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TMZ Live -- M-Bone's Death: Social Media Murder?

5/16/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The real story behind the slaying of Cali Swag District's M-Bone -- and a new look at his final tweets ... Plus, why we're ticked off at Rihanna...

27 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Charles starts off with some tragic news -- M-bone from Cali Swag District was murdered last night.
(1:35) No shocker here -- the woman who gave Botox injections to her daughter has temporarily lost custody of the kid.
(2:15) Rihanna and Chris Brown are Twitter pals now ... and Harvey has a problem with it.
(6:40) BREAKING NEWS about M-bone ... the shooting may NOT have been a random act of violence. Mike and Evan have all the latest.
(12:40) Tyler and Nina chime in with more information on the events leading up to M-bone's death.
(17:00) The awesome TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour -- Harvey ran into DIDDY this weekend!!!
(18:30) Harvey's thoughts on the afterlife.
(21:00) Max has a strong connection to the "Swamp People."
(22:00) Trump bails on the presidency ... not surprising.
(33:00) Rick Springfield allegedly threatened cops during his arrest ... whoops.
(39:35) Would Harvey eat a steak for $20 million? What do you think?


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Do you think Rebecca Black made up the pregnancy rumors as an attempt to stay in the spotlight?

1259 days ago


Okay SERIOUSLY!! How did you not know about bull riding? I'm so devastated because you made that comment RIGHT after I was telling my hubby how cute and smart you are and he was rolling his eyes!

1259 days ago


HARVEY & CHARLES Your Opinion!!!!! PLEASE!!!!I am looking to coming out to LA at the end of June and want to book your tour.. What are the times for the tours daily? And which do you choose as far as the best time to catch a celeb.... I was there in March and took a Starlines Tour !!! Best Tour Group In LA!!!!!!!

1259 days ago


Sooooo... RadarOnLine has a story up!! Lindsay drunk (shooting shots) and in a bar fight last night... with pics!!! Your falling behind.

1259 days ago



1259 days ago


Do the needs of many animals weigh more than the needs of one?

1259 days ago

Howard Decker    

Rihanna is old enough to make her own decisions...Talking to your old boyfriend who beat you is no different than countries talking to their enemies to make peace. Besides Chis is a good guy who need assistance with is view of women and the world.

1259 days ago


If they say 1 in 4 people has Herpes... then statistically 25% of the people you work with has Herpes... and i know that it really doesnt apply but you should have a poll who would most likely contract herpes Max Dax Charles or Mike. I say Charles just because the other 3 probably already have it...

1259 days ago


Harvey's comment about tieing the bull's nut to make them buck is not true at all.

1259 days ago


Charles has been growing his hair back to his natural hair, yet the corn row extentions, further down his back, is still natural hair? Whenever his hair is mentioned, Charles changes the subject.

4 hours to have his hair done. Nothing natural about that.

Charles did you really think no one would notice?

1259 days ago



1259 days ago


Hey Harvey,

You answered the eat meat question similarly to what I did. I had more time to consider it and decided I would give 5 million to animal charities that care for farm animals and rescue research animals to make their lives better and more "humane" It is appalling how animals raised for food and research are treated. I quit eating meat after watching "The Meatrix" and "Earthlings". I don't feel I have the right to make animals suffer because they taste good, not to mention the huge environmental effects of factory farming.

5 million to orgs that investigate animal abuse, would spend 5 million starting a rescue organization and buy land to care for rescued creatures who need a stress free place to live out their lives, and they would not have to perform or do anything but be the critters god made them to be. I would invest/keep the remaining 5 million to help my family, cuz my mom is going thru cancer, losing her home to keep medical treatments going, plus my own illness is about to make me homeless. I'm trying to complete a degree in Environmental Science to help wildlife remain free, not just to be seen in a zoo.

I find your commitment to animal rights inspiring and it is the main reason I started watching your show. Folks that make fun of vegetarians or wear fur are either uneducated or heartless. It is not cool to be part of defenseless animals suffering and that includes the circus and rodeo.Many humans are surprised to hear that these "wild" bulls are tortured to buck as they do by having their testicles bound. They are domesticated and would not react unless in extreme pain. Just so very wrong.

Please keep speaking for the voiceless. You are doing the right thing. To the comments from cruel A-holes that will follow this posting, try for a moment imagining yourself being held in a cage and tortured, if you are capable of empathy. Keep up the good work, Harvey!!! Blessings to you. We are listening :)


1259 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Great show today! Harvey I liked your explanation of heaven.. that is exactly what I believe. Keep up the great work!!

1258 days ago

John Stone    

Chuck must be claiming its a black thing. Ri---- should just drop the woman beater. The guy is a punk.

1258 days ago


Do you think the Kennedy cover up would have happened had it taken place today?

1258 days ago
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