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Sheen Gloats

'Men' Can't Survive

Without Him

4/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre is a "sad silly fool," an "A-hole p*ssy loser" and a "low rent, nut-less sociopath" who is now realizing the show can't survive without him -- and Charlie claims the ratings prove his point.

Sheen fired off a blistering letter, attacking Lorre in the wake of reports that Jon Cryer will get a bigger role on the show and Charlie will be replaced.

Charlie says, "... No one cares about your feeble show without me," adding, "The ratings right now are not a fluke.  It's a big fat mess.  A 2.0 demo.  That sucks."  Although the number is low, the show is in reruns.

But Charlie doesn't stop there, saying, "Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map.  The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets ... I busted my ass for 8 years to support your vision."

And in the letter, which Charlie sent to TMZ as a messenger to Lorre, gets very personal: "They are planning on voting you off the AA island.  Even those clowns have no room for you anymore."

TMZ broke the story Thursday ... there's a 50/50 chance "Men" will not come back for Season 9.


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Charlie is mad as hell because it's finally gotten through to his drug fried brain he will NOT be returning to 2 1/2 Men and there is a possibility Jon Cryer's role might be made larger.

He reverted back to calling Chuck Lorrie a bunch of vile names again. Keep digging a bigger hole for yourself Charlie. I hope Chuck Lorrie sues him for slander and why is he checking the ratings for 2 1/2 Men? The rerun ratings are down because no one wants to see Charlie in reruns anymore. They see the real Charlie and are turned off by him even in reruns.

As far as him making them money, that goes both ways. The boss will always make more than the employee. They put $1.8 million per week in his pocket and he lost that, not them. If he would have gotten the help like they offered him, he would still be working. Nobody screwed him but him.

He didn't put Chuck Lorrie on the map, Chuck had other hit sitcoms long before Charlie came along(Roseanne, Dharma & Greg, Grace Under Fire) and it takes everyone working together to make that show work.

What did Charlie think it would be a hit if it was just him and Alan or maybe just him working on the show....don't think so.

So he needs to STFU and continue to do his stupid shows for the rest of his life, that's about all he has left. Whether 2 1/2 Men is renewed or canceled doesn't matter cause Charlie is done there.

1237 days ago


He sound like he got very touched inside when he got fired. Now he can't let it go. Poor Charlie...Grow up!

1237 days ago


You know, I don't know Chuck Lorre at all. For all I know, he could be the controlling narcissist Charlie Sheen makes him out to be. O.K., so what? Charlie, you showed up to work polluted on tons of days. 99.99% percent of the rest of us would have been fired from our jobs immediately, no questions asked. You were arrested numerous times as well as multiple experiences with abuse of women. And still you whine?

I read these BS things you and your paid cronies write and I think back to junior high. Even Lindsay Lohan attempts to take responsibility for her actions. But you write these childish diatribes using "worlock" language and it really is laughable if not throw up inducing.

Charlie, get off the pipe(which any person with a brain can see you're still cradling), get into rehab, become humble and grateful for the blessings you've ALWAYS had start using real people's words. You're slipping away fast and it's real sad.

1237 days ago


You lost your job for "cause," Charlie - egregious bad behavior and negligence. You've become an international poster boy for how bad untreated subtance abuse can addle one's judgment and contribute toward mental illness. You're a legend in your own mind. Most of Hollywood's bad boys get a "clue" before they cause this much damage to their careers and those productions that have invested in them. Your kids are going to be so distant and disconnected from you. Before you go broke or blow your brains out, get some serious help! Your ego, vulgarity, and poor judgment are unrivaled ...

1237 days ago


mike 16 minutes ago

The show was starting to get a lil stupid and boring with Charlie anyways. Here's how just about every episode goes- Charlies a pig ,has sex with random tramps blah blah blah ,the kid says inappropriate things(it was cute a few yrs ago but the kids like 20 now) blah blah blah alan always gets **** on by Charlie blah blah blah. The end
Oh you are so right about the kid. I use to tell my SO the same thing you said. When Jake was a little kid he was funny but since he's...what....16 on the show, he's not funny anymore, just disrespectful.

1237 days ago


How much did he pay twitter@BobM to write the letter for him then tweet it to TMZ

1237 days ago


Doesn't he realize getting fired from that painfully unfunny show is the best thing that's ever happened to him. That show is AWFUL.
You want to laugh watch Community or Modern Family.. maybe old episodes of Arrested Development. Two and a Half Men is just generic sitcom crap.

1237 days ago


Hate to say it but Charlie's right...2 1/2 Men is a stinking dead flounder without him. He IS the show whether Lorre and the others admit it or not. They could be capitalizing big time on Charlie right now by taking him back and putting him back on that awesomely successful sitcom. Stupid move, guys. Really stupid move.

1237 days ago


Uh, Charlie, you do realize that you are still in the reruns which are getting low ratings, right? They didn't digitally remove you from the show. If there is anything you should be taking away from the plunging ratings is that America doesn't want to watch you any longer. But way to throw another torch on that totally burnt bridge.

1237 days ago


sad silly fool," an "A-hole p*ssy loser" and a "low rent, nut-less sociopath"

LOL at least we know Charlie is still a funny guy....Winning

1237 days ago


Sheens an egotistic dork, the show is no longer interesting and the half man has grown up.It was fun at 1st but has run it's course. All the cast made a living and then some, let it die a natural death.

1237 days ago


And he accuses other people of being trolls.

1237 days ago


charlie is right. without him- there is no show. he is the heart and soul of the show. i hope lorre actually does try to replace him. i predict it will have an initial success however, it will be off and done with when everyone realizes it just isn't the same without chuck (about 10 minutes)

1237 days ago


ratings are low because people are sick and tired of seeing your drunk a$$ Mr. Sheen.

still winning? you look old... just sayin'

1237 days ago


That was a good show, but actually ''Lorre'' dosen't really need it anymore, sadly, he as The Big Bang Therory, mutch funnyer now!!!!


1237 days ago
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