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'Jersey' Cast

Holding Out for


4/1/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several "Jersey Shore" cast members are putting the screws to MTV -- refusing to renew their contracts until they get more money -- and we're told, it's all because this upcoming season could be their last.

Sources close to the cast tell TMZ, the "Jersey" stars in question realize the joyride might be coming to an end -- and they want to milk MTV ... while they still can.

Another disputed point -- the number of personal appearances, which can pay up to $40,000 a pop. MTV is adamant about limiting that kind of exposure, but the guidos and/or guidettes in question wanna get that cheese.

So far, we're told only Ronnie has signed -- and while the rest plan to follow suit (duh) ... they better do it fast. Season 4 is scheduled to start shooting in Italy within the next few weeks.

Calls to MTV weren't returned.


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1268 days ago


The only one who really looks past his age is Mike, he looks like he's 40. Angelina wasn't joking when she said that he should get some botox. I seen a picture of him and his siblings in a family photo yesterday on Tumblr all wearing turtle neck sweaters. If you think Mike is ugly, well they all look the same. They all have big noses, weird shaped chins, and one of his brothers actually has some pretty nice manboobs they're almost as big as Jwoww's.

1268 days ago


Also, is it just me or does Pauly's chin look a little too small for his face frame? Like he has a square head but then it looks like he had a big chin and had a Heidi Montag and got his chin reconstructed.

1268 days ago


I don't normally post here but yea,

the show is where its at because of the production crew and the cast. Stop crying because the cast isn't exactly your role models.

No one gives a ****. At the end of the day, they're making the ratings and they're making u watch/talk/post here about them.

If you really dislike the show and don't want to support them, then you might as well not post about it or watch it at all.

The more you post talking about how ridiculous they are, the more people that don't even watch the show are gonna look into the show because they're wondering what you're talking about.

Which is why the show is so successful and which is why the cast is asking for more because without them being sloppy/ridiculous/retarded the show wont even have a 4th season.

As for people that want it cancelled, do you not have anything better to do than ask for a show to be cancelled if you don't even support/like/watch it?

I'm just hoping the average age of people posting here is 12. I'd be jealous too if I were your kind of people lol

1268 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I don,t know who is more PATHETIC than this GROUP-, Well, maybe the Kartrashian Family is worse!!!!!

1268 days ago


What true s***bags. They are nasty non-talented lazy kids. Get out and get a job. MTV should be ashamed of themselves. MTV anymore is just awful programing. Miss the days where you can turn MTV on and listen and see videos for HOURS. Now we have to see this crap.

1268 days ago


I removed MTV from my list of channels a long time ago. I don't care if the cast members get richer (more power to them) or go bankrupt. Ditto for MTV. They (MTV) lost all credibility when they went for the quick buck. Though they are well equipped to handle garbage...garbage in..... garbage out.

1268 days ago


Just another sign of how this cast is the most smartest of any other cast....they want a raise and the ratings have tanked down. I'm so sure MTV is will just find another group of reality morons to take your place.....duh. Did they think they were'nt ireplaceable? Probaly.

Only the Jersey Slobs were just dumb enough to think that America was just in love with them and all of their trashy antics....for ratings mind you, and would keep them coming back season after season.

Better start investing some of that oh so undeserved money you made, I suspect the well is running dry.

Or even better, how about giving to some charities? It makes me sick to think of our troops still overseas, {while you guys get to like a pack of sausages for money} send them some goods....or help these soliders get the dogs in middle east they have fallen in love with, home to America with the solider that loves him.
That is only 5000.00 a dog, you got it, probaly sitting in wallet right now, Ronnie, or Situation, how ' bout Snooki chipping in? One dog each....

This charity truly exists. I forget the name, Google it, ya'll are young, I suspect you can find it faster than me.

1268 days ago


Please don't give these fame whores more money!!!! They need to go away forever!!!!!

1268 days ago


@FGSD, what are you talking about their ratings tanked? This whole past season has been over 8 million viewers are episode, that's the highest rated tv show or anything to be shown on mtv EVER.

1268 days ago


This is good news, I hope the ask for millions so they have to cancel this nightmare.

1268 days ago


Good career move...please, please hold out, and while you "guides and guidettes" are holding out for more money?



Oh and don't procreate...the world is in the sh*tter enough.

1268 days ago


Regardless of whatever people say on this site, most people that comment on this site are either lunatics, trolls, or totally unreasonable, regardless of what you say they deserve it. They have the highest rated show on MTV in their entire history.

1268 days ago


THANK GOODNESS..!!! Now maybe this show will go away.

1268 days ago


I find it scary that our teenage youth finds this type of show so fascinating. We have failed in raising out children to be respectful, honorable, and intelligent young adults, if this is MUST SEE TV.

1268 days ago
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