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'Glee' Cast to Lindsay Lohan:

'We're Really Sorry'

1/31/2011 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cast of "Glee" apologized to Lindsay Lohan for mocking her during an episode last year ... TMZ has learned.

Glee Apology Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay was out at dinner in West Hollywood Sunday night when she ran into the cast (minus Jane Lynch and Lea Michele) ... and naturally, that episode -- mocking Lindsay's frequent trips to rehab -- came up .

Sources tell us the cast walked up to LiLo ... apologized for the jokes ... and said they didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Lindsay accepted their apology and everyone parted ways.

0131_glee_launch_EX_TMZDon't expect the same thing to happen if Lindsay bumps into Jay Leno. Or David Letterman. Or Jon Stewart. Or Jimmy Kimmel. Or ...


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whatever -
where was the apology to President Bush after the release of the movie where they wanted to kill George Bush. Or all the cruelness to Sarah Palin and family? Come on already!

1328 days ago


Go Grandma cracker KICK IT HARDER!! Dina needes a blunt to the teeth! She will come back under many different names

Jill, Nicole, Glady, Dumass1000, Mike, Susan, Chill, Sitting Bull ect WE ALL KNOW Dinas names even the new names she goes under


1328 days ago


I find this funny as this is classic "gay bullying" that gays, especially men, do all the time and yet they cry and complain that they are bullied. They do the "Oh my god, you're wearing THAT" or something similar without regard to the others feelings. They complain all the time about not being understood or bullied and they just do the same thing in a different way.

BUT this IS how liberals see themselves, like Joy Behar or Cathy Griffin (who?.... exactly) and that if they ACCEPT gay marriage and have gay friends then they are suddenly "tolerant" even though they will bitterly hate others AND make fun of others (like Behar's bizzare thing about Palin) with a sick vengeance.

1328 days ago


To the Glee Cast: Each one of you is a butt-kissing vag, and I have lost total respect for you. If you offend Charles Manson, will you apologize to him too? Buncha vag's.

1328 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Nikki, if Lindsay is abusing aderall she is literally not paying with a full deck. Our brains are a delicate balance of super strong chemicals. Our own brain chemicals can be a strong as morphine. Aderall stimulates dopamine, one of the strongest chemicals. When a human being has an orgasm that is a huge shot of dopamine. If a person has a severe shortage of dopamine in the brain, they will develop Parkinson's Disease. If a person has too much dopamine they will become schizophrenic. Aderall is a great drug for those who need it, but when it is abused it's crazy. If she is getting extended release caps and crushing the balls inside she's crazy. It is so frustrating to watch a person slip through the treatment cracks because she has money to pay for sharp lawyers. A junkie on the street would have an easier time getting sober than an entitled rich kid. Somebody just needs to kick Dina square in the butt before he kid dies.

1328 days ago


Glee is the same thing like Nip/Tuck once was. Ryan can't do anything else but put two people who hate each other in a similar workplace, where they need to work together for better good.

As for these kids. If there was Lea the diva Michele, they wouldn't dare to apologize if she said no. See, Lea is the huge star and she is the one who decides who stays and goes, so all these glee kiddies are kissing up to her, and its hilarious what she makes them do. Ryan Murphy has no word when it comes to her, because she is kissing up to Fox, well to one of the producers:)

1328 days ago


David Letterman? the guy who likes to play with the young female staffers? that one? what he said about LiLo makes no impact, none. I like the guy but when it comes about making fun of a young talented girl who did NUTHING compared to what he got caught doing then he's opinion is irrelevant. I remember the jokes about LiLo. and I remember the "jokes" about his wife as well. And that was serious, very. Again, what LiLo did exactly? uh? other than working since she was 9 , and despite the parents she had to deal with .

1328 days ago


hi lindsay im in london

1328 days ago


Don't believe this one at all. Don't you think if Lindsay were in a restaurant and the whole cast of Glee went up to her, someone would have taken a cell phone pic or something? Something more concrete than "Sources"? Sorry, but I smell a PR stunt bigtime here.

1328 days ago



Lindsay saw the Glee Cast at the Chateau Marmont according to People.,,20462495,00.html

• After taking in the Screen Actors Guild Awards, nominee Chris Colfer and his fellow Glee cast – Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron and more – kept the party going at West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont where they ran into … Lindsay Lohan. After spying them across the patio, Lohan settled at their table, wriggling into a chair where she chatted for a while with Colfer, who was very eager to meet her. But the entire group was giddy, erupting into cheers when Matthew Morrison arrived. Later, he met up with Jennifer Morrison, who had been dining elsewhere on the patio.

1328 days ago


Thanks, Nicole. Do you know where the post is where Sitting Bull states that Lindsay is having"controlled drinking?" That post is so unbelievable that I HAVE to read it!

1328 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay "worried" about charlie #274

1328 days ago


I call TOTAL Bull**** on this story. Wasn't the cast of Glees at the SAG Awards on Sunday nightor after party? Oh the Marmot? the Marmot don't kiss and tell.

Or did they skip them to apologize to Lohan? Or is Lohan stalking working people now?

As for the "contolled drinking" for years LL and Dina asserted that Lindsay was just a young person doing what young people did. Not an addict at all. All her rude late bad behavior and partying was chalked up to that. Even UCLA apparently said she was not an addict. She's a just an aging brat. She pissied of Jane Fonda and producer (Yeah they did say some nice things while they were doing PR for the movie, later, but by that time her reputation killed the movie. Who wants to hire a movie killer?) She pissied of everyone with her bad behavior at Ugly Betty and was fired. Did you ever see that episode of double exposure where she makes the photogs and crew wait over 8 HOURs for her and then shows up looking hung over and wasted? Did you ever see her snub Jeanne Becker on FT? Lagerfeld and Valentino don't snub Jeanne Becker but LL does? Let's not even start to count the bar fights.

It's only when she violated her probabtion AGAIN for setting off her scram that she tweeted her mea culpa. She used the
addict label to avoid the unreliable narcissist. Now she's stuck with the label. Oh well

Lindsay has the right to revive her career in some field or other. Planting stories here on tabloid sited won't get you there. It will onlt get you ridicule for being so ridiculous. time to retire "Sitting Bull" as your mananger.

Charlie Sheen is worried about you.

1328 days ago


Thanks, grandma. All I can say is, "WOW" If Sitting Bull is really Dina, then all hope is lost.

1328 days ago

Shamara Lynn    

And we still talkin bout this bitch..... When will u people let tha **** go.... She isn't tha Mean Girls, or Parent Trap Actress. Stop givin this Crab in a bucket ass bitch fame.... She don't deserve it.... The only thing she deserves is them self proclaimed charges. Stop giving this BITCH FAME.....

1328 days ago
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