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Joakim Noah Apologizes for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 4:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joakim Noah was quick to apologize for screaming a homophobic slur at a fan during last night's NBA playoff game.

Speaking to reporters in the locker room, Noah said, "I apologize. The fan said something to me that I thought was disrespectful, and I got caught up in the moment, and I said some things that I shouldn't have said. I was frustrated and I don't mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up."

Noah said he expects to be fined for the comment (Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for a similar incident) but so far no word from the NBA.

Noah was caught on camera screaming at a fan by the bench and capped it off by yelling, "F**k you, f**got."

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I think it's rediculous when these guys get away with hollaring Gay slurs (not the first b-ball player or other sports figure to do it), everybody gives them a pass, and you know if they are doing it then, it's part of their lives that kind of talk. Then the Mormons or any other religious group (muslims included) say anything about their beliefs (always-except the muslims-prefaced with 'love the person, not the act'), they get hammered. At least they are honest and don't try to pass themselves off as Gay-act loving folks and then be yelling nasty anti-Gay remarks from the playing field.

1249 days ago


Political and religious beliefs aside, his bigotry is unacceptable. The only way to stop it is to fine them heavily. Obviously Kobe's $100k didn't get the point across. Up it to $500k and see how often it happens. And that goes for all bigoted comments, regardless of who makes them or the contents in which they're made. If a black player is even just kidding around and says, "Hey, my n-word..." fine him $500k. The only way such words are going to be eradicated in these situations is when the financial cost of using them is so high that it puts a mental stigma in the person's head.

1249 days ago


I meant context, not contents.

1249 days ago

balls cross ya nose    

Who is giving them a pass? Kobe got fined and Noah will too. Using the word "everybody" is reckless because everybody doesn't support their behavior. These douche bags make enough cash that they should focus on the game and not worry about what people yell from the stands.

It takes two seconds to direct security over to have someone told to be quiet or have them removed if they're being profane. If they're not breaking the arena's fan conduct code, then develop a thicker skin.

1249 days ago


I have said before and will again "WHO CARES"!!!!

1249 days ago

tony gee    

Fine him with something he will not forget.

And btw, he seems like he is the f----- with that updo. Which salon do you go to in Beverly Hills, Miss J? I think you need to change salons since they are not doing justice to your hair. Next time you play, tell them you want a beehive do. It fits you better and you'll look fab-u-lous!

1249 days ago


AS far as I'm concerned, Joakim can say anything he wants to Miami fans. Go BULLS!!!

1249 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Not aaceptable but don't make a bigger deal out if it. He apologized and should make a contribution to a proper organization whether he is fined or not.

1249 days ago

Mark Proctor    

that is acceptable... did not spell check...

1249 days ago

Di Nozzo    

Yes, Noah was wrong. Yes, he will get fined, heavily. Yes, he should have more control of himself. He did apologize for the comment and made no excuses for it. This, by no means makes anything right, but my question to everyone is this: What were the fans saying?
We are so eager to heckle relentlessly at these athletes and feel it is our right to do so just because we paid money for a ticket. As a fan who has sat close to the feild and court, 90% of the time I have heard much worse from the stands. No one knows what the fans were yelling, but let us not just crucify a player when, I sincerely believe, anothers' word(s) were not far from the same context or similar in statements.

1249 days ago

ashley macisaac    

so what?i thoguht it was ok to use words that describe yourself- looks pretty gay to me

1249 days ago


I guess not hurting people's feelings takes a priority over free speech. If someone wants to call someone else a name, go for it. Why are some insults off limits and other's okay? We are way too sensitive.

1249 days ago


He made some gay moves on the court last night.

1249 days ago


The word 'bitch' is often used on television, and no one bats an eye. This word is a demeaning slur againstr women, and should also be banned, why hasn't it been? Until everyone is respected, No one ahould be respected.

1249 days ago


HE needs to look in the mirror cause trust me he's not a manly man

1249 days ago
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