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NBA Fines Joakim Noah

$50k for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA has fined Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah $50,000 for targeting a fan with a homophobic slur during last night's playoff game against the Miami Heat.

The fine is exactly HALF the amount the league fined Kobe Bryant when he hurled the same word at a referee during a game earlier in the season.

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Why is it of all people, that black people have the hardest time respecting other people....

Animals behave better than these sport punks, and they play better ball.

1250 days ago


I am having a hard time accepting why this was half of Kobe's fine. Will the next fine be half again. I was reading today that the number of people who saw this slur was more than when Kobe uttered his. What is the math. I was hoping for a larger fine than Kobe, to show these athletes that if they keep this up, it is going to cost more and more.

1250 days ago


This is a complete joke. He said the same thing as Kobe but Kobe was fined 100k and this guy is only fined half that? It wasn't even a gay slur, a ***got is a pile of sticks, look it up in the Oxford dictionary. Just stupid. I support the gay community and all but every time something sounds anti-gay they jump all over it..

1250 days ago


They're here, they're queer, and we're sick of them shoving IT down our throats! It's f*cking ridiculous that they're fining the guy. Good lawd, what the eff is next?! The law gonna go around fining the hell outta black dudes callin each othah "*****"!? This political correctness is gonna be the ruin of this country.

1250 days ago

Phil Alger    

Not a free world anymore? **** em!

1250 days ago

john smith    

You might have to get used to it...but no one has to like or accept it. Just because society threatens you to ACCEPT something, doesn't mean it is right.

1250 days ago


bahaha why is everyone tryin up for gays sooo much now days?? you choose to be it, we choose to say it.. im gonna keep on sayin gay slurs just because i dont give a chit if it offends gay people they chose to be the way they are and its not gonna stop me from making those remarks.. sorry jus speakin the truth..

1250 days ago


Well 50,000 to him is probably no different than 100,000 to the black Mamba (wonder where he is sticking that today). Why fine them if the amount is nothing compared to their income. Now if the fine was like 10% of their income maybe that would stop the comments. Fines that are little more than a parking ticket (when compared to the average American) will never stop the comments, besides he probably was a ***ot.

1250 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Still, fifty grand is just a tip for a rich fellow. If the NBA really wanted to punish this sort of behavior, they'd start the fines at a mil. That'd stop it all on a dime.

1250 days ago


Getting so sick and tired of people getting so testy over name calling.
I think people can say what they want, everyone is just a little bit tooooooooooooo sensitive. Such a waste of time crying over it.

1250 days ago

Jonathan Anderson    

How can a word be defined as homophobic? Is the word afraid of homosexual people?

1250 days ago


To anyone that has ever played sports, it's a comment word to dis someone .. it's no big deal! -- so should I be offended if someone calls me straight? where' my 50k!

1250 days ago


Why the hell was he not fined as much as kobe was... They both said homophobic slurs and kobe gets 100k and JKN gets 50k... The commissioner has no idea what he is doing... SMH

1250 days ago


what about his right to free speech???

1250 days ago

Jonathan Anderson    

How can a word be homophobic? Is the word afraid of homosexual people?

1250 days ago
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