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"Sister Wives" -- Gather Round, We're On TV!

3/13/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let's hope Kody Brown has a big couch -- because he's gonna round up his four wives and 16 children so the whole family can watch the premiere of "Sister Wives" together!

The Brown family has been making the rounds promoting tonight's premiere on TLC (even appearing on TMZ Live), but we're told whole family has returned to Las Vegas to watch the show.

A fight over the remote would be epic.


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All the money in the world isnt worth your familys safety and your Peace. Now your living in different houses in Vegas of all places. I have lived in Vegas 45 years and it is not a good place to raise a family. If your make alot of money from the show. Move back to a community that accepts you lifestyle and find a home were you can all be together in 1 house. I feel bad for your kids. I cant imagine what this is doing to their sanity. Worried about people taken pictures of them. This is insane.

1289 days ago


This guy is the biggest tool ever. First of all he needs a hair cut in a BIG BIG way. Not sure why he thinks he is SO cool and in interviews I have seen him in, he throws it around like he is a rock star. Second, he is a huge dork. Not sure WHY 1 chick would marry him let alone 4.

1289 days ago

Whip It    

i watch a fiction show on HBO Big Love if polygamist lived nice and clean as this, good for them!
On this show wives have their own homes live in so it's not being freaky, as your not having an orgy but one on one nookie
time. Family oriented with good clean religion and family values. This show made me think and look at this lifestyle differently.
I haven't watched sister wives, but really who cares what another person does if they are not harming anyone...

this lifestyle is not for me but i'm not going to kick someone's belief system as the OG christians had more than one wife.
And in this society where people marry and divorce so easily perhaps "one" would stay married as intended , can you imagine no cheating in a marriage or dumping a spouse cause they bore you 'cause that's actually what this 21st century of people do...instead you just add a sister wife and LOVE on another.
that's a beautiful principal! no hurting a women 'cause you dumped her. FREELOVE

p.s. a wife is a nag but can you imagine more than one wife nagging you and telling you what to do...lolZ

~whip it
peace, LOVE and kewl whip

1289 days ago

Whip It    

Actually Kody and his family were smart to leave Utah as it is against the law to even refer to having more than one wife verbally and being married spiritually to more than one wife by paper law. As Nevada does not have this law.

1289 days ago


AGAIN I see SO many small minded people making their small minded comments. TO EACH HIS OWN is all I can say....
GOOD LUCK TO THE BROWN FAMILY in all your endeavors. I will continue watching your show as long as it's on TV. Take care of each other as you always have...:-)

1289 days ago


I want to start by saying that I personally, coming from a very strong Mexican catholic background am happy for this family. There are a lot of families out there that are worse off! The wife abusers, the child rapists, the school teachers with students why aren't all you people criticizing them? The Brown family has love, and trust and it is more than obvious that they love all 16 of those children with all their hearts! The children are not starving, nor dressed poor or in a home where their lives are at risk.As for the ones who say they are using tax payers money, our money- So are a majority of drug users, alcoholics and teen parents who want to be lazy. There is probably more love in their home than in the normal American household. The are indulged in each other, not the television! The women are not the ones who are being oppressed, they are the ones who chose this lifestyle and they are happily doing so while working and going to school and taking care of the children! I say to all of you who are sick at the thought or view of this show, TURN IT OFF! Don't watch and put your small mind back into your pocket.

1289 days ago


you have men today who cheat on their wives everyday, Father children they will never take care of or be there for, and this is not illegal. they lie and hurt their wives and children. this is almost "normal". on the other hand this man is up front and honest with everyone involved and will support all family members, and this is illegal? his wives chose this life and they are wrong?
I don't chose to live my life this way. I could never share my husband like this but this is not unbiblical. they have stated they would understand if their children chose not to live this lifestyle, and their children seem a lot more healthy then most I see that come from monogamist relationships, or those where the fathers have skipped out.

1289 days ago


I just found out the TLC offers an HD option, and since I have DISH programming I can set my guide to all HD. Being an employee of DISH, and a subscriber it is important for me to have em in HD. Next , I say live and let live! They are healthy and happy and that is all that matters in my book!

