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Mel Gibson

The Grumpy New Mug Shot

3/17/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Mel Gibson's new mug shot -- taken late last night in connection with his criminal battery case.

Mel Gibson Mug Shot
As we previously reported, Mel rolled over to the El Segundo Police Department last night to have his picture and thumb prints taken ... after the actor pled no contest to simple battery last week. 

The charge stems from an alleged standoff between Mel and his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva back in January 2010.

As we previously reported, Mel was sentenced to 16 hours of community service and 52 weeks of counseling ... along with 36 months of informal probation.



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yeah, bet it is a play on words and a swipe at ox.

1315 days ago


What a misnomer! Self-loathingWoman would be more accurate! How many times to you need to defend a man hitting a woman before you believe it's ok?

1315 days ago


janet, he had to sentence him even if he didn't say anything. He has no jail time, but he has the counseling and all that, so he has to have the mug shot for the system. After awhile as he does good, they will expunge the charge as it is really nothing. Just the way things have to be done.

1315 days ago


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1315 days ago


@ Scotty:
What a misnomer! Self-loathingWoman would be more accurate! How many times to you need to defend a man hitting a woman before you believe it's ok?"

THANK YOU! My sentiments exactly.

1315 days ago


TMZ just changed headline to "Grumpy New Mugshot"

1315 days ago


Ya know, we all think with the wrong 'Head' sometimes & we've All paid the price....Now, I don't 'Flash the Cash' anymore nor drive around in a car that screams 'I Got Money!' Gold diggers come in all shapes & sizes & their all after your wallet. Look at the Beatle...she took 1/2 of his worth. Mel is in that boat now & that Witch will stop at nothing to get it, even Lie! (oh my)....Guys be wise...All she's after is your $$$$$$$ & even those 'Witches' WITH MONEY! I have a lot less than I had before but the women always ask... What do you drive?! Where do you live?! Where do you buy your cloths?! Gasp, not a Bently?? Not a Monster Truck?? Long Beach?? Big & Tall?? Gasp! Cough! You'd think Stars would have more insight as their around all the bull S#!% on the set but..................

1315 days ago


T Bag.

Mel Gibson is the victim of the guilty until proven innocent mentality of our nation when a female cries wolf. Also, if your basing your comment of antisemitism on his movie, "The Passion of the Christ", then the writers of the Gospels must hate Jews also. Remember Christ, Paul, Peter, et al were all Jews. His movie related their history in the Bible. Do a little research.

I'm not a celebrity person at all but I do love honest people and appreciate talent. Go Mel! The negative posters are jealous, bitter wannabe's.

Also this the best you can do?! Fishwrap!

1315 days ago


Hahahaha...someone is obviously reading the comments at TMZ since they changed the headline!

1315 days ago

M. Gabriel    

Breaking News:

Oksana was spotted in Sherman oaks dashing madly between pharmacy's looking for Iodide pills. She was wearing a white surgical face mask, shouting at people to get out of her way. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, she was provocatively dressed "in THAT GREEN THING" Mel Gibson is known to have asked what it was. One woman was injured as Oksana frantically made her way out of Ralph's market. Witnesses claim it was Oksana's over sized purse that caused the womans fall with minor scrapes to her hands as she tried to catch herself. The woman was entering as Oksana was fleeing and rammed right into her. Jimmy the sound guy engineer was behind the wheel of the Dodge ram charger Mr. Gibson payed for. He was heard screaming for his life for Oksana to hurry up. It's uncertain if she was also paying for his 1 week supply of pills. All that was known is that Oksana was panicked, acting irrational and out of control. Many people were heard commenting in relief that she wasn't holding baby Lucia in her arms!

1315 days ago


TMZ changed the title! Now it's the "grumpy" mug shot : )

Doesn't look grumpy either. Just looks somber. It's not supposed to be a glamour shot. Glad to see that TMZ can at least correct their judgement and admit when they've made an error.

1315 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Maybe sad--but STILL HOT! :P

You go Mel!

1315 days ago


Oksana is appearing to be just another gold digger and we can only hope that the child involved here will not be poisoned against her loving father. Regardless of what Mel and Oksana's problems are, the child still needs to have quality time with both parents. need to grow up and start acting like a responsible mother and not just a money grubbing female!

1315 days ago


The headline should read "new Mel Gibson mug shot, looking good for 55"

1315 days ago


But Gibson was not convicted of anything, hence the whole plea deal.

Posted at 9:23 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by janet
A No contest plea is still a conviction. Where Mr. Mel wins on the West plea is that he is not admitting to any guilt and therefore it can not be used against him in a civil trial.

That sort of screwed up Miss Oksana's plans and is why she was asking Judge Gordon to have a hearing as to whether Mr. Mel hit her or not. Such a hearing really belongs in civil court, but then Miss Oksana couldn't charge her lawyer fee to Mr. Mel so they were trying to get it done in family court.

Still waiting to hear the outcome of that.

1315 days ago
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