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Zsa Zsa's Hubby

Our House Was Broken Into!

2/27/2011 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Bel Air home of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Prince Frederic von Anhalt was allegedly broken into this morning -- and the Prince chased off intruders with a bat ... this according to the Prince himself.

According to the Prince, it happened around 3:00 AM this morning. He claims two men broke in through the back of the house, waking him up. The Prince says they got as far as the living room, but he chased them away with a baseball bat.

The Prince says the guys didn't put up a fight when he came at them, but that he fell while chasing them and hurt his hip.

The Prince thinks the guys must have been there for a while before he discovered them because he believes some paintings, a laptop, a camera and some of their statues are missing.


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Who cares?

1298 days ago


The only intruders that exist, are in his mind.

1298 days ago


#20 LMFAO! I could just picture that happening.

1298 days ago


Someone is looking for insurance money.

1298 days ago


You can't chase burglars in boots!

1298 days ago


On further thought to my previous post, what motive would he have to fake an insurance claim, as some posters have hinted, for a stolen laptop, painting and camera, when he could probably make more money by selling them because of the celebrity factor? Wouldn't that be worth more than just replacement value an insurance company would pay? But on the other hand, who would steal a painting that would be so identifiable and hard to fence? This is an interesting situation.

At this point I guess I'm just pondering all this to avoid having to get out of my nice, warm bed and begin my chores.

1298 days ago


I don't understand how, if he saw the intruders running away when he chased them with a baseball bat, he did not also see them carrying the painting, laptap, and other stolen objects at that time, but instead only noticed what was "missing" later? Did he see the purported thieves carrying it all in a large bag? Were they taking things out a little at a time to the getaway car and most of it was already in the car? Doesn't make sense.

As for the loaner watch and other gems for tonight's Oscar festivities, I doubt the jeweler would have loaned him those the day before and allowed him to leave them out loose in the house, outside of a safe. Don't the jewelers have those sent to a wearer's home by security guard just before the ceremony? I've heard that sometimes a guard even stays with the celebrity during the evening if the jewelry is expensive enough.

I find it difficult to believe these thieves would have been afraid of one old man with a baseball bat, unless they didn't want to risk additional criminal charges by assaulting him and/or didn't want to stick around long enough for him to get a clear look at their faces.

1298 days ago


I bet it was the same guy who chained him to the steering wheel of his car a few years back. Didn't he also father Ana Nicole's baby also?

1298 days ago



1298 days ago


not very surprising after being on TMZ yesterday showing off a 200k watch plus letting everyone know he all the other stuff he just picked up.. way to think that one through TMZ...

1298 days ago


Sounds fishy. Seems to me they would have a state-of-the-art security system. How coincidental that he would have just had a $200,000 watch ON LOAN from a jewlery store! I smell an insurance scam - maybe to help pay their bills. They are having to sell their house, afterall. Medical bills too high for Zsa Zsa's estate to pay?

1298 days ago


Please, why would that old as **** Austrian have a baseball bat?
A golf club maybe, but a Louisville Slugger? Hahahaha right.

If they are that hard up for cash, they need to put it in a ladybyrd trust so medicaid can't take it after Zsa Zsa dies.

Prince As**** is Jon Gosselin in 40 years time.

1298 days ago


Pretty scary stuff for both of them! I can see why she's nervous being alone or even with them both present.

Where is their security system? My God, I hope he gets some FAST.

1298 days ago


He was the "bat", right?

I think he found his wifes revised Will.....most likely not looking so good for him most likely :)

1298 days ago


I wonder if these thieves were looking for the watch TMZ photographed on his arm two days ago....

And the tour of the house a month ago. Honestly, TMZ, you need to think a bit about waiving that kind of info so easily. It's bait for this sort of thing and with them being an older couple and her so ill, it's irresponsible to do it.

1298 days ago
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