1289 days ago

Sandy in Orlando    

I can see by some of the people who post on here Rabbit; Camaguay, and the rest know who you are seem to love to judge people. How would you stand up to criticism? Also for those of you who say "where is CPS" perhaps you should take a look at how well adjusted in general all these children are and how well love they feel and give! Wouldn't your "CPS" rather be to children who are being abused and sexually abused? I don't know maybe not for you, but I find this family is so happy. They all have fun and "FAMILY COMES FIRST" with them, how many of you na sayers can say that about your own family? Not many I'm sure. And oh, saying something about his hair, yea that really is something huh! Please. Some of you need to grow up and let people love and live the way they choose. As long as they are not hurting anyone and it is very apparent this is a happy family and these children are better taken care of than some two parent homes who are on latch keys. They always have someone there for them. I say the Browns are what a lot of families should be like, be it a two parent home or a multiparent home!!!

1289 days ago


I have no inclination to defend the crazy poligamist family but it could be worse. Instead of a group of people getting together based on their religious views and love they could be like Sheen and be a group put together based on videos he saw of other guys sleeping with them and their willingness to take valuable GIFTS to make it work. Even worse they could be like 172 year old Heff who has multiple women before even though anyone with half a brain knows it's advertising. Now the sad old man though is putting a knife through traditional marriage and getting hitched to a playmate in a marketing scam (Gays should revolt and burn the mansion if they can't marry then fake marriages definately should be banned) I'm sure they will divorce after a short period of time and we will find out once again that she was having sex with someone else the whole time, has a sex tape comming out and grandpa will be at the wedding to the guy she supposedly just met!!!

1289 days ago


I really hope the producers and the family from sister wives read these comments. I have nothing against the show, I have nothing against people and their own beliefs on marriage. But I do find it strange, like alot of comments before me, that why is it that they are all very unattractive women with no "real life". I think the first and only legitimate wife really wishes it had stayed that way, despite what she says. And wife #2 who wasn't even a part of this so called "religion" or "way of life" gave up her entire family. Wife #4, please divorce her now, what a "waste of a human being'. But that leaves me to Christine, fairly attractive, loves her children, a good homemaker and at the close of the last episode she is not sure if it was a good idea to "come out". I wouldn't either. I have a daughter and a granddaughter and if I thought that anything would bring them hurt or embarrassment I wouldn't do it. Even if it meant that someday it would be accepted. I hope Christine does read this and go out on your own. And let me know when Kody finally gets a good looking, intellient, independent woman, then maybe I'll watch.

1288 days ago


DON'T LOSE HOPE! I sure hope your family continues to thrive! It seems to me you are ALL caring, moral, loving people. Your children seem well mannered, intelligent, accepting and LOVED! I do not agree with the poligamy of old, child wives, forced marriages, seclusion, women being treated as second, if they're counted at all. This seems to be of mutual respect, desire, love, understanding and SUPPORT! I grew up in a traditional family, you know, divorce...4 times. I never got to be accepted, understood, even a conversation about feelings. I would rather adults & children alike KNOWING that they're loved & supported by what at least 16 CLOSE people!!.. I like it!! Don't forget that love!! PLEASE...don't listen too much of peoples close minded opinions...fears I geuss. NO ONE can say that too much love is bad, real love...NO ONE!!!!

1288 days ago


By the way...I'd rather see children growing in love than kids watching & learning "how to be" from the likes of the "Hosewives" show, where all they do is argue, or "Snookie"'s some moral programming!!!

1288 days ago


I would not accept this life style for myself. but who are we to judge them. i think it is great that they have come out,we live in america of the free, and god gave man free will. there is only one they need to answer to and that is the maker...i watch the show and i hope it continue's. to the brown family may you all find peace, god bless

1287 days ago


Leave this/these families alone!! I think it is wonderful that there is so much love in their home, I would love to feel the comfort of knowing that if something were to happen to me there would be someone whom I love and respect to look after my children. The Brown family, the father is NOT running around getting all these different women pregnate and then leaving them, like most men do, he is looking after his family and taking on all the responsibilities, he is not running around cheating and lying to his wife, like most men do, he is very up front and honest to his wives!!! And they all have an understanding and agreement with each other!! Maybe these people that are so against this lifestyle should spend more time and effort trying to "FIX" the welfare system and get those trashy welfare people jobs, there are alot more concerns in this world like gangs and pedophiles that I think should be worried about more then this family!! I think they have one of the most perfect marriages and maybe those naive and negative people out there should mind to their own and look at how their situations are at home!!! I think that whoever fires these adults from their jobs just because of this life style should be sued, they were hired to do a job and they were doing it, you fired them for their lifestyle, there are laws about firing people cause they are black or gay, so why isn't there a law to protect this family?? The Brown family has my support 100%. I love to see the happiness and joy your family has, keep up the wonderful parenting and I wish you all the best!! God bless you!

1287 days ago
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