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Estella Warren

ESCAPES Escape Charge

5/29/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Model, actress, escape artist Estella Warren will NOT be charged for slipping out of her handcuffs and attempting to flee when she was arrested for DUI Monday night thanks to a MAJOR technicality ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officials will not go forward with the felony escape charge against Warren because she hadn't actually been booked into the system when she made a break for it ... therefore she technically didn't commit felony escape.

As TMZ first reported, Warren was arrested Monday night after she allegedly hit a few parked cars with her Prius, left the scene, got arrested for DUI, kicked a police officer, and then bolted from the police station.

Warren is still facing charges for assault, hit and run and DUI.


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technicality my a$$ she was in custody booking has nothing to do with it. i would bet the damn ranch if she was some black kid from the ghetto she would be facing a felony escape charge no questions asked.

1181 days ago


Peter Sc 3 hours ago

Good news for Canada. She and people like her is the future for their little country up north.

if its one thing we arent is a "little country to the north"..and as a Canadian I had no idea who she was until this happened..also what have you got against Canada...for the record alone you could bury Texas 0ne and half times in Ontario alone, 3 times in Quebec, should I go on. Have you ever been to Canada?

1181 days ago

Ronnie Nel    

Technically she is a white woman if this was T.I or Jay-z they would have put them *****s under the jail

1181 days ago


BS!!!!!!!!! The technicality is "awww, she's just a little, helpless, former model/actress that didn't know any better"!!! FU, LA and Hollywood!!!!!! Cursed be California!!! Until EQUAL justice is served to the rich or famous as to the poor, I hope every rich person, politician, judge, and cop living in California gets swallowed-up by an earthquake!!!!

1181 days ago


If this would have been a NON famous person she/he would have definitely gotten charged with "felony escape".

1181 days ago


She wasn't in custody nor read her rights when she rammed those cars drunk, resisted an officer, so shouldn't those charges be dropped as well?
What we seem to have? is some kind of Alice in Wonderland law for celebritys and another for non celibritys.

Good case to discuss on Lawyer friday um on Tues / TMZ live, I'd be interested in hearing from Harvey / Beckerman about this.

1181 days ago


Puckett ( about 8 hrs ago )

In your view, what would the " logical " charge be had she slipped the cuffs while in the squad car, gotten out of the car, and ran down the street ? If any non-celebrity had pulled what she did at the station, there would damn sure be additional charges added. Maybe not necessarily " felony escape ", but logic and plain ol' common sense tell you there has to a specific charge for what occurred. To think that anyone who has been arrested, but not yet " booked into the system ", can up and leave custody with no additional charges being tacked on is ridiculous. Try to drive off the next time you get stopped for a traffic violation and see what happens. When you get caught, just remind the officer you hadn't been booked into the system yet, so he can't file any additional charges.

1181 days ago


Female DUI suspects in handcuffs escape from CHP twice in 3 days

Charged ( among many others) with "escaping police custody" ,what are the odds that these woman got the escape charge's dropped?
There are many ppl who are sitting today behind bars where that charge was not dropped and they were convicted on it.

a large bank account and a good lawyer pays off, clearly there was some prety fast moving collusion to drop the charge, playing on wording in the States penal code.
She escaped police custody, dosent matter if she was booked in or not.

1181 days ago

Tim Johnson    

That's Bull isht!!! We should go after the state for this one... Signed one of her peers..

1181 days ago

Zach Swan    

@PRO US: "Thousands of drunk/stoned celebrities will soon be running down city streets in California."


1181 days ago

Politico Pablo    

So that's why she attempted THE GREAT ESCAPE. She must have known this all along. Smart Girl.

Think she would be great in "The Hangover-Girls Gone Bad" Movie.

1181 days ago


It's like this folks:

her apprehension by the police for breaking the law and physical appearance in a police station does not prove her existance until they put her into the system. She is in a state of flux until the system proves she actually exist, therefore they cannot charge her for escaping because she didn't really exist at that point. What can I say? I don't make the rules for rich, snobby white girls.

How can you people not know that?


The police probably didn't want to be publicly embarrassed that some drunk celebrities hallucinated she was on the set of Planet of the Apes, and tried to escape from apes.

1181 days ago

Miss Reni    


1181 days ago


Yup, she'll get off scott free. Celeb "justice" yet again.

1181 days ago


The whole story sounds like something you would see on Reno911.

1181 days ago
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