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TMZ Live -- Who Was in on the Love Child Secret

5/18/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than just Arnold and Mildred knew of the love child -- who else helped keep their secret?  Plus, what's revealed in candid photos of Arnold, Mildred and their son...

25 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) We got our hands on a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his baby mama posing in front of a Christmas tree ... how sweet.
(1:20) Patty Baena's divorce docs -- VERY TELLING.
(2:50) Patty and Maria -- pregnant at the SAME TIME. Disgusting.
(3:50) Our photos of Arnold's love child ... you can SO TELL they're related.
(8:40) Did Maria have any idea the affair was going on? Evan weighs in.
(12:30) Will Maria and Arnold end in divorce?
(16:30) Why do famous guys have affairs with women who are less attractive than their wives?
(19:50) Patty and Octomom ... the comparison.
(28:35) Can wives sue husbands for cheating? Jason knows.
(32:50) Nina's opinion on Rihanna following Chris Brown on Twitter.
(37:55) Charles is being honored in the Bronx Hall of Fame ... and Harvey says we're going to do a piece about it on TMZ TV. Naturally, Charles disagrees.
(39:24) Webcam question -- how does TMZ break so many stories?
(43:00) Stephen Hawking doesn't believe in heaven ... what do the guys think?


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Successful men cheat just because they can. I think it's just that simple.

1231 days ago


Crime of oportunity totally looks don't matter in the dark

1231 days ago


Did Maria Know?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. There are lies you tell yourself to stay in relationships.

As for the Divorce:
It will happen - I think there may be some complicated business situations that need to be in place before filing.
Politically there is no reason for Maria to stay.

1231 days ago


What's the word on pre-nup? A lot of what will happen will depend on that.

1231 days ago


Doesnt the picture of the divorce papers say they married in 87 and seperated in 97? Did they just take 10 years to get around to getting a divorce?

1231 days ago


Could Patty's soon to be ex have grounds to sue Arnold for contributing to breakup of marriage?

1231 days ago


Questions about the new Terminator baby. Does the kid know who is daddy is? Do you think Arnold will start spending time with the kid? Are there any pics of Arnold with the kid?

1231 days ago


Isnt Gloria Alred starting to become more of a side show and losing credibility as a legitimite attorney everytime she is standing next to yet another mistress trying to squeeze money out of somebody?

1231 days ago


Yes, I believe Maria must have deciphered something all along.

For myself, I would immediately divorce. For Shriver ~ this decision is merged with the Kennedy family conditioning of turning a cheek to this kind of stuff, the loss of prestige and power in being a Hollywood dynamic duo (which I believe matters to her), the family structure for her kids, naturally, and probably the overriding element of a powerful pull toward Arnie that can only be partly understood on a psychiatrist's couch, since he has possibly been doing this for years and she still stayed around.

Maria Shriver was honed to be as driven as her family. Jackie stayed, Ethel stayed, Joan stayed, and Maria is probably still very influenced by her parents, who may have advised her to stay, also. She said a very interesting thing not too long ago and this was before her parents passed away. She said that she was trying to live her life without so much of the obligation to the Kennedy ways and wished to not live with the excessive and constant test to succeed, to always be participating and achieving, without living her life as an individual as she wished. She particularly mentioned her mother's influence in this regard.

The passing of one's parents, at any time of life, is one of the most altering passages I have ever experienced. There is a great book, "Losing Your Parents - Finding Yourself", and its short title sums it up. We do not realize fully how just the presence of our parents, even at middle age, influences the choices we give ourselves. And when they have passed, there is great grief, despite a slowly emerging new horizon which beckons for the first time, solely based on your own desires. It still takes some time to act on new things without considering your parents, but slowly you understand that this is your time to really acknowledge your life and the individual basis on which it was given to you.

Maria Shriver has lost both of her parents within the last 2-years, plus she is having this catastrophic revelation placed on her plate at the same time, if we are to believe the timeline given. The first time your parents are not physically there to stand with you through a trying time, is the moment you realize the gravity of the loss and the moment you respectfully defer to the courage God gave you to walk forward without them. However, when you need them most, they are there in other ways to guide, but, this time, without judgement for whatever decision you make. (I guess this is my way of telling Mr. Hawking to think, again.)

I must say the photos depicting the three together at Christmas in Maria's home is supremely vulgar, that is, unless Maria really knew the truth all along. If she did know, then, Merry Christmas!!!

I bet they stay together.

They will stay together if Maria is not overly concerned about public opinion.

1231 days ago



is arnold a morman

No...he's a moron

1231 days ago

george fudge!    

The kid definitely looks like he's got the same teeth (with the gap in front) as his cheating father, 'The Ejaculator'.

1231 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

To all you female haters out there. How many men are out there raising and supporting kids with no idea that they are not the biological fathers? I think much, much more that men fathering children outside thier marriges!

1231 days ago


Maria is a team/family player, to the grave; given a reasonable doubt on which to build, she is capable of smothering a secret permanently. I think she knew Arnold was getting it on the side; look at the differences between his mom and his similarity to Arnold. It's plain she had an Aryan betwixt and between her legs.

1231 days ago


A woman knows when she is being cheated on ... and come on this young man was at family functions don't you think she noticed ... the old saying is keep your enemies closer ... when patty decided to come out about the truth she was fired and she then let it all be known she is a true Kennedy family member and will arise to the occasion!!! ;)

1231 days ago


Go Ragun Cajun. Getting these clowns ready for a radio show is almost impossible. Get Harvey off the computer. So rude for his audience and dead time for radio.

1231 days ago
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