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TMZ Live -- Estella Warren's Thug Life Night

5/24/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress and former S.I. model Estella Warren wins the award for the best celebrity arrest -- ever ... Plus, Mike Tyson's hideous face tattoo won't stop the release of "Hangover 2" ... And, C. Thomas Howell stops by with "Spider-Man" secrets and rips Rob Lowe's acting in "The Outsiders."

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) "People on the Internet are the same as heroin users." You'll have to watch to find out how that makes sense.
(3:30) If Harvey died on the air ... Charles would do great color commentary.
(4:30) Maria's appearance on Oprah's finale -- good or bad for O?
(11:40) Estella Warren's INSANE arrest -- and semi-escape -- as described by the great Dennis Broad. Plus ... the greatest misuse of the word "allegedly."
(20:40) The "Hangover 2" lawsuit ... how it lost one round in court, but still has a chance to win.
(23:00) Harvey and Jason get all legal on our asses.
(31:30) C. Thomas Howell is in the house!!!
(35:00) Howell thoughts on Arnold ... and cheaters in Hollywood
(37:02) Howell cracks the funniest joke about Arnold's mistress to date!
(38:10) Harvey has breaking news about the fan attacked at Dodger stadium ... and Frank McCourt is taking it on the chin.
(46:10) Tiger Woods' $1 million challenge to reporters ... Howell says he would've ruined it on purpose! Hilarious.
(48:40) YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS -- Howell explains why some of Rob Lowe's parts were cut out of "The Outsiders." 


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Love TMZ but why are you dead silent on Strauss-Kahn? There's the most powerful banker on earth, alleged rape, perp walk, DNA-proof ... a celebrity justice case WAY bigger than Arnold and TMZ stays mute. Is it because he's jewish?

1248 days ago


Tres cheesy of TMZ to feature an unattractive picture of Maria.

1248 days ago



TMZ doesn't report REAL news.

1248 days ago



Why doesn't TMZ report on Gaddhafi? Why doesn't TMZ report on Casey Anthony? Why doesn't TMZ report on the tornado, deaths, and damage in Missouri?

There are a ton of stories floatin' about in the pool, and TMZ cannot (nor should they have to) cover every single thing. They have their priorities -- which are primarily based on what the majority of their viewers want.

And clearly the majority of TMZ viewers do not care to read about Strauss-Kahn on TMZ. Especially when other outlets are doing enough to cover the subject.

1248 days ago


Is Rommie on any kind of pretrial probation, if so how might this effect his case.

1248 days ago

Monty Gordon    

Any truth to Mr. Stow's criminal record? Thanks Harvey! Love the show..

1248 days ago



1248 days ago

Just Me    

It would have been very interesting if Donald Trump had let Star Jones stay on the "girls" team , and let NiNi (spelling) have it out with her. Do you think that Star went behind the scenes, and talked to Trump, about saving her ass. What nerve Star had to think she's above everyone else, by always specifying that she's "educated". Street smart, can eat up education fast Star, if left head to Nini proved.

1248 days ago



Love TMZ but why are you dead silent on Strauss-Kahn? There's the most powerful banker on earth, alleged rape, perp walk, DNA-proof ... a celebrity justice case WAY bigger than Arnold and TMZ stays mute. Is it because he's jewish?

Andi: I agree. This is a facinating legal case that could be commented on by lawyers. Harvey is too busy trashing a housekeeper or going on and on about "hurtful" words.

Kathy: What do you mean REAL news?

1248 days ago


they keep talkin about Arnold`s secret kids talk about Will Smith secret kid. Im right here screamin in tmz ear that Will smith has a 21 year old son, which is me . tell that man to come get me out of cleveland NOW!!!!!!

1248 days ago


Harvey...give me a shoutout
Mesha in Texas

1248 days ago

rob bruno    

Rip torn got off for breaking into a bank because of the drunk defense.....and he had a gun

1248 days ago


Thank you guys for the entertainment and the break from day to day reality! It's nice to see that celebrities while they may have a whole lot more money then me they sure as hell don't have any common sense! If I had even a fraction of their money I would be more concerned with taking care of my family then running around town making a fool of myself! Again thank you and keep up the good work!!

1248 days ago


Regarding the tatoo, why can't the movie makers just digitally alter the tatoo?

1248 days ago


Why does the sitch look preggo in the picture of him post beating... He needs to work on the abs!

1248 days ago
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