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Tarantino Sues

Exotic Birds Are Driving Me INSANE

3/10/2011 10:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quentin Tarantino is going to WAR with his famous neighbor -- claiming the guy owns a ton of exotic birds that constantly emit "blood-curdling screams" ... and it's affecting Q's ability to write scripts!


Ironically, the guy Tarantino is feuding with is another Academy Award winning writer -- Alan Ball -- the guy who wrote "American Beauty" and created "True Blood."

According to Quentin's lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Tarantino claims ever since Ball installed an "exotic bird menagerie" -- Quentin has been forced to endure the "obnoxious pteradactyl-like screams" of the macaw birds.

In fact, Q claims the noise has "seriously disrupted [his] ability to work as a writer in his home."

Tarantino says he tried to amicably resolve the matter with Ball -- but Alan has "done little to eliminate the macaws' daily cacophony" ... so he wants the judge to force Ball to silence them once and for all.  


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He is EXACLTY right! We owned only 2 Macaws and I can tell you from personal experience, THEY ARE LOUD AS HELL! They start screaming as soon as the sun comes up and don't stop until the sun sets. You can't think, you can't hear the TV, you sure as hell can't sleep....their screaming is deafening. There's nothing you can do to shut them up either! (unless they become dinner). I don't blame him for filing suit. Not only are they loud, THEY SMELL HORRIBLE!!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL WE OWN A BIRD.

1320 days ago


Yeah, birds suck, and for the most part, only weirdos own them.

1320 days ago


The universe is closing in on Mr. Tarantino's negative world of movies of killing and murdering. He won't be able to stay afloat soon! This is reaction to his spreading the negative. He can save himself by writing a positive script. OR at least one that does not steal, killl, murder, F*ck, or destroy.

1320 days ago


Don't these rich people live far enough apart that these things shouldn't really be a problem? And aren't they rich enough to sound proof their homes? Seriously?
Hey rich people! We ordinary folk have to put up with noisy neighbors too. If's it's after 7am and before 11 pm, there ain't nothing you can do about it! Quit complaining!

1320 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I'd be pissed, too, after spending several million on a home only to be constantly disturbed by an annoying neighbor's birds.

1320 days ago


If you want a bunch of squawking birds around, move to the frickin' jungle. I hate people with noisy pets. Have an ounce of consideration.

1320 days ago


I say let the birds stay because Tarantino hasn't written a decent movie in years. So maybe this will actually help his writing or keep us from having to put up with another death proof.

1320 days ago


If I had as much money as these celebrities I'd be living in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors. If you've ever seen photos of the neighborhoods of some celebrities the houses may be huge, but they're practically on top of one another.

1320 days ago


Just have Eric and Pam take care Quentin ;)

1320 days ago


They need to do the same thing with peoples dogs. Like the idiots who leave the dogs at home all day in an apartment and all it does is bark. No one needs to hear that noise polution. It's no different than listening to an alarm going off all damn day.

Chicks and their dogs are lame. Matter of fact, dogs are lame. Only attention wh0rez own them.

1320 days ago


What a pissah!
Birds are incredibly awesome and the larger ones can be quite loud. Why not return them to nature where they belong! and make everyone happy -- especially the macaws.

1320 days ago


Oh. I thought that guy was Sizemore and he got back w/ Heidi and her birds.

1320 days ago


This actually seems like something that would be discussed IN a Tarantino movie... He should be feeling some inspiration.

1320 days ago


You're Tarantino for Christ's sake. Unleash the Golden Eagle.

1320 days ago

Kathleen Carpenter    

I had a neighbor who had four of these birds. It was hell, pure, absolute hell. In the summer when we would try to enjoy sitting out doors all we heard was constant, loud squawking. It would physically hurt your head. I had to restrain my neighbor from going over there and shooting them. Everyone on the block called the cops, the Mayor, noise control, nothing worked. We had to move or end up in jail.

1320 days ago
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