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TMZ Live: The 3 Minutes Needed to Clear Dr. Murray

4/29/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why a three minute argument may lead to Dr. Conrad Murray's acquittal in the death of Michael Jackson ... And, how Charlie Sheen's newest missive affects his case against Chuck Lorre and WB...

23 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:30) Harvey and Tyler went out on jet skis this week ... but it was rough riding.
(3:45) The bus for the TMZ Hollywood Tour has arrived ... and it's AWESOME! Harvey breaks down why you HAVE to go on it.
(10:02) Harvey grills Emmet again about Harvard ... but he still refuses to divulge anything.
(15:15) YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS -- Harvey gives his closing argument in defense of Dr. Conrad Murray ... and it's DAMN GOOD.
(18:10) The picture of the Royals we put up ... get over it. It's funny.
(20:10) Harvey says Jason would be great on CNN.
(22:50) Three lovely, highly entertaining ladies ask a webcam question about the tattoo controversy in "The Hangover 2."
(27:10) Harvey knows who should take on President Obama next election.
(30:45) Now introducing ... the TMZ Bus Tour guides!
(31:50) Please, NO MORE about Obama's birth certificate.
(34:11) Shevonne's thoughts on the Royal wedding ... and the funny photo we put up of it.
(37:23) GREAT ending to the show ... Jason pulls a FAST one on Harvey.


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I don't think so Harvey.

Because according to you Dr.Murray MJ was awake all night and couldn't get to sleep.

It's morning. He hasn't seen his children all night YET he doesn't get up to see them.

In fact NO ONE EVER sees Michael Jackson: except YOU!

You tell me that Michael sat up and shot himself with propofol when you left the room YET you have never once said that Michael went to sleep at all.

Oh he did? What time was that?

Ok so he did go to sleep for a period and you left the room.

How much did you give him? Enough to make him sleep for only 20 minutes?

Well why did you leave the room when you knew he would be awake shortly?

Do you know how much you gave him? Then you'd know how long he'd be asleep.

You say you gave a small amount yet you left the room. Why?

You left propofol around a man YOU admit is addicted to propofol? Why?

Dr. Murray you have put on a defence that clearly shows you believe that Michael Jackson was not well and he was addicted to propofol yet you gave him a small dose which you as a doctor know that he will awaken any minute and you left it in a room with this man who is addicted as YOUR experts have so expertly testified to propofol. Why?

Dr. Murray supplied the propofol by his own defence Michael Jackson was sick, a drug addict, and couldn't perform his job duties.

Then why if you knew all of this did you give Michael Jackson propofol?

Your the doctor he isn't. You have privileges at a hospital why didn't you have him under your care at the hospital?

1241 days ago


Ok Harvey your closing statement to the jurors is cute...yeah really cute. How about Murrays actions that particular day, not giving a damn by being on the ph with several women one he had sheduled to pay round trip airfare on that day and the finger prints on the bottle and NO propofol should of been in ANYONE'S home because its ILLEGAL and can only be administered by an anesthesiologist in a hospital.
The list goes on Harvey. Imagine Murray had so much on his mind on spending all that 150K a month Jackson was paying him on whatever crack dream or crack head or? He killed the KING OF POP and you Harvey think of it as nothing?
It is insulting to America and to Michael Jackson to think of all his works re: charity to the world.
Yes he may have had an incurable painful condition and taken meds for just that, the pain and not a recreational drug such as drug addicts that YOU claim Michael Jackson was.
That should be classified as slaunder and defammation of character for slamming Jackson in such derragatory manner.
Jackson has contributed so much that no man in our time can donate and contribute to date. Respect that!
Last but not least, maybe if you didn't drink too much coffee you wouldn't comment like that re: Murray's lawyer closing statement cause you're way off reality train. Face it, Murray is a piece of work that killed Michael Jackson. Guilty is written all over his forehead just like O.J.

1240 days ago


Harvey - Your "closing argument" is ridiculous. It's based on rampant speculation, hearsay and innuendo. You can get away with crap like that on TMZ, because you refuse to accept responsibility for the garbage you put here in the name of "celebrity news", but in a court of law, you have to tell the TRUTH, and you have to be able to PROVE that truth with FACTS, DO***ENTS, TESTIMONY, and STATISTICS. Your argument was based on nothing more than the garbage dump of rumors and speculation which you present here as "news". Stick to Gossip, Harvey. You clearly struck out in the law department.

