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TMZ Live -- Why Lindsay Won't Cop a Plea

3/23/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reasons behind Lindsay Lohan's decision to reject a plea deal and go to trial ... And, why Charlie Sheen also wants a public trial in his $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre

Plus, why the "church" folk preparing to protest Elizabeth Taylor's funeral are A-holes. We answer these and 29 more questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Is Lindsay's decision to go to trial in her grand theft case a stupid move?
(5:00) Elizabeth Taylor died -- Harvey talks about the incredible work she did for AIDS awareness.
(6:00) Who has the best shot at an Oscar -- Lohan or Sheen? Mike takes this one.
(9:00) Will Warner Bros. ask Charlie Sheen to come back to "Two and a Half Men"? Hell no.
(12:00) Skype question from England -- would Chris Brown and LiLo act the way they do if they weren't famous?
(14:00) Twitter time! Questions about Harvey's career choices, Chris Brown's probation, the confusing aspects of LiLo's case, and why our staff is so mean to Harvey.
(19:00) Evan, Harvey and Max argue about the efficiency of call centers.
(21:00) If our staff HAD TO, we'd eat Harvey first ... Nina explains.
(27:00) Why is there a huge thing of french fries behind Harvey? They're Dax's ... and he bought them from a Kirstie Alley yard sale.
(30:00) If Chris Brown freaked out on TMZ Live ... would we press charges?
(35:00) Harvey disses the a-holes threatening to picket Liz Taylor's funeral.


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Bubbles The Chimp    

Ummm. Yeah, Mike... and in 5 years you will be fatter than you are and still have Charlie's sperm trapped in your throat.

1255 days ago


I want what ever Mike is smoking if he thinks LiLo will ever win a Academy award hes smoking bad dope!

1255 days ago


Please, for the love of Jesus, Buddah, and Allah. Quit referring to those crack ho skanks as Goddesses.

1255 days ago


Can we please get more stories on the front page of TMZ so we can push off that Chris Brown story... Having to see that cellulite ridden..woman(?) is making me queasy.

Disgusting, hasn't humanity suffered enough?

1255 days ago

Mitch Schneider    

Have you been following up with Charlie Sheens tiger blood intern contest?

Check out this video submission for round 3:

1255 days ago


Lindsay Lohan an Academy Award winner?... MIKE, YOU ARE FULL OF DUNG. Where the hell do you base your BS on?

1255 days ago


To win an Oscar, besides being popular (though the Oscars are a popularity contest) the winner is supposed to be talented. Lindsay Lohan LOST nay talent when she came off age as so many child stars/actors do.

1255 days ago


That last comment was SO RACIST (ie. LL is a product of his environment, but CB's problems are innate)! WTF?

1255 days ago


Harvey you keep crossing your arms on your body... it means you don´t feel comfortable.. :)

1255 days ago


live outside the USA for a while and see how the picture of the world and your relationship to language changes.

1255 days ago


I agree 100% with Harvey. OMG, these people overseas have heavy accents and they are very hard to understand. To avoid not understanding what they say, I will do the live chat on their website.

1255 days ago


Harvey should be the first one on the grill because he eats healthy and his flesh seems as it could be healthy as grass fed cattle.

Max's would be marinated in alcohol.

1255 days ago


did you know that the bird is the word?

1255 days ago


Out-Sourcing is a vulgarity against American sensibility.

I just had a major argument with Sears about the very topic and their outsourcing of Customer Service Rep contact.

These Reps read from scripts. They know NOTHING about the workings of the company and their procedure, which is the only way to truly answer questions properly.

After meeting a road block {because they only have the capacity to transfer calls within their own location), I ended up calling any random Sears number, USA based, and I could tell that each USA Rep I spoke with were equally pissed and happy to advise me to speak to the CEO of Sears in IL. I got ahold of their Executive Office and narrated all my thoughts and frustrations and, pronto, my issue was resolved with a promise to bring this up with management to secure it does not happen again.

Out-Sourcing should be illegal!

And what the hell do we need out-sourcing for??? We have PLENTY of ILLEGALS on our soil - why not just hire them and meet with the same socio-ignorance?!?!?!!!!!!!!


1255 days ago


With the ankles Kirstie Alley should on DWTS I bet that Xmas stocking would fit quite well. Did you see her and her ankles?

1255 days ago
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