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"Sister Wives" -- Gather Round, We're On TV!

3/13/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let's hope Kody Brown has a big couch -- because he's gonna round up his four wives and 16 children so the whole family can watch the premiere of "Sister Wives" together!

The Brown family has been making the rounds promoting tonight's premiere on TLC (even appearing on TMZ Live), but we're told whole family has returned to Las Vegas to watch the show.

A fight over the remote would be epic.


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I literally laughed when I read some of this crap. The comments these small minded people make are ridiculous. Jack, do you realize that this occurs all over the world. Also, these people are living out what they believe, their religion. It is not your or anyones place to judge them. I love to see how people need to use inappropriate language to state their small minded invalid opinions. Lastly, Jane, thank you. Your statement is exactly what people should be doing!

1318 days ago

Sandy in Orlando    

I am a 58 year old woman who is comforted to see a combined family whose children are all happy, open, educated and family comes first. How many can say that about the "typical" woman/man family. I don't see these children in need of anything at all, they are well adjusted. This is a family who truly knows the meaning of family. So what now, the law is going to make an "example" of the Browns? Figures. I believe that everyone should have the right "IN AMERICA - LAND OF THE FREE" to live and fall in love and have the family they would like. The Browns DO NOT marry off their children or force them to in the future marry and have Sister Wives. How about those from India who have arranged marriages, no one complains about that, what about online Russian marriages where we've had many women either disappear or found dead!!! Yes so we're going to crucify the Browns for being in love and having a wonderful, warm family. Shame on those who are judgemental, shame on you.

1318 days ago


I dont think it is our place to be so judgemental, but I am saddened for this whole family. If this is "the best man" Janelle can find (her words) she needs to move!

1318 days ago


I have watched it 3 or 4 times. The whole thing is pathetic, the women can't comment on their lives without crying, their pain and anger are so obvious. I think they either run while they can or will get sick with something from the constant stress and pain. And him, OMG - In one scene the first (and only legal) wife asks what would he think if she started seeing another guy and he said something to the effect of "the vulgarity of imagining her with a lover" - Who does he think he is? Do these women realize they dont have to settle for "the fourth night" with a loser, any of them could have a real guy all for themselves.

1318 days ago


I love this show and I like this family. Polygamy is not for me...I like being single. But I would love to have these women as my friends.

1318 days ago


@4:53 PM on Mar 13, 2011 by sharalyn zander-
Actually these people are not on welfare. You may have a mis-impression from reading too many slanted reports about polygamy. One of the wives had a food storage business. Kody had two businesses. Meri was employed.
They were self supporting until people like you complained about it. How does that feel to be such an ignorant self-righteous fool?

1318 days ago


Under the Banner of Heaven; Escape; Stolen Innocence; ****tered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife; Favorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy; Church of Lies; Lost Boy: The True Story of One Man's Exile from a Polygamist Cult and His Brave Journey to Reclaim His Life; God's Brothel; Daughter of the Saints: Growing Up in any or all of the above books for some lived truth about the supposed "happiness" of polygamous Mormon families...sorry, the evidence is in the fruit...and it's not good. Polygamy is one of the LDS' essential beliefs for eternal salvation. See point 62ff for the actual LDS doctrine on the website:

1318 days ago


I think they are living what they truly believe {faith based} and they seem to be good hearted people. If people think their crazy then dont watch it. With all the garbage on TV these days why is this such a shock. They come together as a family and LOve and support each other. I dont believe in the mormon faith the founder Joseph Smith had a lot of wives. I would never consider their faith watching this show. I Think if anything its going to hurt the Mormon community. Another thing , I dont know why they have their children go through all this coming out when they havent even decided this life style is one they want to follow. Eventually they will be teased in school . ALSO i would be worried about some crazy person harming the family because of their Life style.

1318 days ago


GOOD FOR YOU BROWN FAMILY. I dont believe in the Mormon religion and that life style. I think people are accepting more familys that are'nt traditional. Look how far the gay community has come and other communitys that are strange to the average family. But who am I to judge. I just hope they dont prosecute your family for coming out.

1318 days ago


I think it's disgusting and sad. And I don't watch ANYTHING on TLC anymore because of it. And I have only seen the commercials and can tell these women aren't 'happy' nor should they be under these cir***stances but they are idiots for being a part of it. It's just more on a long list of reasons this world is going to
H E L L!

1318 days ago


#15 Jane
You're an idiot!

1318 days ago


I don't really have a problem with the ladies, but there is something about Kodi that really bothers me. Maybe he's just creepy, maybe he's just annoying...Maybe both. Either way, I saw the interview on TMZ live and then just happened to catch them on Ellen the next day (didn't know they would be on), and I swear to Godi...If he tells the joke about leaving his favorite socks at one wife's house one more time, I'm going to lose my mind.

1318 days ago


The Browns are NOT hurting you or your loved ones.
They are different and people are ALWAYS scared of what is different.
Black, white, yellow, brown, Hindu, gay, straight, drag queen, who really cares. The good news is that NONE of you have to live this way if you so choose. We live in America. FREEDOM!!
People are people, love is love.
"he with out sin cast the first stone"

1318 days ago


some one should have this idiot that you're supposed to get rid of your ex-girlfriends

especially the ones you knock-up

1318 days ago


Honestly, I applaud TLC for putting these shows out there for the people to see. There are so many different lifestyles out there, and the fact that this family is willing to put their lives out in the public eye, and not have their identities covered up, just shows that they have a lot of balls. I commend this family for coming out and putting the spotlight on themselves as a loving, caring family. They have already been investigated as Bigamists, they are not breaking any laws because only one of his marriages are actually legal. It's a shame that Meri lost her job because of the life that she leads at home. I started watching this show during the first season just because I was curious, and, while I may not catch every episode, I still catch the episodes I can watch. As much as the world has changed, people opening their eyes and minds to the different things, I don't understand why people still don't accept a family that does things just a little bit different. I am an Atheist, but I also respect people's choices in what religion they decide to practice. I would say the same thing about the Duggers if I was asked what I thought. As a woman, I commend Kody for being able to juggle 4 women, that takes a lot of patience. I understand people will say whatever happens to them because they went public, they asked for it, because that was their choice to be on television, but don't judge people because of their religious preferences, or because their family is just a little bit different.

1318 days ago
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