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Fergie -- Don't Pick on Christina Aguilera!

2/7/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fergie is coming to Christina Aguilera's defense after she flubbed the national anthem yesterday before the Super Bowl -- claiming Xtina's "human" ... and everyone makes mistakes.

Fergie Black Eyed Peas

Fergie was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning -- where she admitted her own performance with the Black Eyed Peas also failed to meet her expectations ... calling some of her notes "pitchy."

Boom boom pffft.

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No Avatar

Mickey Mouse    

They all sucked!Except for slash.Fergie leave the blackeye penis,and join Velvet Revolver!You and Slash kickass!!!!!!!

1356 days ago


Makes mistakes?! She's getting paid millions of dollars for a job performing in front of the entire world, you can't make a mistake.

1356 days ago


Fergie has room to talk their performance was just as bad.
Christina A. just plain bit the big one and her excuse only made matter worse. For her that is...

1356 days ago


Yea, Fergie, u and ur guys were terrible to. Damn that was the longest worst half time show ever. Christina, should have rehearsed a little more, that would be an honor to perform at Super Bowl , and not only did she missed lyrics, she screamed what she could remember!. It was terrible. I am a big fan of hers also, but last night....WOW.

1356 days ago


The supebowl entertainment was a metaphor for the general overall decline of competence in this country. What do you think foreigners who tuned in think? Those STUPID, INCOMPETENT, EGOISTS, called Americans can't even get someone to sing their National Anthem correctly.

I can hear them laughing in China.

1356 days ago


Although that was probably the worst halftime show I have ever seen, the real blame should be put on the people who set the show up and hired these no talent acts. If this is the best we have in this country for entertainment then we are in worse trouble than I thought. Maybe next year the talent scouts can pick an act that someone put some effort into.

1356 days ago


What the hell is wrong with the NFL cant they afford any talented people????????

1356 days ago


She shouldn't say anything because her performances SUCKED as well I can't believes this people get paid lots of money even if there performances suck like yesterday witch was a mayor event!

1356 days ago


The halftime show was the WORST ever!!! Fergie should face the fact that her 15 minutes is over!!!

1356 days ago


LOL @ the people leaving comments directed to Fergie. Like as if she actually reads them! Get a life. If the only thing you all have to bitch about is a stupid halftime show, count yourselves lucky that you don't have REAL problems.

1356 days ago


who the hell is fergie to comment on christina's screw-up. she should be the last person to cover-up, but a bigger person to take responsibility for action and shut her puss. and yes..she proved that she is an awful singer too.

1356 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Do not pick on her so you and group should get the negative and accurate picking? Just pee on yourself again.

1356 days ago


"She's one of the best singers of our time."

HaHa...and THAT'S saying something. Not. Actually Fergie, you were worse than her, if that's possible.

1356 days ago


Geez people, what is your major problem?? Get a damn life! You got a free halftime performance from a supercool group, The Black Eyed Peas, and you complain that it wasn't up to snuff. I thought it was fine. I enjoyed the entire halftime show! It rocked! What horrible lives most of you must be living to criticize this performance so vehemently. It was FREE! If you really want to criticize something how 'bout criticizing that joke of a football game! The Steelers totally sucked and the Packers sucked a little less and won the game. But what a pathetic performance by both teams, especially for a Super Bowl game. I enjoyed the halftime show much more! The Black Eyed Peas rock! Thanks for the free show!!!!!

1356 days ago

Albert Gooding    

A-gu-laria should have written the F#*King words on her unpatriotic hand so she could have gotten it right...there's no excuse for ignorance. Who ever doesn't know the god damned words to the national anthem should not be a citizen.

1356 days ago
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