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The Sitch's Dad: He Wouldn't Help Pay My Medical Bills

5/11/2011 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the MAIN reason The Situation's father decided to launch his expletive-filled campaign against his son on the Internet yesterday ... and it all comes down to medical insurance.

One of Frank Sorrentino's business associates tells TMZ, Frank had asked Sitch for some help making his monthly medical insurance payments recently -- and the "Jersey Shore" star flat out refused.

According to sources, The Situation not only said no -- but told his dad to "move to Florida and go on welfare."

We're told Frank was pretty adamant about repaying his son anyway -- using money from a business deal they allegedly made to develop real estate in NYC ... but the Sitch never gave him a chance.

0511_sitch_dad_mini2Frank was outraged by his son's rejection -- and responded by RIPPING the Sitch into pieces online yesterday in multiple angry videos.

Sitch released a statement earlier today, saying he is "extremely saddened" by his father's actions.


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If I have something and my parents are in need I don't think twice about helping them out. I paid my mother's health insurance premiums for a year, and I didn't have nearly the money the Situation does. If the dad was asking for money to buy a new car that would be one thing, but medical bills... Yet another reason why the Situation is a douchebag.

1260 days ago


HA! I said it yesterday - MONEY. Old man is being Mr Cranky pants cuz the kid wont cough up some cash.

1260 days ago


I can't believe people would treat their parents this way! I would never ever deny my mother and father medical coverage if I could afford to pay for it! They paid for me for years, loved and cherished me. No way could I just let them fall by the wayside while I drove around in expensive cars etc. That's despicable! Karma will get him!

1260 days ago


medical insurance or medical bills???

1260 days ago


Now Frank is trying to tug on the public's heartstrings and get sympathy. Well, it's not going to work on ME. This still doesn't justify your behavior towards your son. There's a word we use to describe people who trashtalk celebrities to the media and blabs all their dirty little secrets if they don't give them the money they want, they're called "EXTORTIONISTS!" Your son won't pay your bills for you so you decide to try and destroy his career. I think that says an awful lot more about YOU than it does about Mike.

In the meantime, I bet you somehow manage to find the money for your booze, drugs, cigarettes, cable/satellite TV, Internet, and junk food. Yeah, you sound like another one of those types who's got money for everything except what you actually NEED and you expect everyone else to take pity on you and pay for the things you need so you can continue to spoil yourself with the things you WANT but don't need. STOP MOOCHING OFF OF YOUR SON! He isn't responsible for paying YOUR bills and extortion is NOT an acceptable way of getting the money! Like I said before, a real man doesn't expect his CHILDREN to support HIM, and a real man doesn't throw a temper tantrum worthy of a two year old when he doesn't get the money he shouldn't be asking his kids for in the first place! A real man makes his own way in the world, period.

Sure, families help each other out, nobody should be FORCED to, and I can see why Mike doesn't WANT to! I don't blame Mike one bit for not giving YOU a dime because you obviously don't deserve it! If this is how you treat Mike in public, how badly you must have treated him in private when he was growing up! Abusive people like you don't deserve ANYTHING, especially from the people they abuse!

1260 days ago


You reap what you sow. Just because you're a sperm donor, that doesn't make you a dad. I find it difficult to believe that he wouldn't give his father $$$ if there was a paternal relationship there. And from the looks of the vidoes. I wouldn't claim (or help) this guy either! What a pig.

1260 days ago


Why in the heck should any parent expect their kid to pay their bills is beyond me, anyway. Man up!

1260 days ago


To give the benefit of the doubt..we dont know what kind of a relationship they have. Perhaps his dad has never been there for the family and now he is looking for handouts...maybe he he was abusive...I dont give a crap either way. It's their business. The point is, we shouldnt be so quick to judge.

1260 days ago

Alan Carver    

One douche-bag talking to another douche-bag! Like Father, Like Son! GO AWAY!

1260 days ago


@Anonymous...That was well said. If this guys father is trashing him like that on the internet, then I don't even want to think about how emotionally abusive he may have been growing up. No wonder Sitch doesn't want to give him money. Situation is probably happy as hell to have his own money and be able to get the hell away from his father. I watched that Jersey Shore Sh*t a couple of times. I don't think the kids are all that bad. Just goofy derelicts.

1260 days ago


Bravo Frank for your brilliant move into being a reality star. Fooling all of us and you and the Douche walking to the bank together cashing checks. Mike is getting his spin off and there is no such thing as bad press. He should be thanking his dad for the press especially after the trump roast and italy stint gone wrong.

1260 days ago


what a low act, he is your father! I for one am looking forward to the day they cancel Jersey shore. Enjoy it while you have it, the money and your dad wont be around forever.

1260 days ago

real deal    

That Sitch is one cheap bastard. A few insurance payments? You have got to be kidding. Shoot, I'd do that for someone I didn't even like. Can't wait until his 15 minutes are finally over. Unappreciative p r i c k.

1260 days ago


He's your ****ing father stupid idiot. if it wasn't for him. you wouldn't even be in this world man. respect your mom & dad. your freakin rich for having no talent whatsoever. it really wouldn't hurt you to help your own flesh and blood when they need help. after all they've done for you. you just push them away. shame on you.

1260 days ago


The reason is right here. Frank's agent released a press release 3/30

Frank also has a message to Mike's agent on his site. I'd rather see Frank than all these other posers.

1260 days ago
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