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McCourts Accused of

Dodging Hairdresser Bill

4/27/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An L.A. hairdresser claims he's been screwed worse than the Los Angeles Dodgers, claiming Frank and Jamie McCourt have a devil may hair attitude when it comes to paying their bills.


In a dramatic lawsuit, hairdresser David Mackey claims the McCourts put him on a $300-a-day retainer to perform home hair services for the family.  The suit claims Jamie and Frank guaranteed 300 bucks a day, whether Mackey cut their hair or not.

According to the suit, Frank and Jamie stiffed him for a two month period -- running from November 25, 2008 to January 15, 2009.

Mackey's top-gun lawyer, Donald Karpel, tells TMZ, "Frank and Jamie are both pointing the finger at each other and not taking responsibility."

As for the unhappy former couple who agree on almost nothing ... we're told they both believe the suit is bogus and are jointly trying to get it thrown out of court.

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Wow, that is like the worst photoshop evar.

1273 days ago


OK now boys and girls!!!! jennifer lopez has great hair, nicole kidman has great hair jennifer aniston has great hair jamie mccourt always looks like she rolled out the back of a limo!

1273 days ago


I don't know who these people are but...
Shame on the people for not paying their hairdresser
Shame on the hair dresser for sticking around for two whole months to get paid. No payment after two weeks? Get outta there!

1273 days ago


who cares

1273 days ago


Isan't there some statue of limitations. Why wait until over 2 years later and the Dodgers are in trouble to bring this up? Why wouldn't you bring this up right away not wait a couple years to say you haven't been paid.

1273 days ago


hairdressers are total losers.Thats one step above some loser who sells shoes in a mall.
Any idiot can cut hair

1273 days ago


What is with TMZ peddling CDN politicians adverts and french ones at that...disgusting TMZ. I thought being in Sheen's pocket was low, this is beyond low.
tsk, tsk, tsk

1273 days ago


So you're saying they want the hairdresser out of their hair?
Too bad.

1273 days ago

pap rat    

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1273 days ago


Ole JACKAL "MickeyCourt" & his JACKAL wifey ARE worthle$$, can't wait until they ARE RUN OUT-OF-TOWN, hurry hurry hurry!!!!
JACKAL Jamie looks like a tranny~haaaaaaaaaaa!! Ole "MickeyCourt" has the disgusting Bill Cosby eyes, one sooooo
big that's it huge & the other is sagging down to there!!!!!!!!
Hoooooooooooooray 4 MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX!! Yeah, Yogi, he's our sunshine!! Little Harvey, you're an OLE HAG Jewish

1273 days ago


300 a day to make those two old goats look like THAT???? Thats a hairstylist with some Cajones!!

1272 days ago

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