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Charlie Sheen KISSES New Mystery Babe

2/22/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen planted a big fat kiss on the mouth of a young hot blonde chick yesterday -- the kind of kiss that says, "I'm involved in a relationship with this person."

Sheen was at an office building in Calabasas, CA -- when the photog asked, "How ya been man?" Charlie kissed the babe ... and then responded, "Winning."

After taking some photos with fans, Charlie locked hands with the mystery lady and walked her to his $300,000 Maybach ... before the two drove off.

The PDA went down just hours before Charlie appeared on TMZ Live ... where he revealed he's got TWO "goddesses" in his life ... though we've yet to see what lucky lady #2 looks like.

Charlie hinted ... we'll find out soon enough.


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nasty smoker

1341 days ago


Charlie Sheen should be everyone's choice in the next death poll. And what kind of bimbo would hook up with a guy who's known to smack, beat and hit women. Oh, a smart bimbo who's looking for $$$ and blow from a loser. Bye Bye Charlie.

1341 days ago


oh great.... kissing an ashtray

1341 days ago


the 2 nasty smokers belong together

1341 days ago


The kind of kiss that has "next victim" written all over it ... what is the definition of insanity again???

1341 days ago


Charlie Sheen has never been in any kind of rehab...home or otherwise.

This man comes and goes as he pleases, has a supposedly innocent bonding party with a bunch of dudes that had no booze, women or drugs, gave a lecture to college students to stay off drugs, flies out of state, at his office in Calabasas taking photos with fans and smooching on some woman.....SMH

1340 days ago


Per the comment on Page 2, I am not an employee of Charlie Sheen. However, I did meet him last fall and got my picture taken with him; and was featured in a televised segment of TMZ. If I'd have known I'd get that close to Charlie, I would have left my teenaged son at home instead of taking him along with me to that Blizz Yogurt opening. ;)

Anyway, Charlie and I have almost the same birthday, and I think we would have a great time together. Scoff if you must.

I think Charlie makes sure the young girls he gets together with

1340 days ago


are clean. That is all.

1340 days ago


DAMN-did this chick not get the memo that he was banging the hell out of a hooker just a few weeks ago? Said hooker just claimed that "she may have aborted Charlie's baby" but it was too soon to tell. Why in the eff would you date a dude that conducts himself in such a manner. I guess money talks to dumb bi*c*es the loudest.

1340 days ago


Who gives crap about his latest paid help.

1340 days ago


Why do you keep throwing this maggot in our faces. We all know Charlie is an alcoholic, drug addicted loser. Nobody cares any more. How about some quality news for a change??????

1340 days ago


AgentBlonde, you keep choosing men based on their birthdate. I'm sure you'll find great success in that and pick up a few more baby daddies.

Sheen aint clean. Rehab programs all tell you not to enter into a relationship until you've been sober for a year. So, thanks a lot CBS, but we're not buying your BS attempt to show the public you care or that you've made him clean up.

1340 days ago


My God, Charlie is one desirable dude. I hope this girl has the brains to use condoms and birth control just to make sure both STD's and babies aren't screwing up her life.

I really like him but a huge flashing red sign tells me he is a walking STD.

1340 days ago


Calabasas is called Porn Valley for a reason.
Maybe Charlie was Directing a film

1340 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

I don't know, when I see Charlie Sheen , especially kissing someone, it makes my skin crawl.There's no telling what kind of diseased he has...ewwww

1340 days ago
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