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Kate Gosselin

Allegedly STIFFS Marriage Counselors

4/7/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's former marriage counselors believe the reality star has some serious commitment issues ... claiming she never forked over more than $10k she committed to paying them for services back in 2009.


A company called Creative Energy Options filed a lawsuit against Kate in Pennsylvania -- claiming back in 2009, she requested one of their marriage counselors to "fly to Los Angeles, CA to perform marriage counseling, then refused to pay for services or travel fees."

TMZ spoke with Dr. Sylvia Lafair -- president of C.E.O. -- who tells us they've reached out to Kate several times in hopes of receiving their payment but she never came up with a check. Lafair adds, "There are commitments that people make ... and they should be followed through."

C.E.O. is seeking $10,476 in damages.

Calls to Kate's reps were not immediately returned.


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Miss Mary    


1274 days ago


She's such a loser. And a total Wannabe.

1274 days ago


They didn't get paid because they didn't do their job.

1274 days ago


And how does that add up to over 10 grand, and sue the worthless father!

1274 days ago


She has no problem prostituting her children, the least she could do is pay her bills. What a disgusting bit*h.

1274 days ago


So, she's got thousands for weaves and nails but not to pay her bills? Nice.

1274 days ago


If I don't do my job well, I don't get paid. I'm assuming in an industry like that though, they cannot offer a similar guarantee.

I love how they're advertising this. "Hey! Hire us to not fix your marriage like we did with Kate!"

1274 days ago


The story does not state that any counselor actually flew out to see her or provided services, simply that she had requested them to and to fly out. I'll bet she canceled and now they are trying to collect because they "scheduled" the time LOL.

1274 days ago


How stupid can you be to give these losers credit, so you get what you deserve. They don't pay their bills like most of them. Because they have 15 minutes of fame they think everyone needs to do things for free for them. They are nothing but trash. He is one UGLY mixed mother****er who sleeps on anyone's couch. Even his so called friends are not taking him in anymore. He is basically homeless and doesn't have 2 nickels to his name, and oh yeah he has 8 kids. More gov't cheese please!! Hopefully they will get their due in time and we can be rid of this s***.

1274 days ago


She has gotten hot, but I don't know of one guy that could stand to spend more than 15 minutes with that bitch.

1274 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She can go to her weekly oompa-loompa coating but can't pay for counselling. Nice she has her priorities in order.

1274 days ago


Hmmmm, let's see, Society has an obligation to pay Kates bills because society promotes the use of IVF for conception. Sounds like something this grifter would use as a defense. Me thinks several other creditors are going to be coming out of the woodwork real soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg

1274 days ago


WHAT!!!!!!!! She DIDN'T use COUPONS??????????

1274 days ago


I used to respect Kate....I love watching when they first came on, but anymore, I have to change the channel when I see her. I cannot stand her at all! Not even to look at. She is so rude to people, and think they should bow to her. Those poor kids, with parents like that, who knows what their futures may hold? I'll never watch anything with her in it again.

1274 days ago


Isn't her fifteen minutes up yet? Duh loser..

1274 days ago
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