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Charlie Sheen

Frantic to Find His Kids

3/2/2011 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen does not know where his twins were taken last night, and he tells TMZ, "I'm going crazy.  I have to find my children."

Charlie Sheen Kids
Charlie's kids were taken from his home last night after Brooke Mueller obtained a court order which temporarily stripped Charlie of any custodial rights.

Charlie sent a nanny over to Brooke's home in the Los Feliz area of L.A., to check on the kids, but no one was there.

Charlie believes Brooke is on crack cocaine and feels she's a danger to the twins.

Charlie tells us he's trying to reach out to Brooke to settle things rather than fight it out in court, but so far he hasn't heard from anyone.  And it's complicated by the fact that there's an order prohibiting Charlie from having any contact with Brooke.


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Charlie just keep it together, especially now. Your children need their father And their mother. I can't fault you at all for wanting to have a little fun, but there is a time and a place for everything and you can not allow it to take hold of your life. Good luck to you and your family.

Posted at 7:36 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by Alison Mitchell

Well said Alison.

1299 days ago


If I were Chuck, I would concentrate on finding myself first.

Sheen tweets shut down Twitter

1299 days ago


Look at it this way, Charlie. Now that the kids are gone, there are more people in the house to focus solely on YOU. You, you, YOU! It's all about YOU now, Charlie. You and your special fists and special blood and special intelligence. You're far too special to have to bother raising little children, they're such a drain on your resources. Save yourself and your tiger-like energy for the REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE - like porn, and drugs, and making a total FOOL of yourself in front of the whole wide world....... meanwhile, put down the penknife and stop spitting at the mother of your children. It makes you look like you're a crazy person or something.

1299 days ago


I think everyone should leave Charlie alone, I'm on Piers Morgans side. If the average american earned $2 million dollars a week, we'd be partying all the time also & don't say you wouldn't. He took the drug test, he's clean, now leave him alone & let him live. He has two girls living with him to help take care of the kids (who cares what they do for a living) & as you see in the interviews, they're well taken care of.

Hang in there Charlie! Hope to see you back on 2 1/2 men soon!


1299 days ago



You are the poster child for keeping abortion legal. Enjoy your life wishing others death.

Posted at 7:36 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by jim


awww...jim has his panties in a wad.

1299 days ago



1299 days ago


Just watched Charlie Sheen live on "Today"..still going on. He is scared. He looks weathered and strung out. No tough talk, just the opposite. He wants his kids back.

Ok Harvey, now make fun of him some more. Tear apart this interview also. Shoe that compassion that you do so well.

1299 days ago


Charlie has a terrible chemical imbalance that is caused from years of chemical and alcohol abuse, in reality he is "PICKLED"

1299 days ago


Let's take a look at this: Your kids are taken away from you (BY THE COPS no less), something that every junkie gets to experience at one time or another, you've been fired from your job, something else that every junkie gets to experience at one time or another, no one believes a word you say, ANOTHER thing that every junkie gets to experience at one time or another, and people think you're crazy and accuse you of rambling and not making any sense (which, again, is something that every junkie gets to experience). Soooo, tell me again how you are "special"? Mmm'kay. Right. Yeah, you're "Winning" now, aren'cha? AND THIS MAY NOT EVEN BE THE 'BOTTOM', CHARLIE. It may very well get worse before it gets better. How much worse do you want it to be?

1299 days ago


WOW She might be on crack cocaine? thats pretty funny with all the soul bearing charlie has done the last few weeks.

1299 days ago


For the folks all mad at Harvey , STOP COMING TO TMZ's WEB SITE! Every time to come here you are supporting him, lol, you bunch of idiots.

1299 days ago


No matter what you think of Charlie Sheen right now, if he believes Brooke is on drugs and truly doesn't know where his children are, he's got to be frantic. As a parent, I'd be out of my mind if I was in this situation and I feel for him on that level.

1299 days ago


Did he say GOING crazy?! LMAO

1299 days ago


Haha the two New York Newspapers calling Charlie looney is the like the pot calling the kettle black. Those looney libtards on the New York times and Daily news take polls that they never lose on the left. We took a poll today that stated America loves libtards and we found we were right 51 percent to 50 percent. They never lose an argument and their polls are never skewed even though their brains are screwed.

1299 days ago


He'll OD in a week. Has anyone ever taken a pic with him? You can submit it and view other candid pics of Charlie on

1299 days ago
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