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NFL Player Tased After Allegedly Attacking Police

1/31/2011 10:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was on the wrong side of a taser today -- after the NFLer allegedly assaulted a cop in L.A. -- and it's his second arrest in three days ... TMZ has learned.

Everson Griffen
Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD pulled over Griffen -- a USC grad -- around 4 PM Monday near the Trojan campus ... and he failed to produce ID.

That's when we're told the 6'3", 275-pounder tried to take off on foot -- and allegedly assaulted an officer in the process.

Sources say cops were forced to take Griffen down with a taser -- and then arrested him on one count of felony battery.

TMZ has learned Griffen was also arrested just this past Friday night in Hollywood ... and booked for being drunk in public. He was released on Saturday.

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I will never understand why TMZ reports so much on z-list athletes that no one has ever even heard of. Who cares!

1362 days ago


Griffen did not graduate from USC. Just because he went to school there doesn't mean he got his diploma. Remember TMZ, if you are going to write a worthless story like this one, you should check your facts before you publish it.

1362 days ago

sloppy seconds    

good. taze this idiot until he gets it! grow up!

1362 days ago


mama said steroids made him do it!

1362 days ago


dude is on a roll

1362 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

What I realize is more and more football players are wearing bracelets than ever. If it is not a basketball player (well that season is coming up) it is football. Why is that? It cannot be an epedemic it seems more like a witch hunt over the past 5 years. Football players jumping out of vehicles and "committing suicide." Then other players are getting locked up from guns, dui and or beating up their wives.
No one sees the rash of connections of arrests?

1362 days ago


Part of playing football includes that most players have to have a deep sense of Anger these days because of the competition
hence there will be more Arrests for football players than any other sports

1362 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah you hear the downside of this guy going to the NFL from USC? He actually had to take a paycut.. HAHAHA

1362 days ago


Roid rage, maybe??

1362 days ago


#7 The "rash of connections of arrests" as you call it is simple, you can take the kid out of the ghetto, you can't take the ghetto out of the kid. These "men" have no respect for anyone or anything. They were raised that way. Then they are given obsurd salaries that they don't deserve. They have no idea how to act. NONE fo these people; NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB deserve the salary they get. They are the worst example to our children. They take everything for granted. Overpaid, immature j@ck@sses! The major sports leagues should suspend these players for one full season each and every time they disgrace the human race with their antics.
Problem is, with guys who have playing stats like Ben 'Rape em' Rothlesbooger & Brett 'sextual harassment' Favre doing whatever they want and paying their way out of the charges, it gives the younger, less talented morons the same entitled attitude to act a fool. The NFL is a becoming a joke with all the gangsters and drug dealers they draft into the league. Like giving them millions is going to change who they are.

1362 days ago


6'3" 275 lbs is pretty small in the NFL these days. You have fat guys like 310-330 lbs. Maybe he get away if he was on Weight watchers like Jennifer Judson. Truth...

1362 days ago


6'3" 275 lbs is pretty small in the NFL these days. You have fat guys like 310-330 lbs. Maybe he get away if he was on Weight watchers like Jennifer Hudson. Truth...

1362 days ago


People should take note of the legal system's problem with class distinction...
If you have money, or you're an illegal alien...you don't go to jail...for anything.
If you have no money, you will pay for every transgression you and your father may have made.

1362 days ago


Pro sports can end this problem so easily. REQUIRE A FREAKING COLLEGE DEGREE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! I'm tired of these dudes going to college for one or two years simply as a launch pad to pro sports. Then when they get there, nearly two-thirds of them are ill prepared to deal with the sudden fame, money, and even the game itself. Make it mandatory that they complete their degree. Not only will it produce more well-rounded and pro-ready athletes, but it will produce better citizens as well. I realize many would skirt the system somehow and cheat their way through college. Therefore, throw out the Wonderlic and give a basic college aptitude test to these guys. If they skated through college buying test scores and term papers, they'll more than likely fail it. While you're at it, psychological testing might not be bad either. None of this will ever happen though, because to pro owners, these guys are nothing more than livestock. Commodities to be bought, sold, and traded. They couldn't care less how these guys turn out, as long as they put butts in the stadium seats. So don't point the finger at "the ghetto" as people so frequently and automatically do. Point the finger at the rich cigar chomping owners who create this get rich quick without mentally preparing yourself atmosphere.

1362 days ago


hahahaha - what else would you expect from a Trojan?????

1362 days ago
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