh.

Camille's legal team claims -- whether Kelsey has agreed to Camille's conditions or not -- right now he can't actually meet her conditions and as a result the judge should not allow him to pull the plug on their marriage.

A hearing is set for Wednesday.


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Kelsey is an addict, and sports addictive behavior. Camille, not too fond of you, but my heart breaks for you and anyone subjected to a cheating spouse.

1373 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Another "midlife crisis dumbass",
on TMZ today???

Jim Carrey meet Kelsey Grammer!

Old fools and their money
attract young honey!


1373 days ago


Has anyone else noticed the phony SMIRKS the two of them have glued to their faces when the cameras are around?

Nothing about either one of them is based in the real world.

They just don't know how to jump off the Crazy Train.

1373 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Camille has told so many lies about Kelsey. I never understood why he married a Porn Star Ho like her in the first place. Now she is a bitter, jealous, greedy, ugly old hag that is acting like a crazy woman. She should stop doing the TV interviews denouncing Kelsey. They just makes her look like the Stupid Nutcase that she really is.

1373 days ago


These two are just disgusting, well I should say these three, because the mistress is another gold-digger...poor kids growing up surrounded by these people with no values or morals whatsoever...Why is he allowed to be married again, when he had proven once more he does not care about a marriage...douchebag

1373 days ago


Is this douchebag even thinking about his young children (with Camille)? One day he's with mommy, the next he's married to this skank. And by no means do I think she's pretty at all. He's probably already instructed his youngest 2 to start calling her mommy! He makes me sick! He probably wants them in the wedding too. Talk about trauma!!!!

1373 days ago


OMG what's the hurry dude. You're only going to divorce her in a year or two. Give up the cash, or wait until the divorce is final. In my opinion, he wants a quickie divorce so he can then stall the financial proceedings. Camille - don't let him do it.

1373 days ago


You would think with all the problems Kesley has had with his previous wives he would want to take some time out to stay single for awhile. Why do these celebs jump from one bad relationship into another within a very short span of time. his new fiancee pregnant again???

1373 days ago


ALMOST meeting all the conditions isn't really meeting the conditions is it? Moron.

1373 days ago


If Camille was blindsided by this I think Kelsey should give her more that a ton of money. Why all the rush to marry the flight attendent? My sister is one and she cheated on her husband.She says in her field it is inevitable that cheating is gonna happen. What is wrong with Kelsey? These flash in the pan situations don't work. Camille deserves to keep everything!!!

1373 days ago

dartagnan schlagel    

thats a bad i deya she sood

1373 days ago


Kelsey Grammer's father was murdered when Kelsey was young.
His 3 siblings died under unusual cir***stances. He marries on a whim multiple times.

Sooooooo the only thing he does super well is make mega-bucks while on-screen.

Off-screen is the problem and what a problem it is!

1373 days ago


After watching the housewives, I was a little outdone with how
they are living. Especially with Kelsey, who in real life, is
a dynamic writer and producer of many hits. I think he got tangled in all of them love stories he has written, and hasn't
got the drift of "the grass ain't greener on the other site,
you old goat with money. I hope the wife kids' keep her young,
and she eventually figures out she is a mom, and don't need
all that plastic surgery. Each one of them wives look so ugly
and anoxeric with all that money, they all just as crazy and

Happy Hookers for real.

Linda from Jersey

1373 days ago


No one except for Kelsey and Camille really know what their marriage was like. On that note, based on Camille's obnoxious, passive/aggressive behavior on the show I'd say Kelsey may well have had his reasons for leaving Camille. Not to mention that she's pretty darn "friendly" with her married "friend" Nick and the woman refused to get pregnant and give birth to her own children.

1373 days ago


LOL....This is a train wreck waiting to happen and I can't avert my eyes from it!!!

1373 days ago
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