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Nic Cage -- Arguing with Wife in Tattoo Shop Video

4/18/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained surveillance video taken inside a tattoo shop just before Nic Cage was arrested -- where he can clearly be seen carrying some sort of drink as he argues with his wife and others.

Nicolas Cage Video
As TMZ first reported, Cage went to the tattoo shop on the night he was arrested ... and, according to witnesses, told shop employees he didn't know where he lived. According to police, that was the topic he and his wife were arguing over when he allegedly grabbed her.

In the surveillance video, Cage can be seen with arms around two friends -- and holding a clear plastic cup -- as he enters the shop. Cage would walk out and back in and again ... and that's when he can be seen arguing with his wife and friends. His wife can be seen motioning to herself throughout the video -- as if to say, "Listen to me" or "Come with me."

Eventually Nic acquiesced and left the shop ... only to later be arrested on charges of domestic violence and disturbing the peace.


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I love Nic Cage, in this vedio he maybe drunk and may get assrested but he is hott and can do whatever the hell he wants to do!

1287 days ago


TMZ, really? Nic did absolutely nothing wrong in this video. I didn't see the "grab" that was reported, he escorted his wife out and there was no force or resistance on the part of his wife, she went willingly with him. Stop making mountains out of mole hills. This not interesting, ah but any publicity is good publicity right?

1287 days ago


i didn't think you could smoke in a tattoo shop

1287 days ago


I didn't hear any audio from this videotape of Nic Cage arguing with his wife. What's the point of showing the public the video without audio TMZ? Harvey--get on it...

1287 days ago

Mama Itchy    

Seriously???? This video is just stupid and so was his arrest. He wasn't beating the hell out of his wife, driving drunk or anything else, this should be a non issue. People like to get their drink on every once in a while. So STFU!!!

1287 days ago


I'm just glad I'm perfect.

1287 days ago


Yuk, The fat girl in black that tried to hang onto Nic Cage's wife while she was trying to get her drunk husband out of there.. is just a sad piece of sh#t!

1287 days ago


Cage, it wasn't your wife making a fool out of herself. It was you.

He dared the cops to arrest him and they did. What's next he's going to dare the IRS to put him in jail. They will.

Pay the taxes like everyone else, and the IRS, they don't do the blame game. Wesley Snipes 3 years.

1287 days ago


A husband and wife arguing over directions, and husband gets arrested for what? Reminds me of almost every time hubby and I go out to somewhere unfamiliar for a party or dinner and I'm the designated driver and he won't let me stop for directions. Glad we don't have someone in the backseat to call the cops on us!

1287 days ago


She's clearly not arguing with him. She's trying to reason with him and cajole him in order to calm him down and get him home. She's a very lovely lady who clearly cares about him.

1287 days ago


Her: No WAY you are getting a tatoo! Let's go!

1287 days ago


Cage was drunk and no way he was getting a tatoo. Not from this parlor.

Tatoo artists take a great deal of pride in their work. Should Cage come back sober, that's a different story.

1287 days ago


Wow TMZ, such a SCOOP! A guy arguing with his wife?...who ever heard of such a thing?

I'm sure all the moral pontificators will railroad Cage into "treatment" for getting sh*tfaced and having an off nite. One thing about Charlie Sheen I respected was that he was unapologetic for his antics. Hopefully Cage will tell the news and entertainment mavens to shove it up their collective puckered as*holes and mind their own business.

1287 days ago


Has anyone else noticed how TMZ puts a TMZ watermark on certin photos? Like that is suppose to mean something.

Cage has to worry about the IRS and paying his taxes. Not a drunk night in New Orleans and a fight with his wife.

1287 days ago


Sorry, folks. Nick's disgusting behavior alone in that shop should have been cause for arrest. What surprises me is that everybody else seems almost oblivious to what is going on. He should have been asked to leave by the owner or manager or the police should have been called. His behavior toward his wife is outrageous. What a sweetheart she is. What a terrible disappointment he is.

1287 days ago
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