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Scott Pelley

To Replace Katie Couric


4/5/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CBS network sources tell TMZ ... Katie Couric's replacement for the "CBS Evening News" will be Scott Pelley.


We're told Pelley, a veteran journalist and "60 Minutes" correspondent, is the choice of CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager.  We're told Fager, who became Chairman in February, took the position on the condition he could decide who takes the desk.

We're told Pelley, 53, is the choice for two reasons.  First, he's well-liked and respected by his bosses, and second ... there really is no second choice who is appealing to the CBS honchos.

We've heard rumblings CBS's grand poobah Les Moonves is not sold on Pelley, but he will defer to Fager.

Sources connected with Katie tell TMZ ... she made the decision to leave the anchor desk before Fager became Chairman, but they acknowledge Fager was not going to keep Katie as the "CBS Evening News" anchor.

Nevertheless , we're told all of the CBS bosses -- including Fager -- want Katie to do a syndicated show at the network and maintain a presence at CBS News.  Couric hasn't made her decision yet.

And that's the way it is ...

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I seriously wonder how many people watch any network (ABC, NBC, CBS) after the way they pushed Obama on the country without caring about his credentials. Just because he is black is no reason for fondling him all over the airwaves. I know of no one who watches network news now except for the Fox Network. I wonder why!

1299 days ago


Sorry, Katie, people just lose that perkiness after you hit the big 5-0. Some just turn into sour pusses, upset that Botox and greenies won't bring back your youth. Meow.

1299 days ago


He's another lefty wuss and will be able to slip into Katie's slippers quite easily.

CBS is too aloof and out of ouch to realize it, but they just traded one loser for another.

The Communist Broadcast System is doomed to oblivion.

1299 days ago


"pompous" is absolutely the right description.
How long will viewers put up with that?!?!

1299 days ago

Steve Johnson    

Who is Scott Pelley? I've never heard of him. Oh yes, that's because I get my news from the net and cable news channels. I don't think I've watched network news since it became obvious they were in the tank for the left.

1299 days ago


Is Scott Pelley gay. It could be a first for a network anchor.

1299 days ago


so typical. they can the woman because she's getting older but hire some older dude who looks like a space alien. oh the humanity!

1299 days ago


Another liberal. I guess these "news" organizations just will not tolerate half the country. Liberals must be the most small minded group of people in the country.

Only Obama kiss ass need apply.

CBS is a joke just like all news networks.

1299 days ago


They are just playing musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

1299 days ago


Well, he certainly doesn't make me squint! Thank you, CBS! Good choice. Good riddance, old woman! I remember at the beggining of her comedic career some 50 years ago she said she didn't like people calling her "cute." HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAH! Look at her now! Cute my fondillo!

1299 days ago


Who cares !!!! CBS is nothing more than a water boy for Obama !!! Whos Katie ????

1299 days ago


I thought the reason for replacing Couric was her dismal ratings? How is replacing her with another left-wing nut going to help? This was the reason Couric was hired in the first instance. They will never learn that the problem lies in the way in which their "news" is packaged and presented, not who presents it. Pelley will be no more successful than his predecessors.

1299 days ago


You could train a monkey to do that job and pay him bananas. They call it "anchor" becasue you're ...reading other peoples words from a teleprompter?

Skill set of news reader:
1. Dress yourself
2. Read slowly
3. Stop for commericals
4. Don't pick you nose
5. Obama is God

1299 days ago


I sure hope they get somebody better than they did on the morning group, they thought they had a younger man than Harry, i guess when they put all the makeup on he would look younger, he looks like a mudcake. please, please bring in the old group, i miss them so bad. They were down to earth, funny, serious. I just do not watch cbs no more.

1299 days ago


DEAR MR. SIEMON, #13. You said it BEST! Somewhere, along the line, we have lost our compassion for those who are hurting from personal tragedies such as this gentleman grandfather for his beloved grandson. Only those with ice water running through their veins would tear the heart out of someone like this loving grandfather. I don't know if Ms. Couric was chastised for her performance against this gentleman, if not, she should have been given a furlough for several weeks without, pay.

1299 days ago
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