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Zsa Zsa's Hubby

Our House Was Broken Into!

2/27/2011 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Bel Air home of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Prince Frederic von Anhalt was allegedly broken into this morning -- and the Prince chased off intruders with a bat ... this according to the Prince himself.

According to the Prince, it happened around 3:00 AM this morning. He claims two men broke in through the back of the house, waking him up. The Prince says they got as far as the living room, but he chased them away with a baseball bat.

The Prince says the guys didn't put up a fight when he came at them, but that he fell while chasing them and hurt his hip.

The Prince thinks the guys must have been there for a while before he discovered them because he believes some paintings, a laptop, a camera and some of their statues are missing.


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Davey Boy    

If I were the police I'd get an alibi as to the whereabouts of one Lindsay Lohan. Everyone knows she likes to steal jewelery without paying for it.

1334 days ago


wth? these people are rich, too cheap for alarm system? sounds like a scam to me too. poor old wifey is almost 100 and probably believes anything this guy says. awful to say but he is probably pissed it is taking her so long to die

1334 days ago

Big Daddy    

I knew something like this was going to happen when he was showing off loaned jewlery to reporters. It's beyond me why very expensive jewlery was loaned to this man in the first place.

1334 days ago


I heard Zsa Zsa tried to chase the burglar but kept running in circles....

1334 days ago


Way too obvious PRINCE OLD BOY...this isn't 1942...the cops these days are just a little smarter than the rocks when it comes to "INSIDE JOBS" but good luck with the insurance scam.

By the way, anyone looking at EBAY this morning? Hmmm looks like some nice watches up for bid :)

1334 days ago


Of course somebody broke in! He shows off the house and everything he owns on TMZ all the time. How in god's name are they going to make off with those damn heavy statues? Do I believe he chased off two of them? Let me put it this 13 year old grandson could take him! lmao Hello insurance scam!!

1334 days ago


Yea agree with some of these posters that this sounds to be insurance scam...
so as he was chasing them out of his house, did the bad guys get into a big truck and sped off? or did the guys just run away into the darkness?
if he is missing some of these objects, how did the bad guys take them if there is no car/truck to place the said items in?
also, if there is a suspicious car/truck outside this safe neighborhood and the burglars are taking stuff out of the house, i would think someone in the neighborhood would have noticed? even in the dark, not everyone has the same schedule and there may have been someone who had noticed something was off!

idk, something sounds fishy to me, esp since the Prince states they had no money placing the house on the market...something sounds dirty...
hope it isn't so since Zsa Zsa needs her hubby to take care of her and neither one can afford to have him in jail!

1334 days ago

Brandy sampson    

Showing off $200,000 worth of bling on your wrist.... What did you think was gonna happen????? He's lucky he wasn't killed.

1334 days ago


Was Lindsay Lohan in the area after taping the Jimmy Kimmel show, per chance?

Seriously though, sorry to hear about this and an old guy should NOT be chasing after home invaders! Prince Von A could have been hurt badly, or even worse. Sorry about the loss of this stuff but at least it's replaceable. If he or his wife had been injured, their health would not be.

Hope they catch the thieves (Lindsay, hope you've got your alibi lined up.)

1334 days ago


I love TMZ and the people they make into stars/celebs. Prince Von A Hole? Give me a break.

We need more Lindsay and Charlie. It's been too quiet along those fronts.

1334 days ago


Those items should get him a pretty hefty insurance claim! I don't believe it for 1 minute.

1333 days ago


#20 Oh NO you did NOT say that! I spit out my coffee when I read that

1333 days ago


28 million dollar home and no security what so ever, sounds like insurance fraud.

1333 days ago


Isn't this an old story? Seems he has defended the castle from intruding peasants with a bat before.

1333 days ago


# 6 - can we say 'insurance.' I suspect a lot of stolen items are well insured. In my opinion - MY opinion - certain female starlets seem to be buying lots of expensive jewelry (or at least trying it on) and once pictured with it, it gets stolen. As for Zsa Zsa's husband, if there were 2 guys doing the robbery, why would they run from one old coot - baseball bat or not. Excuse me if I have doubts about this robbery.

1333 days ago
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