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Charlie Sheen

Frantic to Find His Kids

3/2/2011 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen does not know where his twins were taken last night, and he tells TMZ, "I'm going crazy.  I have to find my children."

Charlie Sheen Kids
Charlie's kids were taken from his home last night after Brooke Mueller obtained a court order which temporarily stripped Charlie of any custodial rights.

Charlie sent a nanny over to Brooke's home in the Los Feliz area of L.A., to check on the kids, but no one was there.

Charlie believes Brooke is on crack cocaine and feels she's a danger to the twins.

Charlie tells us he's trying to reach out to Brooke to settle things rather than fight it out in court, but so far he hasn't heard from anyone.  And it's complicated by the fact that there's an order prohibiting Charlie from having any contact with Brooke.


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TMZ is only telling half the story. Charlie went through detox and has been clean. Brooke was still using crack cocaine on Thursday night according to pictures. The judge needs to make a ruling that neither of them can see the kids until this is all worked out. Placing them in Brooke's care was not a good decision.

Posted at 7:00 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by Me

That may be true....I could see TMZ wanting this to play out for as long as possible....Revenue at anyones expense.

1295 days ago


Had Mr. Sheen avoided speaking to the media these past few days, I would assess that he would have custody of thosechildren instead of a TRO.

There is a reason why lawyers usually carefully control their clients' statements to the press.

Are 500,000+ followers on Twitter worth the tradeoff?

1295 days ago


Charlie knows where his sons are, it's all over the internet. They are at Brookes mom's house. At least Brooke is trying to get herself together, and knows the boys are better off with her mom.
Posted at 6:56 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by thebyrdsfriend


Wrong. She took them to a hotel room.

1295 days ago


Oh PLEASE people... Those kids are better off. Think about his actions this past few months and years. He admitted on air he does his 8 balls of coke, drinks and pays prostitutes and it's no ones business. That alone is a conviction that they can arrest him on... It was a very stupid move on his part yesterday that is why is attorney is glued to him now. LAPD can arrest him for position and prostitution after his open admission. I'm excited to see that!!

1295 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I can only hope Charlie binges soon on bad cocaine.

1295 days ago


sooner rather than later, bubbles.

1295 days ago

get real    

Kids are Better off with Brookes Mother.

1295 days ago


Tough choice for a judge. From one jackass to another! Terminate both parents rights. There has to be a sober relative somewhere.

1295 days ago


Brooke may be at a motel, and may have taken the boys there for her 4 hours of visitation. My guess is she stayed there to get away from and visits Charlie may try to do at her home. But, she is in day re-hab, the boys are with her mother, per judges order. And, my guess is that she has all the ammunition she needs in court just from all the TV interviews Charlie has done. Regardless of whether he's doing drugs now or not, he surely has shown he is not mentally capable of caring for those boys as he is in this present state of incoherent diminished capacity. Brooke, however, is aware she still needs help,and I give her more props for trying to better herself, and be a mom, than I do for the rich man who's trying to live some teen-age fantasy with his 2 porn star coke whores.

1295 days ago


Come on, people. There's NO WAY those babies should be in that environment. They are being taken care of by a grandmother, not their mother. Sounds like the best situation for the moment. Neither of their parents are capable of being good parents for them right now, so the grandmother works for me.

I do hope Brooke can overcome her addiction, and I just hope Charlie finally gets the help he so desperately needs.

1295 days ago

Dan Williamson    

Substitute Charlie for Leo on the prow of the TiTanic yelling " I'm the king of the world."

Mania is the most incredible high in the world but is ALWAYS followed by sinking to the cold miserable depths of depression.

Charlie, 900 mg. of lithium a day for the high and a mild anti-depressant for the lows and no self meds like booze, coke , or smack...a puff of weed can't hurt.

Have a happy quiet life.

1295 days ago


Taking kids away, in the middle of the night, from the surroundings they grew up in, based solely on the words of a known crackhead...

Good move, California Justice System! Keep on sucking!

Posted at 7:09 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by MightyMad

From what has been reported, the children are in the primary custody of an ADULT, Brooks mother with Brook having a hourly restriction as to how long she can be with them. The bottom line is, they are with an adult, NOT Charlie or Brook.

This may send Charlie over the edge. I hope not. But TMZ's Slippery Harvey will let us know, you can bet on that, with all the jokes to go with it.

TMZ is quickly becoming the sleazy zone.

Anything for a buck eh Harvey. Remember, I believe you are in part responsible for Charlie's's coming Mr. Levin and then you will need to find another troubled soul to latch onto.

Suck the life out of Mr. Sheen TMZ.

1295 days ago

Oh no NOT again!    

Sorry Charlie, just as much as your estranged wife needs help and lacks parenting skills, you do as well. I don't doubt for one second you passed your drug tests by way of cleansing your body of it first. And had NO IDEA Brooke was using on your trip? Hmm, that was a great deal of drug paraphernalia in plain sight to go unnoticed. The taller 'goddess' appears to be on drugs in every interview, look at how she holds her jaw to one side, tweaker!

If her mother isn't responsible, then Emilio should step in. He seems strong, stable, and unphased by his brothers manipulation. Something those kids need!!

1295 days ago


Sheen's going to hate this. Gee something the flaming fists 'o fury can't control. And of course I'd want to talk to somebody who threatened to cut my head off.

1295 days ago


"jim" has a serious hard-on for harvey levin. it's why he mentions him in every one of his posts. LOL!!!

1295 days ago
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