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Estella Warren

ESCAPES Escape Charge

5/29/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Model, actress, escape artist Estella Warren will NOT be charged for slipping out of her handcuffs and attempting to flee when she was arrested for DUI Monday night thanks to a MAJOR technicality ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officials will not go forward with the felony escape charge against Warren because she hadn't actually been booked into the system when she made a break for it ... therefore she technically didn't commit felony escape.

As TMZ first reported, Warren was arrested Monday night after she allegedly hit a few parked cars with her Prius, left the scene, got arrested for DUI, kicked a police officer, and then bolted from the police station.

Warren is still facing charges for assault, hit and run and DUI.


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I think she is mentally handicapped.

1209 days ago


...."Hit a few park cars while driving her Toyota Prius."

I fail to see what all the fuss is about just because she may one day happen to take out a few dogs, cats, a baby stroller, and somebody's blue haired granny slow azz attempting to cross the street.

This woman was driving a hybrid vehicle for God"s sake. I say we should cut this generic brand, white trash, alcoholic skank, some slack.

Bruhahaha----Driving a hybrid-- Special.

Driving a hybrid while drunk as a Mexican skunk--Priceless.......Artofwar

1209 days ago


Justsaying siad:
LOL! It's got to be great to be white. If she were hispanic, asian or black, not only would she be charged with that crime, she would have worn an ass kicking once they caught her again, that is, if they hadn't just killed her and gotten everything over with on the spot. In the USA if you are white you are innocent unproven guilty. Any other color, you are GUILTY and may God help you if you are NOT PROVEN INNOCENT.

Give me a break! This girl is in serious trouble.

(1) This actress had to put up $100,000 and if she used a bondsman, she pays him $10,000. I'm white and would have trouble getting that kind of money, so would have to use my house as collateral.

(2) She hit 3 cars and left the scene of the accident. There will be 3 lawsuits against her. Her ins. will skyrocket. More money more attorneys

(3) She'll get slammed with a DUI. More money and more attorneys.

(4) She has drug/alcohol problems. Will need rehab at least once. More money, more problems, not to mention anger management.

(5) She has emotional probs also -- who in their right mind would slip out of cuffs and escape from jail. Like they are not going to find her.

If she killed herself, would that make you happy. Because it sounds like she's on the edge and might do anything.

1209 days ago


John is right. That's similar to what I was going to say. Celebrities get to live by different rules than the rest of us. Plus, she's able to pay for a really good lawyer. If we tried what she did, at best we'd get tazered and get a beatdown.

How about this option, don't break the law and you won't have any problems. And whatever color or race you are, stay away from places that can land you in trouble. Quit whining about injustices in your life and do something to make it better! Every night and morning repeat 6 things in your life you are grateful for.

1209 days ago


she should be put in jail for assault, dui and destruction

1209 days ago


Damn a pretty white girl CAN get away with anything

1209 days ago


I tell ya if this chick where some run of the mill black person they would be triating it like she was a mass murderer.Im so fed up with this crap I think the common folks(blacks)should take a stand against all the preferetial treatment!!!Who is with me?We can start by picketing Blowhans house in venice ca.And all producers and directers that even think of giving her any roll's,Ads,commercials,etc...lets do it cali..Lets make the law accountable the same for all!

1209 days ago

Shane D.    

celeb justice? or white justice?

1209 days ago

Blue Lake    

Used ta look pretty, now just like a hard, old lush.

1209 days ago


"Canadasux" and "Peter Sc," what the hell do either of you have against Canada? What has Canada or Canadians ever done to either one of you? You both need to grow up! By the way, Peter, our "little" country is one of the largest in the world!

1209 days ago


But Canadians are arrogant, case in point, Canadian celeb kicking a cop! And you may be a large country by land mass, but by population you are not large. And let's face facts, Canada is OBSESSED with the US, and the US hardly knows Canada exists!

1209 days ago


(5) She has emotional probs also -- who in their right mind would slip out of cuffs and escape from jail. Like they are not going to find her.


Oh i don't know, a DRUNK PERSON maybe? lol I mean really...spare us your arm chair psychiatric exam. I'll bet you didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

1209 days ago


Her upper lip looks deformed. Who really gives a crap about this celebu****? Not I.

1209 days ago

Mike R    

When all is said and done, this will equate to 90 minutes in jail. Released due to the typical excuse "overcrowding" in the jail. Hollywood might as well claim their own independence and make up their own BS laws that can be bent.

1209 days ago

Mike R    

Not to mention what a waste this *ahem* "trial" will be to the taxpayers.

1209 days ago
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