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Eddie Cibrian to Ex:

Keep Our Kids

Off 'Housewives'

5/6/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian is adamant he does not want his ex-wife Brandi Glanville to put their kids on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- and we're told he's ready to go to court over it.

TMZ broke the story ... Brandi will star on the next season of the show -- and according to sources, Eddie wants to make sure Brandi doesn't drag their kids along for the ride ... threatening legal action if their two children make any kind of cameo appearance.

According to sources, Brandi's pissed -- telling friends Eddie is imposing a HUGE double standard ... because he and the kids JUST appeared in a massive spread in People magazine ... with LeAnn Rimes.

TMZ spoke to Eddie's rep ... who confirms Eddie doesn't want their children involved in "Real Housewives" in any way whatsoever.


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I watch this show. I don't think Kim Richards is treated as well as she should be alot of the time, and she's my favorite! It seems Camille was often the only one making her feel included. So I will base alot of my opinion of this woman on how she treats Kim. She could use some real friends.

1236 days ago


Well Eddie....aren't you a piece of work!

1236 days ago


Leann constantly tweets about the kids because she likes getting under Brandy's skin. It's so obvious. She not only stole her husband but likes to rub everything else in Brandy's face. Leann is vicious. VICIOUS! Now Leann is just a vindictive little jealous witch who won't be the center of attention and will do anything to hurt Brandy more. It has to be ALL ABOUT LEANN.

Karma will get Leann and her douchy husband.

1236 days ago


Cheater say's what???

1236 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

what a dumbo. how does he expect them to pay for college, then???!

1236 days ago


I used to have the biggest crush on this weiner. Those dimples would send chills down my spine, now all I wanna do is fill those dimples with s*it...and smear it all over his face. S*it head.

1236 days ago


Hmmm, Eddie's still trying to dictate to his EX wife what she can and can't do. That's what control freaks and abusers do. Hmmm....

1236 days ago


Being in a spread in a magazine is nothing compared to what those kids would be exposed to on Real Housewives .. no double standard .. keep the kids out of the grown folks show

1236 days ago


No Pom Pom. Just pay your ex the same that she would make on that show and guarantee it for 5 years. You cheated on her so what gives you the right.

1236 days ago


Eddie will have to go back to his donkey-faced wife and take her money so he can go to court for a "double standard". He allowed donkey-face-Lee-Ann to do a magazine spread with the children, but he doesn't want his children to innocently say anything about him or his donkey-faced wife. Too late dude! You already played around and married donkey-face and now you have to live with IT. Brandi is so much classier and is so much more good looking than your donkey faced wife. Why don't you and donkey-face go back into your barn where you both belong. You are both has-beens which has you mad because Brandi is now making big bucks and no one has offered you or donkey-face a thing. And news flash: They WON'T offer you anything. You are both has-beens. Guess you will just have to listen to your donkey as she yodels: "bluuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuu" or whatever it is she is trying to sing. I say try because she cannot sing worth anything. She got into music because of her parents like the rest of these little show-biz brats who have no talent. Lee-Ann, you are a donkey-faced-skank and live with a serial cheater who will cheat on you as well. Go ahead and get knocked up and tell the world how happy you are all the while he is cheating on you. it will serve you right. What goes around comes around!

1236 days ago


He may be imposing a double standard, but it's a bad idea to put the kids out there like that, period...on both their parts. She shouldn't be doing it either if she truly wants to protect them.

1236 days ago


boy what a bunch of disillusioned woman on here.for heavens sake picking on someone's looks because of what...and anyone who says Leann cant sing is just trying to hurt her out of spite, and why. does it have something to do with your own only leaves me to think that you people need someone to pick on...did Leann do something personal to you..there is too much hatred towards her. some of you are just to venomous, I believe a lot of you are Brandi's friends..

1236 days ago


Hey Eddie, Maybe if you go ahead and ask your donkey-faced wife for some money to pay your child support then Brandi might cooperate a little bit. But since you aren't giving her any money, I say Go for it Brandi, Besides that, the show will show very little of the children. Since Lee Ann bought her own engagement ring and her own wedding ring and bought you a new car, the least you could have her do is give you child support money. After all, that IS why you married her, right? for her money? It sure couldn't have been for her donkey-faced looks or her anorexic body!

1236 days ago


If she wants to do a photo shoot and a magazine spread with her children that's one thing, but to put them on a stupid reality show? That's altogether different. I don't blame him for not wanting his children exploited on trashy reality shows! Good for him for looking out for his children. Next thing they would be doing is staging fights between his children for ratings.
Reality shows suck!!

1236 days ago


I still don't feel sorry for this girl at all. When she got with Eddie he was engaged so what's with the surprise that he cheated on her. As a woman I am often amazed at the stupidity of other woman. Its like they think that they are so special that he want do that to him. She stole him from someone else so she created her own problems. I could care less. If there are victims its the children not her.

1236 days ago
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