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Kelsey's Old Wife Wants Protection From New One

1/26/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer is afraid she could be financially fleeced by Kelsey's soon-to-be new wife Kayte Walsh, and she wants a judge to step in and protect her.

Camille Grammer
The legal titans for both sides were in court this AM -- Neal Hersh for Camille and Lance Spiegel for Kelsey -- arguing over whether Kelsey is entitled to an immediate divorce decree, saving those pesky property issues for a later date.

The judge put the matter over until February 7.  So if the judge grants the divorce on the 7th, Kelsey could still get married during the last 2 weeks of February -- which he wants.

But Hersh told the judge he's worried about Camille's cut of Kelsey's pension -- estimated at between $5 and $10 million.  Even if the judge awards her a cut in the pension, Hersh is worried ... if Kelsey dies Kayte could go to the pension administrator as the grieving widow and lay claim to the proceeds.

It's unlikely Camille would lose her pension rights, but just in case Hersh wants Kelsey to cough up a $10 million bond to protect her.

To be continued on Feb. 7th.



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Get real anyone of us would be covering our a** just like Camille is, would you wanna give up that lifestyle? Really? I think she a superficial hollywood wannabe, But he's a total nut job too. Get it while you can Camille. This story will repeat itself when Kayte and Kelsy break up. LOSERS!!!

1282 days ago


Kelsey was an actor long before he met Camille. She should get her share of the property while they were married, but not the Screen Actors pension. He doesn't OWE her for that! As your article states, if Kelsey should die, wouldn't he want his current wife, the one that he loves, to be taken care of? Camille will get enough. She won't starve. She needs to not be a blood sucking leech like another poster mentioned.

1282 days ago


FINALLY, THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG! Kelsey's desperate fight to end his marriage seems to be all about property and money which he bitterly, but bitterly, resents handing over to Camille even tho she gave him, I believe, thirteen years of her life. Don't be surprised if Kelsey is USING this new child in his life as a vehicle for financial freedom from Camille even tho she gave him, I believe, thirteen years of her life. Don't be surprised to learn that this new young thing probably helped Kelsey design all the terms of divorce to benefit herself. If she had acceptable morals, in the first place, she would not have become involved with a wealthy married man who is old enough to be her father and, then some. Mr. Hersh sounds like the perfect attorney to flush Kelsey, once and for all! Certainly, hope so!!!

1282 days ago


Why does women always concentrate on getting money? Women give women a bad rep.....

1282 days ago


I don't blame her for collecting every dime. She earned every cent. Make Kelsey pay for all the pu**y he enjoyed.

1282 days ago

Joe Camel    

I don't blame her for collecting every dime. She earned every cent. Make Kelsey pay for all the pu**y he enjoyed.
Posted at 4:14 PM on Jan 26, 2011 by Donna

Not really. She only spread her legs a few times during the marriage. So she deserves $5,000,000 per pop? She only charged the Sultan $10,000 for 48 hours of degrading ***********. Yes, she took it up the pooper for cash. Maybe that's why she has IBS.

1282 days ago



1282 days ago


I'm sure Kelsey would give body parts to flee this insane Camille...Whatever the cost, I'm sure Kelsey thinks it's completely worth it, as we all now know Camille is Crazy!

1282 days ago


Camille isn't exactly a golddigger. They have been married for years. His new girlfriend could be a golddigger. No matter he's married and needs to finished that legal contract before entering another. What's the big freaking deal about being married? The new girlfriend pressuring him? It's just a piece of paper really. I hope the judge says no. What does a marriage license mean anyway. Nothing to Kelsy obviously. He's a big hypocrite. I don't watch his show anymore.

1282 days ago


He really is a simpleton. He doesn't respect woman at all.

Just think, Tammi Baliszewski could have been a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

But, she says, Kelsey Grammer dumped her for his eventual third wife, Camille Grammer, sending Baliszewski down a road of self-discovery that culminated in her new book, Manifesting Love From the Inside Out.

A copy of which she has since sent to Camille to help her through her increasingly messy divorce from the Frasier star, Baliszewski tells E! News in an exclusive interview airing tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

"When I was hurting to that degree," she says, "I thought, 'There is nothing I can do to make myself feel better.' I called my therapist, my priest, my friends, and really no one wanted to speak with me. I felt very, very, very alone, like I was brought to my knees and had some serious heart-to-heart conversations with God."

