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Charlie Sheen's Kiddies

Grandparents to the Rescue!

3/13/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's twins are getting serious back up from the Mueller clan. TMZ has learned Brooke has enlisted her parents to help look after the boys ... and they're flying out to L.A. ... stat.

Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ, Charlie's former mother- and father-in-law are uprooting themselves from Florida to make the trip -- and they're looking for a more permanent place in L.A. at this very moment.

As we previously reported, Charlie and Brooke struck a custody agreement on Thursday -- the terms of which remain confidential ... but it seems Brooke could use some help.

We're also told Brooke is launching a new anti-publicity campaign -- insisting she will make a better effort to shield her kids from the media storm surrounding their father.

So far, no official word from Brooke.



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Yeah, I think she might have failed her test and is calling Mommy for help. LOL! On the other hand...She was pretty confident that she would pass...

1286 days ago


#33 You keep plugging your hot stolen Thrifty Nickel crap on the wrong site. This is reserved for Charlie and Brook. Too cheap to run an add or too stupid to know the difference. Take your knock offs to a yard sale.

1286 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Brooke's parents did a wonderful job raising a crackpot, crackhead. Now they have her two insurance babies to mold. Hang onto those two little cash cows Muellers!

Posted at 7:36 AM on Mar 13, 2011 by SuzyCreamCheese


Yeah. Blame the parents.

1286 days ago

Eric S    


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1286 days ago

the truth    

its so easy to blame the parents these days it makes me sick. everyone is responsible for their own actions.people need to blame themselves for putting themselves in harms way. i do like charlie . but i wouldn't want my kids around him right now. hes gonna fall sooner or later.

1286 days ago

Janie Dough    

Hmmm, Martin Sheen and his wife already raised Charlie's daughter Cassandra, so why should they have to raise anymore of that idiot's kids at their advanced age?

Why should ANY grandparent have to raise their grandchildren, especially when those kid's parents are 45 and 33 years of age themselves?

People need to realize that when you bring a child into this world, you are responsible for that child, nobody else, and you should not just plant your seed and leave like so many men do...or pawn them on on someone else to raise while you "find yourself".

Their idea of success is measured purely in dollar signs, material possessions and how many people (idiots of the worst kind) idolize them.

Besides that, Charlie Sheen has already said he wants nothing to do with his family and their "rhetoric" or their attempts to help.

He's "special" alright.

1286 days ago

Janie Dough    

How good of a father can you be if the only time you spend with your kids is during photo ops for deceptive publicity purposes?

"Sure dad, I'd rather be raised by a group of people I am not related to in any way so you can traipse around the country gathering legions of misguided people who idolize you and your way of life, or while you go around banging chicks who sell sex on camera and who are younger than my oldest half-sister Cassandra!"

Gotta love a man who can only seek "girls" half his age so he can mold and program them into real live sex doll zombies who fall at his feet and swoon "Charlie, you are GOD!"

1286 days ago


Isn't that what grandparents are for? My mom has been my #1 best babysitter ALWAYS. I live close to her, so when my kids were young and needed someplace to go so I could go to work, Mom/Grandma was there for me. That's normal, that's what normal people do.

1286 days ago


Anything to keep the kids from watching CrackaLack Chuckles'

"My Violent Torpedos of Turds/Defeat Is My only Option" Show.

1286 days ago


Charlie and Brooke both are crazy for picking drugs over thier kids..They both are looser..

1286 days ago

Janie Dough    

"My mom has been my #1 best babysitter ALWAYS."

There is a HUGE difference between babysitting grandkids while a parent goes to work, and raising those kids while a parent travels around self-promoting while doing nothing and who surrounds himself with an enabling entourage so he doesn't have time to sit alone and figure out what's really important in life...raising his own kids while doing some actual good for the world and not just himself.

1286 days ago


Neither of these vile parents should be allowed near the kids ever again, they should be taken away immediately and given to sane parents somewhere, they are already damaged, look at the kid spouting "kiss my ass" as he is taken away. Charlie is a disgusting insane weirdo and Brooke is a junkie, they are both terrible parents. Sad for the kids!

1286 days ago


To Jessop, no one could have said it better! I agree with you. People can talk about the most mundane things, but when it comes to real issues they are at a loss for words!

1286 days ago


Why is everyone paying attention to Charlie Sheen? Because he is so entertaining? See why in “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now.

1286 days ago

get real    

Thought Brookes Mother and her were taking care of kids. Now, They are in Fl and flying out stat? Brooke, Why cant you care for your own kids???? The Mother is a Wealthy socialite from Palm Beach Fl. Brooke was raised as such.. You see Money does NOT buy Class. Drugs dont care.. Rich or poor. The Mind is messed up.

1286 days ago
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