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Scott Pelley

To Replace Katie Couric


4/5/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CBS network sources tell TMZ ... Katie Couric's replacement for the "CBS Evening News" will be Scott Pelley.


We're told Pelley, a veteran journalist and "60 Minutes" correspondent, is the choice of CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager.  We're told Fager, who became Chairman in February, took the position on the condition he could decide who takes the desk.

We're told Pelley, 53, is the choice for two reasons.  First, he's well-liked and respected by his bosses, and second ... there really is no second choice who is appealing to the CBS honchos.

We've heard rumblings CBS's grand poobah Les Moonves is not sold on Pelley, but he will defer to Fager.

Sources connected with Katie tell TMZ ... she made the decision to leave the anchor desk before Fager became Chairman, but they acknowledge Fager was not going to keep Katie as the "CBS Evening News" anchor.

Nevertheless , we're told all of the CBS bosses -- including Fager -- want Katie to do a syndicated show at the network and maintain a presence at CBS News.  Couric hasn't made her decision yet.

And that's the way it is ...

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He's a little pompous but a whole heck of a lot better than old Katie.

1296 days ago

Jay Singer    

Scott Pelley is an excellent choice and has made his mark at "60... Minutes" as did Katie Couric. We hope that she will land in a great deal because she's a superb talent and journalist.

1296 days ago


Interesting. Pelley is super liberal, so I guess it's a logical choice for CBS.

But aside from his politics, he's a good reporter.

1296 days ago


I like katie... But if she must leave he is the perfect replacement. :) Love him on 60mins.

1296 days ago


Katie Couric should have never been the anchor on CBS. She's great at a morning fluffy show (i.e. Today) but this is so far out of her league it's not surprising she garnered ratings this low. If she wouldn't have decided to leave, they would have openly terminated her. Tough biz to be in and she is laughable at it.

He's a much better choice. He has credibility without the giggle.

1296 days ago


Katie Couric chose to leave CBS about as much as Charlie Sheen chose to leave Two and a Half Men. THEY WERE BOTH FIRED But at least Charlie delivered in the ratings. Katie destroyed CBS news. She delivered the lowest ratings in the history of the network, and she "chose to leave." Ludicrous

1296 days ago


its CBS and even Craig Ferguson knows their ratings suck...who cares who replaces Katie... noone watches news is like newspapers, its all going by the wayside due to the internet and smart will soon be a thing of the past...bye bye networks

1296 days ago


Say what you want about Katie but she is the only one that I watch .Good luck Scott but Eye candy is the way to go these days.

1296 days ago


He looks like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich love child!

1296 days ago


CBS news must really have their heads up their asses. Couric was a stupid choice and Scottt Pelley will be a bit better, but not much.His arrogant attitude on the air is unlikable. As far as Couric is concerned goodbye to yesterdays rubish. As far as Scott is ocncerned hello new rubish. So long CBS news.

1296 days ago


This is the worst decision, ever.

1296 days ago

Dan Kemp    

He looks like a Blowup doll for Gaymen to me..)dk

1296 days ago


I first started watching Couric years ago on NBC, because I liked Al Roker. I always thought Katie was mediocre at best. But I really felt bad for her when her husband died of colon cancer. So I thought it was nice that she was treated with kid gloves. Then, some weeks later, she was interviewing a grandfather of a teenager that was involved in a 'Columbine' type incident. The poor man had tears in his eyes. But unrelenting Katie Couric kept pressing him for more of his reactions regarding his grandson. She wouldn't let up! One would think that after being shown such kindness by others regarding her own recent tragedy (death of her husband), that she would empathize with the older grandfather. Well she didn't. No feeling, no empathy, nothing! It was then that my opinion of her went from OVER-RATED and mediocre to despicable, for the way she treated that man. Since that time, I avoid watching or listening to her. Good riddance!

1296 days ago


its all scripted anyways so why not just put up a talking robot

1296 days ago


He looks old

1296 days ago
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