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Charlie Sheen

Frantic to Find His Kids

3/2/2011 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen does not know where his twins were taken last night, and he tells TMZ, "I'm going crazy.  I have to find my children."

Charlie Sheen Kids
Charlie's kids were taken from his home last night after Brooke Mueller obtained a court order which temporarily stripped Charlie of any custodial rights.

Charlie sent a nanny over to Brooke's home in the Los Feliz area of L.A., to check on the kids, but no one was there.

Charlie believes Brooke is on crack cocaine and feels she's a danger to the twins.

Charlie tells us he's trying to reach out to Brooke to settle things rather than fight it out in court, but so far he hasn't heard from anyone.  And it's complicated by the fact that there's an order prohibiting Charlie from having any contact with Brooke.


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This is sad - There is a man dieing and we are all watching it happen in the name of entertainment. Welcome to the modern day Roman Colosseum

1245 days ago

Steven Seagal    

I Support Charlie!!! I am on his side!!!

1245 days ago


Charlie, they're at Brooke's moms house. Everyone but you seems to know that.
Hopefully they will stay there - away from you and Brooke. Neither of you are good for those kids.

1245 days ago

steven katona    

bravo charlie!!! i'm so proud of you for taking the high road! you help your ex wives! who needs you anymore charlie! the book deals can be done with your wives alone now. there's a wealth of information now between those ears on those numerous women now charlie. who needs your book? brooks the one with the golden ear eh? brook knows all. she's the insider that i wanna interview. you fix this charlie! she loves you and she need help! use your star power to reach out and give her what she needs! more money! nobody has the power to quit like you do! they all need to re-adjust to the new cleaner version of you! i'm so proud charlie! either that last broadcast put on so much make-up or your really on the path of recover! its time brook got her message out. its time she was interviewed by tmz.

1245 days ago


Handing over children to an irresponsible crackhead like Charlie Sheen is about as crazy as allowing homosexuals to adopt ... it's just legalized child abuse.

1245 days ago


You can pin point this downward spiral to one thing, drugs. Eventually they will catch up to you and take you down. He's lost his job and now his kids. The only way to save yourself is to stop and stay far away from it. Not many abusers get it though. Best.

1245 days ago


Brooke is a bitch, hell she's in drug rehab what kind of parent is she.. She pissed because of the Goddess.... Quit paying her child support.

1245 days ago


#65 keith;

If you are Martin, then you probably remember this being said a few years ago about the Roman Coliseum television thing. You commented on it. Well, this is the person that said that in a city far from Hollywood.

Yes it is true and always has been. Now it is one of your sons that needs help to escape it. I know your hands are tied, he is an adult, but he needs your love and hopefully any help you can get to him to make it through this. He may need a doctor to check his health, detoxing at home is extremely dangerous. Is there anyone you can send to check on him if he will not let you in?

Tragedies are not entertaining when they are part of your own life.

Best wishes to Charlie and all of his family and co-workers. Someone get Charlie some help please.

1245 days ago


Am I the only one that wants him to go away? I'm sick of watching the news, and on every news station, there he is. GO AWAY CHARLIE SHEEN. I don't give a **** about you, your dysfunctional family, or your shameless self promotion. BTW your show is lame too. I'm not a fan of train wrecks.

1245 days ago


The guy is having a nervous breakdown and he should be seeking medical help.

1245 days ago


They should take the kids. This guy is two bricks shy of a full load. He's a walking billboard for what will happen to you if you don't "just say no".

1245 days ago


I love Charlie Sheen I really do but who cares about who is better for the kids and if he is Bipolar or anything else for that matter? He is just another Hollywood topic for the moment who has more money than brains! He will either straighten out or burn out and trust me there will be another Hollywood tragic topic that will make the news soon after. His life is something most of us will never know about no matter how many interviews he does. I would be lying if I said I would not like to be him for 1 week!

1245 days ago


This is an epic tragedy happening in front of the national media. Please stop giving Charlie Sheen a forum for his disturbing commentary, his unstable actions, and his clearly troubling lifestyle. I would take those children somewhere he couldn't reach them too. At least their mother has an iota of sense when it comes to what toddlers need. Please, please stop the media frenzy of watching his life deteriorate before our eyes. Stop giving him a stage. Let his disintegration (unfortunately) go on in private.

1245 days ago


the whole coountry is waiting nay wishing for you to implode - why ? because they want to justify that they are morally right and you are soooooo wrong so so wrong. YOU Mr. Esteves are a pitiful poor sad soul. With all your millions and all your possesions and fame, and yet you have nothing.

1245 days ago


Fact is charley is under attack by those in charge over his support for the truth about 911 ,when one gets behind and gives support to the facts that exist about 911 the game is on ,CHARLEY YOUR THE BEST ,IT TAKE A GREAT PERSON TO BE WILLING TO BE DEMEANED BY THE MEDIA ,TO EXPOSE THE EVIL THANK YOU CHARLEY

1245 days ago
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