Baliszewski, who says she went back to school and obtained a PhD after her breakup with Grammer, describes her first meeting with the actor—who, to this day, she calls "extraordinarily intelligent," "complex" and "charismatic."

He was going through a "challenging divorce" from wife No. 2 at the time, Baliszewski says, but he called her the morning after their first introduction.

They had dinner that night, then he was MIA for about three weeks, she says, after which, "he eventually resurfaced...and then we saw each other very consistently after that and got engaged shortly thereafter."

"We were in the back of the limo and he said he was looking for a diamond for me and I was shocked," she tells E! News. "I mean, we'd only been seeing each other for three months, so it wasn't very long. And he said he couldn't afford it yet...About 10 minutes later, he got down on his knee in the limo and proposed to me."

"About a month later," Baliszewski says, "he proposed again in front of the studio audience. I think it was the last taping of Frasier."

A People magazine cover in 1994 touted Kelsey as being "happy at last" with a hit show and a new love, meaning Baliszewski.

"I just have a lot of compassion for this girl," Baliszewski says, referring to herself (not Camille). "She had no idea what was coming down the pike. The first year was really wonderful, there was traveling, it was like a dream come true. And the second year was more challenging. The third year was very, very difficult."

Kelsey was arrested in 1988 for DUI and then again for cocaine possession in 1990. He spent 10 days in jail and was placed on probation. In 1996, the actor flipped his Dodge Viper and soon after checked into the Betty Ford Center for alcohol and substance-abuse treatment.

Baliszewski claims that Kelsey's addictions played a big role in their relationship, saying that the "strangeness of some of that time together make more sense" when she thinks about what he was going through.

"I was pouring alcohol down the sink and replenishing the bottles with water. I was doing my best to hold him together," she says.

She says that he got angry at her when she asked whether he had been drinking at the time of his car wreck. But before that, Baliszewski adds, some of his colleagues at NBC had held an intervention for him—and Camille was there, as well.

In fact, she claims that Kelsey was even seeing Camille before they broke up. Fittingly, Grammer also announced his engagement to Kayte Walsh barely six months after Camille filed for divorce.

"He was at the hospital and I said should I come see you," Baliszewski recalls, "and he said, 'No! No, don't come, don't come.' And it was confusing for me but it was because he was also involved with Camille and didn't want that in the press.

"So, yeah, I don't think I ever saw him after that."

So now, she really feels for Camille.

Baliszewski says she met Grammer's third wife after an ex-boyfriend put them in touch.

"I got her email [address] and sent her a short note, and she responded a couple of days later. [We] had a very heartfelt conversation," Baliszewski says. "We've spoken five or six times since then, and I like her very much, I think she's a really sweet soul. Funny, a little self-deprecating. It's like she could be a sister of mine."

Baliszewski explains why she sent Camille a copy of her book, Manifesting Love.

"What I do believe I have in common with her and I do understand is, again, that confusion and emotional devastation and that anguish...because I've gone through it. I have a very deep level of compassion for her."

"I would do anything in the world to support her if she needed me," Baliszewski adds. "I've sent her a book, I call her once in a while just to let her know she's in my heart and my thoughts and my prayers and that I have great respect and compassion for her."

Read more:

1282 days ago

get real    

Number 9..... Right! Camille is NOT his old wife, or x wife ! Shes THE WIFE,,,,,,, Go for all u can Camille. Hes trying to make a fool ot of you with this new one. Hold Your Ground.

1282 days ago


I am no fan of Camille, I think she is a true witch. But from all accounts, she helped grow the fortune Kelsey has by very shrewed investments. She needs to make sure joint property is protected and then move on with her life. He is one of those old guys who is always looking for somebody younger. His current fiance broke up a family. I mean how often does this guy really see his small children?? he is a pig and Camille needs to just stay out of the media.

1282 days ago


aint karma grand camille lol what goes around comes around ur just such a rude mean spitefull bit!! u proved that on real housewives well ur gettin what u deserve lol

1282 days ago


Perhaps the rush to marry the replacement has something to do with her immigration status. She is not American, probably has noo work visa & I believe there are limits to her tourist stay.

1282 days ago


Camille, check the ALIENATION OF AFFECTION law! You could sue the pants of little Katie!

1282 days ago
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