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TMZ Live: Sheen in Bad Shape, Cutler Walks

1/27/2011 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Far from your average TMZ Live today -- Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this AM after a serious bender -- forcing Harvey inside the newsroom to take care of business ... live as it happens. Plus a question for Shevonne, Robin from Ohio asks a question via Skype, Dax fills in for a bit, and Twitter questions galore!!


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(0:00) Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this morning after a serious bender ... and Harvey catches us up on all the latest.
(2:55) TMZ will be involved in the Super Bowl pregame show!!! Harvey is stoked.
(4:55) Why isn't Shevonne a fan of Christopher Reeve?
(6:50) The Tila Tequila sex tape ... the latest with Mike.
(8:25) Harvey bails on TMZ Live to handle a story in the newsroom ... and we watch LIVE as he takes care of business. Jason is left all alone.
(13:50) Backup finally arrives ... and it's Dax.
(14:40) Robin from Ohio asks a question via Skype: Is Charlie Sheen's body giving out?
(17:45) More changes ... Jason leaves, Harvey returns ... and he digs Robin's digs.
(21:40) OH NO ... now Dax has to leave -- Harvey's on his own now.
(22:00) Twitter questions: What's up with the Jay Cutler video? Snooki and Jwoww's script leaked ... will it affect the show's ratings?
(23:00) Crazy day ... over and out.


No Avatar


where is charles today is harvey punishing him for yesterday

1368 days ago


Does Shivon like anyone?

1368 days ago

nee nee    

Charlies kids will never be able to look back at their Dad with pride when they are older

1368 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Does anyone ouside of the Porn industry give a flying F*** about Sheen?
And that Shivone is about as self-centered and SMUG as Octosana, Kim K, AND Angelina COMBINED! (When NO one is looking SHE'S all about HERSELF!) Get over you girl, your low budge @ best girl!

1368 days ago


Why don't we all break denial and stop calling what Charlie's doing as "partying"?

1368 days ago


harvey, r u gay? nothing wrong with it, just asking

1368 days ago


no not everyone is hoping peen gets better.

1368 days ago

crazy christmas pie    

oh yeah. . . .really important work going on there in the "news room". . . .PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1368 days ago


Somebody needs to step in and send this guy away to rehab. This guy is gonna die from drug addiction. People need to stop enabling him. This is a sad situation.

1368 days ago


I miss you guys broadcasting from inside the newsroom ,, it was more interesting watching everyone in the background..

1368 days ago


Thanks, Boxer is a smart breed.

1368 days ago


Hi TMZ, if a country has committed human right violations & they have kept it secret from the press how would you go about having that country destroyed? If Law Enforcement is involved and they are attacking you, is it self defense if one of the Officers is killed in the atack? Can a loser country get away with doing this? I know America attacks and bombs human right violating countries! Bombs away!

1368 days ago


EVERYONE is forgetting that Martin Sheen was a hard-core partier himself, when he was younger. Didn't he have a heart attack while filming Apocalypse Now, in his early thirties!?

1368 days ago


Why are you acting like Charlie isn't a 5150?
If commitment is good enough for Britney....why isn't it good enough for Charlie

1368 days ago


So where is Charles today ?

1368 days ago
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