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Maria Shriver Shops for L.A. Condos

5/21/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver was quietly looking at pricey L.A. condos back in January ... months before the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby scandal broke ... TMZ has learned.


What's especially interesting about this ... it looks like Arnold told Maria about Mildred Patty Baena immediately after he left the governor's office on January 3.

Sources say Maria and her broker looked at a condo at The Carlyle on Wilshire, a pricey condo building near UCLA.  Among the residents -- Bruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, Paul Anka, Donna Summer and Matt Kemp.

Our sources say Maria didn't like the units.  We're told she looked at several penthouse units, which are priced between $10 - $14 million (they rent out for around $30,000 a month).  She also looked at a few 3-bedroom condos, which were listed between $4 - $7 million (they rent out at around $17,000 a month).

We're told Maria felt the building was too exposed to the paparazzi.

Maria is still on the hunt for a place.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

...and get yourself a stable guy while you're still young & beautiful! Maybe a doctor or a lawyer, i.e., not a narcissistic d****ebag. You're extremely intelligent, & you deserve an intellectual equal. Time to make wise choices in love.

Best of luck!

1198 days ago

Scrapette Jones    

This is nothing compared to the story you are ignoring, which is why is no one questioning whether Maria knew about this kid the entire time since he is apparently an Ahnold mini-me and she saw that child countless times over the last 13 years. I would have demanded the kid be DNA-tested the moment I saw him. There is a huge hipocritical story here if y’all would quit ignoring it….

1198 days ago

Hollywood Troll    

Hope she gets one with a clear drop to the sidewalk.

1198 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

It's hilarious how people blame THE MAID. People blame THE MAID because they need an outlet for their collective anger and fear and it's just SO EASY to blame someone so low on the socioeconomic ladder.

Here's a potential scenario: According to TMZ, the MAID wanted to be Maria...she single-white-femaled her, slept in her bed, had Ahnie's baby, wore Maria's jewellery, kept living in her house, etc. WHY?

Maybe because Patty was (and still is) IN LOVE with Ahnie. Which would explain why Patty DIDN'T blackmail him, DIDN'T tell anyone (including her family and the child) who the child's father is. Which would explain why Patty kept living with Ahnie, hoping against hope that Ahnie would soon realize that she - a simple Guatemalan MAID - is better for him than cold Maria is.

Love makes you do CRAZY things. And it truly sounds like she was absolutely in love with Ahnie. And I'm sure he encouraged it because he knew that as long as Patty was in love with him...she would not try to destroy him. Apparently Ahnie has a homosexual past and at least one of the men he was with loved Ahnie dearly (and maybe still does). As TMZ reports, even Maria says Ahnie is "emotionally controlling" and/or "emotionally abusive" towards her. (Though I do think Maria is overplaying that for sympathy.)

Blaming the MAID is PATHETIC. She could not have seduced Ahnie if Ahnie didn't want to be seduced. You put a simple Guatemalan MAID in an environment where her rich boss is willing to sleep with her and she starts to think that maybe he's not happy with Maria..that maybe she has a chance...that maybe she, too, can achieve the American dream. She probably convinced herself that she has way more in common with Ahnie than Maria does. People blaming the MAID are only doing so because it helps them make sense of the situation.

And what a bizarre situation it is. I wonder if Ahnie WANTED to get caught and was trying to sabotage himself intentionally. Men like Ahnie generally want to stay married to their wives and have carte blanche to cheat...but Ahnie is puzzling since he took so many destructive chances - not using a condom, cheating in his own home, keeping the MAID around, staying out late every night, etc. It's almost like (as TMZ mentioned), Ahnie WANTED to get caught. But WHY? Perhaps Ahnie wants to now go back to his homosexual past? Or perhaps he wants to come clean about his trangressions? The RAPTURE started today and I can bet that Ahnie is not being saved.

In fact, I bet the ENTIRE PATHETIC EXTENDED KENNEDY CLAN will not be saved because they are horrible people. I know I would have been saved if I were Christian..but I'm Jewish so that's not a possibility for me. Oh well.

1198 days ago



1198 days ago


Sociopaths are Sad, I also think the maid loves Arnie. I think she made Arnie feel special and loved, and that's why he fell in love with her. Maybe Maria wasn't given all that love back to Arnie. I remember that TMZ article saying how the maid thought she can be a better mother than Maria.

1198 days ago


I think that as time went by and after the initial confrontation with gross Baena,Maria may be thinking more about the time when the scalywag endeared herself to the family.
Maria would more likely than not lie in bed when everyone was asleep, thinking becoming evermore pissed and repulsed.
Thinking back about what a dips**t Arnold is and how Patty and him made a fool of her and their children.
That Patty dog knew what she was doing, she long for the lifestyle playing like "The Cleanup Woman".
Arnie should have kicked her out long ago but paid for her schooling to become educated to earn a living without being a housekeeper/homewrecker and honest with Maria even if it meant divorce instead, now the only thing left is for him to allow himself to get sick and kick the bucket, if I were him I would take Patty with me.

1197 days ago


We hope something very BAD happens to icky stinkfish Maria Shriver!

1197 days ago


Shouldn't be that hard with all the $ they skimmed from CA Residents. Just Saying...!!!

1197 days ago


Why do some of you find it so objectionable for people to work hard, save or invest, and spend their money as they wish or pass it down to their heirs? Is there some rule that says the wealthy should give all their money to others? Is there some information source that you know of which tells you that the wealthy haven't made any contributions to worthwhile causes? I sure wouldn't be motivatedx to work very hard if I knew I was going to be over-taxed, or in some way forced to give away my hard-earned money.

1197 days ago


Poor Maria, no one in America or anywhere else in the world would like to be her at this point. Although most people support her but there's still a couple of hateful people out there who accuse her of knowing about all this or say that she deserves all of this that has happened to her, and some even slam her looks

Well its understandable why she would decide to move out of Brentwood, after everything that happened in that house she wouldnt wanna live there anymore now knowing that he cheated on her in her own home, in her own bed. yuck. It would give her to much nightmares and trauma to stay there.

1197 days ago


I could care less if the "maid" thought she loved Arnold and he her. He was MARRIED. They are both disgusting immoral s***. And yes I BLAME THE MAID EQUALLY, frankly I think Betty Broderick had it right, jus sayin'.

The cheatin hubs and the girls that go after them all deserve public scorn and financial loss.

1197 days ago


I can't help but think of the Puddin' Head Wilson story. Maria had better get DNA on Christopher to make sure he IS her baby and that Patty didn't make a switch! I'm just saying....

1197 days ago


just amazing..

1196 days ago


They are just people with people problems.I feel bad for the children who look to their parents for love and answers to life.What can they possibly tell them????

1196 days ago
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