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GLAAD: Homophobia Big Problem in NBA

5/23/2011 9:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

GLAAD claims a homophobic epidemic has erupted in the NBA, and wants the league to take action against players who spew hateful remarks against gays during games.


GLAAD's reaction comes hours after Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah targeted a fan in the stands, calling him a f**got.  Kobe Bryant hurled the same slur during a playoff game last month.

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios tells us, "Last month the NBA sent an important message about how such slurs fuel a climate of intolerance and are unacceptable. These anti-gay remarks, coming so soon after, demonstrate how much needs to be done.”

Barrios adds, “Noah's apology is a start. We are confident that the NBA will now take disciplinary measures and hasten its work with us to tell all players that there is no place for anti-gay words and attitudes in the game.”

It's unclear why Barrios is so confident the NBA will take action, because some of the players seem more than comfortable spewing anti-gay slurs on the court.  There's a sentiment in the NBA -- the term f**got is not really a gay slur, but just smack talk among athletes.



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1248 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If it's not a slur, how can it be smack talk?

1248 days ago


epidemic? lol, Even the gays themselves eachother F A G S, I have seen it on hundreds of occacions. The dude is not a homophobe for smack talking...

1248 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

People don't ever say, "Hey, eff you, kumquat!"

1248 days ago


I'd like someone from GLAAD to take a trip on over to Datalounge and check out how their own refer to straights. It's a two way street there folks. They throw out just as many slurs (Heterophobic?)

1248 days ago


Good lord, get over it GLAAD. If you seriously think there's an epidemic in the NBA because they use that word, then I have news for you. There's been an epidemic for the last 30 years in every school play ground in America. It doesn't mean they think the person is REALLY gay, just like I don't think someone is a donkey when I call them a jack a#$. True, it may not be the best word to use, but an epidemic? You guys really need to take a step back and choose your battles. Makes you look bad.

1248 days ago


Do you feel gay when your NBA team wins?

1248 days ago


OMG ! so evertime someones in the NBA calls another player, ref,fan,etc. an A**hole in the heat of the game , the A
CofA (A**hole club of America) is going to protest anti A**hole remarks ?? REALLY???REALLY??? This is just smack talk PERIOD...WHEN did we become such wussys??

1248 days ago


Let's see the guy Noah was barking at.
Maybe he was right. Maybe it was a guy dressed like Lady Gaga.....

You will NEVER get rid of that in pro sports.
They're only noticing the guys who get caught on camera.

1248 days ago


How can anyone out there think this is smack talk when there are young kids killing themselves because they were being bullied and called a fa**ot. It's demoralizing and this world needs to get a grip on reality.

1248 days ago


Calling someone outside of their name is classless and immature. whatever the word it it's still wrong. i feel bad for this player and all the people supporting him by saying it's just smack talk.

1248 days ago


If they were making homophobic slurs against gays...that would be another thing. They making slurs against people that they are p*ssed at for whatever reason. They have no idea of who they are or their sexual orientations.

1248 days ago

Dom The Mover    

thats so queer!

1248 days ago


So much for Black People being given instant cred for Tolerance. That culture despises, read it again, despises all whom and that is/are Gay. This cross between an N word and White Woman just proved it....how about a poll if the N word is really racial or just smack talk too? Unbelievable...its about time somebody called this Culture out on their hatred for all that is Gay.

1248 days ago


If 78% of TMZ readers think calling someone a "***got" is simply smack talk, I guess the same majority would consider calling someone a ****** just smack talk too.

1248 days ago
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