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The Situation's Dad UNLOADS -- 'F*ck the Little F*ck'

5/10/2011 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation's dad just released an EXPLOSIVE video -- accusing the "Jersey Shore" star of abandoning his family after getting famous ... and the bitterness is palpable.

Frank Sorrentino Video

Frank Sorrentino posted the tirade online today -- targeting his son, saying, "I ask you one f**king favor and you tell me to go f**king be like a regular f**king Joe Blow and go on welfare? No, my friend, I don't do that."

And that's just the beginning.


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It's so nice to see the slime crawl out from under the rocks...nothings to good for the "Sitch" right?

How about calling him The "Ditch"? you know "Daddy Sitch"...DITCH!

1231 days ago


I hate abuser fathers and husbands and this man is one of them.

1231 days ago

Lara Saikali    

Its about time somebody puts that arrogant piece of **** in his place. I bet Mike is crying like the little bitch that he is just watching this. Who better than your own flesh and blood?

1231 days ago


Whether the dad asked for a loan or not is irrelevant. The point that the Situation (son) told his father to "go on welfare" proves that sonny boy forgot who fed, housed, educated, vacationed, clothed him, etc. So dad remember, your son's career will be short lived and when he comes crawling back home be sure and remember his magic words of where to the welfare office sonny boy.

What comes around, goes around. Karma can suck.

1231 days ago


Knowing who's balls The Situation came out from explains a whole lot... Sad bunch...

1231 days ago


Was his dad really abusive? I never heard anything about that.

I do recall reading in the long interview with him in the GQ Men Of The Year issue that after Sitch lost his job as a mortgage broker and was unemployed, he moved back in his dad's house....

1231 days ago


This guy is looking to make a reality show with his son. Seriously, why would a parent want to make a fool out of themselves like this.

1231 days ago


Ummm... I think we can all see WHY Mike/The Situation abandoned his family, and it has nothing to do with him getting famous.
Frank, if you were MY father, I'D abandon you too! Who would want to be related to someone as mean, vindictive, and downright hateful as you? Most parents are HAPPY to see their kids become successful, but YOU are trying to DESTROY your OWN SON just because he won't give you money? It's obvious that money is more important to you than your son is, so Mike is RIGHT not to give you any! And don't go on welfare, either, because an able-bodied man such as yourself doesn't deserve to be getting that kind of handout from the taxpayer dollars when you could be working, even if it's flipping burgers. EARN THE DAMN MONEY YOURSELF! A real man doesn't mooch off of his kids, and a real man certainly doesn't whine when his kids don't give him the money he shouldn't be asking them for in the first place!

Besides, if this is how you treat your son in public, how much worse did you treat him behind closed doors?! You're obviously nothing but an abusive piece of crap. I'm glad Mike abandoned you! Anybody in their right mind would! In trying to trash your son, you only made YOURSELF look pathetic! Telling the whole world your financial problems, begging for money, throwing a temper tantrum worthy of a two year old because you didn't get what you wanted, and telling embarrassing stories about your own family members! You're here airing your dirty laundry for the whole world to know, but any other father would be too ashamed to admit that their son got fired for having sex at work because it's partially YOUR OWN FAULT for not teaching your son better values than that! Did ya ever think of that?! For that matter, if you taught your son to have some pride and self-respect (traits which you don't seem to have yourself), he wouldn't be on a trashy show like Jersey Shore in the first place!

1231 days ago


I'm going to go out on a limb here & say Frank Sorrentino has never received Father of the Year award.

1231 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I would watch the Frank Farkel show

1231 days ago


They're in on it together, its an obvious publicity stunt.

1231 days ago


What a douche nozzle. I hopenyour kid doesn't ever give you a dime.

1231 days ago


So do you think this makes being a TOTAL DOUCHE BAG an inherited trait or it's contagious?

1231 days ago


1. Its his money to do with as he pleases.
2. You raised he is a lot like you.
3. He doesn't owe you anything. When you have a child you are committed to raising that child and all the expense that goes with it. It is your job as a parent. If you give them anything else after they are grown and on their own...well thats a gift or a loan your choice. But make it clear from the beginning that they have to pay you back. Because in the end....HE DOESN'T OWE YOU ANYTHING.
4. Any man who airs his dirty laundry on Youtube to try and guilt said son into giving them money. Well like I raised him...and I bet I know where he gets it from.

1231 days ago


I think we can all agree that a son should help his family if the ability and need is there, but a father that does this type of thing is dispicable in itself. Having a son full of himself, and apparently a parent that feels debts are owed is not a good combinaton.

1231 days ago
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