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Denise Richards To Charlie & Brooke's Rescue

4/19/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards called Charlie Sheen last Thursday and offered to take informal custody of his twins, Bob and Max ... TMZ has learned.


We're told Denise called Charlie just after TMZ posted surveillance video of Brooke Mueller trying to hock a watch and a stereo at an Inglewood pawn shop.

Denise told Charlie it was apparent Brooke couldn't care for the twins and Charlie was on the road doing his show, so she offered to take the kids and let them live with her until things stabilized.

As for Charlie's reaction ... well, he didn't shut her down.  He said, "I'll keep you posted."

Charlie apparently is going for broke because his lawyer is going to court this AM, in an attempt to get full custody of the twins.


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Fat chance of Denise getting custody. Brooke's mother will be the designated caregiver, as it should be.

1283 days ago


This story may not even be true but if it is, it was very big of her to offer and for the people who think she just did it for the money, she would have to be going for custody in order to be eligible for the money and if the story is true, then she only offered to help out temporarily

1283 days ago


I think it is time the Judge remove these poor children from both parents. Enough is enough. A regular person would have already had those kids taken removed. Where are the families?????? D is a great person to offer to take the boys, but it is now time for a permanent solution. Sorry, a person is either a good parent or not; these aren't puppy dogs. Shame on both parents.

1283 days ago


Forgot to quote the name, but the person knows I'm referring to her.


let's not forget that NONE of it has been confirmed. From what we can read elsewhere, he is planning to ask for full custody, using his latest test as a proof that he is clean and sober.

1283 days ago


Interesting move on Denise's part. Motive? She can foresee the future. If Charlie comes out clean and sober throughout all this....doesn't her sole custody agreement with the girls come in jeopardy as well? I see nothing wrong with Denise taking the kids for now...she is an actress she understands scheduling etc. It will also teach the young girls responsibility. They are half siblings good for all! Its better than the lying grandparents..who obviously do not know anything about their daughter Brooke.

1283 days ago


Charlies TORPEDO OF TRUTH is waiting!

1283 days ago


FACT: Charlie gave up custody willing to Denise...make all the excuses you want as to why but he did, hence the FACT
FACT: Denise lets charlie see the girls
FACT: Someone wrote a story that charlie had a malnourished dog

So now Denise is supposed to respond to every single thing negative written about charlie....there's not enough time in the day and maybe she did not respond to the dog story and defend him....because it is true and if this is the worse reason someone can come up with for why Denise should feel threatened and be publicly defamed then it just goes to show the lack of objectivity and the sickness.
I have no idea if it is true and neither does anyone else on this message board. I base my opinions on his actual words and behavior, not on a sick twisted need to defend his every move whether I know the truth or not.

1283 days ago


Kudos to Denise!!! However this may not be a good thing for her!!!

1283 days ago


How very "normal" of her. She seems to be the only reasonable person in those kids lives. You gotta admire her!

1283 days ago



I think the fact that Denise obviously sees some good in charlie and has been willing to let him be in the girls lives actuall bolsters charlie's credibility. I agree with you, it is very normal of her...if it is true that she offered. I think she knows that somewhere in there is a decent guy who loves his kids but who at the very least seems to lose his way

1283 days ago

northern lights    

@warlock you are the TROLL

And Denise, RUN!! Don't take on these kids b/c all you are doing is making it harder for yourself!! Charlie will just USE YOU as a babysitter and having two kids with Charlie's maniac genes is enough!!

Judge give the grandparents custody b/c Charlie and his hookers are NOT the right choice. Neither is Brooke considering she relapsed. Grandparents all the way and Denise DON'T do it!! You will regret it and Charlie will burn you.... GUARANTEED!!

PS- just because Chuckles is peeing clean on his drug tests, doesn't mean anything (except on paper). He is still getting high from the synthetic stuff so it doesn't show up on a test. I should know, I smoke the fake Mary Jane and my test is clean EVERY SINGLE TIME at the doctors office.

Chuckles is a loser. He really can't OD soon enough. The entire nation thinks he is a POS. Guess thats Chuckles idea of #winning, huh??

1283 days ago


do IT!

1283 days ago


Bless her heart.

1283 days ago


gutsygirl 3 hours ago
After what Charlie has called Denise on his tour I think that was a pretty compassionate offer. Unfortunately, she has no legal say and the twins are more likely to end up with the grandparents.

Good point....and if Denise did ask charlie, he actually does not even have the legal right to let her watch the least not yet, that might change today

1283 days ago


I don't understand why they have not stepped up to the plate, are they scared of Charlie or Charlie's brother- where is he in all this. Not a word out of Charlie's family.==================

1283 days ago
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