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TMZ Live -- Lindsay Lohan to be Charged!

2/8/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ LIVE: We broke a HUGE story about Lindsay Lohan -- she's gonna be charged with felony grand theft tomorrow -- Harvey and Charles have all the details!

Plus ... we answer all your questions on the biggest stories around, including Halle Berry's controversial statement about the "one drop rule." Also, viewer Tamre joins via Skype and we hold another Twitter lightning round ... we don't want to spoil it for you, but "poo" is mentioned! 


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!



(0:00) Harvey calls TMZ "The Zed" because it's a "little Jewish." He tries to explain.
(1:30) Halle Berry's baby ... is she Black, White or mixed?? Harvey and Charles argue -- a little too long -- about it.
(6:15) Our first interruption of the day -- leaving Charles to answer an "X Factor"/"American Idol" question all by himself.
(7:20) We broke the story -- Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft -- and we have all the details.
(8:45) Why isn't Courtney Love being charged with grand theft like Lindsay?
(12:50) Tamre joins in via Skype -- and thinks Charlie Sheen's at home rehab may be a sham.
(16:50) Interruption #2 thanks to Mike -- and there are a lot of hand signals involved.
(17:50) Twitter questions galore ... including an incredibly important one about poo.
(22:10) Harvey attempts to gain some street cred ... and it somehow ties in to the movie "Airplane!"
(23:20) Interruption #3 ... and Harvey decides to call it a day. But stay tuned for tomorrow's TMZ Live ... because we'll be livestreaming Lindsay's court hearing!!


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Im Not Gay    

I hate chinks & Im proud of it! Why must we all be so politically correct? Lets be honest & hate chinks together.

1323 days ago

Lindsay Ho-han.

1323 days ago


RE: Halley Berry's daughter's correct racial designation: mulatto

1323 days ago


*** Good. Then we will have a break from all her bullsh*t. Dina can visit her in prison and blame herself. She's one sh*tty human being. Do some hard time and she'll come out a little more grateful and a lot less with an entitlement mentality. She has two criminal convictions, violated probation, and now she's a larcenist. IF YOU OR TOOK SOMETHING WITHOUT PERMISSION AND LEFT A BUSINESS THEN IT IS STILL THEFT. SHE STEALS AND SHE KNEW THAT NIGHT THAT IT WAS NOT HERS AND SHE IS A THIEF. ***

1323 days ago


I'll make the popcorn.

1323 days ago


PLEASE stop your nonsense of arguing all the time, agree with other people, you waste time going off , we like to see you & hear the news, noty your nauseating jiberish..thanks

1323 days ago


Skype on Tmz: Letting you know how whacked people are no matter where they are from.

1323 days ago

Im Not Gay    

Ok I hate ***s, dykes, & queers too! Satisfied now, your all equally hated! I also hate Poland & every Polack on earth. I hate been bothered by Canadians & I hate been stalked by a bunch of Canadian pedophile homosexual ***got non white trailor park trash **** in front of the entire ****ing world. I want homosexuality non existent on earth & I want Canada taken over by the United States! Now pay me money & give me my **** & keys man! All ***s must die along with all Canadians.

1323 days ago

Lisa are so fine!

1323 days ago


Great. We needed to know about that 22 hour old tweet about Bill O'Reilly on tmz yesterday.

1323 days ago


It would be nice if Charles would stop stepping on Harvey's every other word. He speaks much too much for my taste. When can we have Mike back?

1323 days ago


STOP arguing! Charles takes issue with every single comment Harvey states. He rolls his eyes and is disrespectful.

My GOD, take this man OFF TMZ LIVE. He snide and nasty.

Who wants to watch two men arguing endlessly.

1323 days ago


I adore the show! Im having a personally difficult time,its the five year anniversary of my husbands passing.He was only 37 years old,and not drug alcohol related,but an unfortunate heart unknown issue. Iam a mom of 3 boys ,got married young and loved every moment of it. Now with Valentines approaching your show gets my mind off all the noise,and i have really have great belly laughs.We love you in the nyc metro area,and thankyou so much for all the great reporting.If your ever in the area i hope you telecast so i can watch. WithRegars Kimberlyanne Zazula Ps my favorite is Britney news im a huge fan

1323 days ago


LOVE Max, his sense of humor, especially the fact that he can laugh at himself. Get back out in the sun, we need to see alittle more hair highlights, more blonde like you used to be. Keep that humility and sense of humor.

1323 days ago


"ZED" is canadian.

1323 days ago
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