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Denise Richards: Stay Away From Our Kids, Charlie!

3/10/2011 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A showdown is brewing between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards ... TMZ has learned ... because Charlie wants 7-year-old Sam to come over to his house this weekend for a birthday party ... and Denise is saying, "No way!"


Sam's birthday was yesterday ... and we're told Denise was steadfast -- she was not going to let Charlie into her house to see the children because of Charlie's craziness.  Turns out that wasn't a problem, because Charlie never came.  He called in the evening to wish Sam a happy birthday, but that was it.

But now Charlie wants to have a big party at his house this weekend, celebrating Sam's birthday, and inviting all her friends.  We're told Denise is scoffing at the invitation and says Sam isn't going, nor are any of her friends.

We're told Charlie is gearing up for a fight -- possibly a legal fight.

Happy birthday!


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Denise, "THE ENABLER"...who played DUMB everytime
Charlie acted long as she got her child
support, is a bimbo. She did not KNOW about the
cocaine in the NY hotel, but she was there..duh...
Guess what enabler...Charlie is BROKE and you
are going to have to get a J O more free
ride..thanks to Charlie Sheen and his millions.
Between YOU, his FATHER, MOTHER, and brother Emilio..
someone needs to have him committed. SHAME on all
of you for just standing by and watching him self-
destruct. YOU have the power because he is a danger
to himself, and no judge in America thinks any
different. So..go cry me a river Denise.

1320 days ago


Denise has been a sane force in this craziness. Good for her. She knows intimately how nuts this man is and what a bad role model he is.

1320 days ago


I think pulling out a Machete in a public place is a Danger to yourself and others.. especially when your ranting and raving about winning and tiger blood running thru your veins.

The restraining order was based partly on him Threatening Brooke with chopping off her head and sending it to her mother and chopping off Denise's Hair.

The way this guy has been talking and waving a Machete around Why isn't he committed???

He's surrounded by Enabling Paid Friends.

1320 days ago


Good for Denise. Until he proves he is not out of control anymore, his children should not be exposed to this kind of insanity.

1320 days ago


Anyone who thinks he should be allowed any of his children right now are as cracked as he is.

Keep it up Charlie...we all see the psych eval coming right at ya.

Denise has sole legal custody and unless he has court orders for time with the girls, he has zero legal leg to stand on. His own lawyers are milking him and his messed up mental state.

For the sake of your children, Charlie get help. Us trolls can even see you are only a fraction of your former self.

1320 days ago


Denise is the only one who was and still is stable in his life. I can't agree with her more, if he wants to see his girls he needs to come over her house, not on drugs or alcohol. She shouldn't keep him from his girls but should allow him to see them at her house..

1320 days ago


KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT - Charlie is such a loser. He didn't remember it was Sam's B-day until night fall. Now he has lost all children's visits (as if he cares). Must have sobered up & realized all he has are the porn stars & drug dealers. Gee, one of his son's birthday is next week so he better start planning now if he wants to be a part of it (highly doubtful at this time). All of his money is going to go to lawyers to clean up his disgusting life.
ALSO, I noticed, "What happened to Natty?" She was going to "be on the bus ride until the end!" LOL

1320 days ago



1320 days ago


Sheen is the guy who screwed up loosing a 2 mil per episode TV show because of his actions. That backfired on him big time. He's in no position to threaten anyone.

1320 days ago


As far as someone helping Charlie, here's what Tom Arnold said. He said that Charlie has too much money. In other words, he's not gong to listen to anyone who has his best interests in mind. Charlie can just "buy" new friends who will be his "yes" men. As for his parents, Charlie has already said there would be a battle if they tried to interfere. No one can help Charlie, but Charlie, and he is happy as a clam just the way he is. Sounds wacked, but that's the way it is. No one can mandatorialy put him away except a judge, and for that to happen he'd have to commit a crime first. We'll see if Charlie consents to a pshyc evaluation to visit his kids. We'll just see how important it is for him to be a father if a wise judge decides it is in the best interest of the kids for him to be evaluated first before giving visitation. Now that will be interesting to see what he chooses.

1320 days ago

Helen Of Troy (goddess)    

The man is paying his child support,he has the right to see his children,even if he's acting crazy these days.She can accompany her children to a lunch date with charlie or something but he needs those kids just as much as you do and perhaps it will do him some good to look into their eyes and give him a wake up call just saying hope it works out well for all.For the sake of the kids

1320 days ago


I wouldn't let a nutcase like that within 10 miles of my kids!

1320 days ago


I think at this point I would be afraid to be around Charlie. I am a fan of Charlie's and was supporting at first, but no more he is kind of scary. I would not want children around him!!

1320 days ago


They is NO WAY in HELL that Charlie will get any unsupervised visitation rights without a complete PSYCH evaluation issued by the court.
Denise's atty will go to court about it and I hope Brooke isn't Bribed by SSS from Charlie to allow it.

In fact I have never seen Charlie with his daughters without Denise around.
In the case of the Twins it should be COURT Supervised. Brooke is not completely stable enough to be the one supervising but not batsh&tcrazy as he is.

1320 days ago


People, they are his kids, she wants $50k a month in child support, regardless if she has primary custody they cannot deprive him of seeing his children or child support would not be imposed.

1320 days ago
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