1240 days ago


Give the jury a little more credit Harvey, I'm sure they're not dumb enough to fall for that closing argument. But just for the hell of it I'd love to hear your argument for the prosecution!

1240 days ago


It is great that Harvey has all this money to go splashing around on a jet ski but in this economy it just reminds those of us who are not doing as well how hard things are right now. I listen to TMZ to be entertained, not to be reminded of things I no lomger can afford.

1240 days ago


Harvey, you spew just like Flan****n. If I was on the jury I would dismiss everything you said. Anyone who tells me someone has been an ongoing drug addict for 25 years would have to show me medical records. I don't believe frivilous & desperate remarks.

Harvey doesn't know how propofol works. Harvey doesn't remember MJ's port was in his leg. Harvey forgot about the slit open IV bag with a bottle of propofol hanging up-side-down in it tubed to MJ. Harvey forgot there was unidentified prints on the broken syringe. If CM is innocent, why hide evidence? CM can't say anything about leaving the room because that is not what he told the LAPD and Judge Pastor ruled against CM last week for trying to change his story (in the hall on phone).

Murray will get charged with gross negligence even if the defense managed to sway a jury on the involuntary manslaughter charges.

Harvey, don't forget Anna Nichole's case. Judge ruled she wasn't an addict, only took the prescription meds for medical purposes, pain, etc.

1240 days ago


Harvey, You just proved that Conrad Murphy is guilty of 2nd degree murder, not even just manslaughter. He was grossly negligent. None of these so called defenses matter. By your own argument, hHe knew or should have known of Michael Jackson's vulnerability. He administered surgical grade anesthesia which never should be administered in a home; administered it without proper monitoring, left the room, was on the telephone etc etc etc. Don't you get it - it doesn't matter whether Michael Jackson woke up and administered an additional dose himself (which I do not believe.) The fact remains is that the so called doctor was beyond reckless and by his recklessness he caused a death. Classic 2nd degree murder. Get real.

1240 days ago


Harvey's closing arguments do not work with the evidence. And, I truly hope he can prove that Murray is such a stellar doctor. Murray can't have it both ways. He can't claim ignorance and claim to be a competent doctor at the same time.

From a simple medical standpoint, it is not difficult to jump into action to save a patient. What is difficult is to stand by and watch it happen due to a DNR signed by a patient. Every instinct tells you to jump in and save the patient. There was no DNR in place here. Yet, Murray delayed CPR, yelling for help, or calling 911. He stood on the landing of the stairs conversing and hid evidence instead of performing CPR. He withheld info from EMS and the hospital. This competent doctor that you present did everything in his power to ensure the patient didn't survive instead of making an effort to save him. I truly hope you can prove how competent Murray is because it would lay groundwork for a Murder 1 charge.

You cannot use rumor and innuendo in a court of law. You need to produce hard evidence of your claims. For once, tabloids will not dictate what is presented as truth. Evidence will provide truth. The evidence includes an IV bag, slit open, with a bottle of propofol in it. And it was witnessed as it was still hooked up to Mr. Jackson. Evidence will show that propofol should not be administered in a home setting. It will show Dr. Murray left the room when his patient should have been monitored. It will show the proper equipment was not in place and that Murray knew what equipment was needed. That is proved by his email requesting the equipment. Evidence will show that a doctor should know the importance of timely CPR, calling EMS, being truthful with EMS and the hospital. It will show that Mr. Jackson was long gone before EMS was called. It will show the hiding evidence was more important to this doctor than giving CPR to his patient. It will show that every act Dr. Murray did that morning was wrong. So, go ahead and choose whether Dr. Murray was incompetent or if he did this on purpose. But, you cannot ignore the facts that are there simply because you did not like the victim. You cannot blame the victim for the defendant's actions. The defendant was paid to be the expert. He was licensed because he was supposed to be the expert.

While you're working on rumor and innuendo, maybe you can explain why Murray keeps claiming he was going to go to London when all his actions show he had no intention of going. Merely days before launch, he had no passport for his child that was allegedly going nor had he applied for license to practice there. He was working on starting relationships with US women. None of that suggests going to London for an extended stay. So, how did he know he wasn't going?

1236 days ago
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