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Jesse James Pays Up After Bloody Dog Attack

6/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pitbull belonging to Jesse James escaped from the reality star's Texas bike shop this weekend and
attacked another dog being walked in the area -- nearly killing the innocent animal ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ spoke with a rep from Animal Control in Austin, TX -- who confirms cops were dispatched to the scene after Jesse's dog -- not Cinnabun -- went after a corgi named Buckley and chomped down on his neck. 

We're told the person walking Buckley freaked out -- and began punching the pit bull in the face because it wouldn't let go of the corgi.

Eventually, cops arrived to the scene and freed Buckley -- who was rushed to a nearby vet for emergency care. Buckley had to be sedated and stitched up -- and doctors inserted a drainage tube into his neck to prevent infection.

After the incident, Buckley's owner got in touch with Jesse's assistant -- who eventually forked over $250 to cover the vet bill. We're told Jesse has also promised to cover any additional medical expenses.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Thank you for being a responsible dog owner!

1230 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

However, if your beloved dog were to Kill my beloved dog since your's got loose, it would be a different story. So, Jesse - keep your dogs contained!

1230 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Should not have had to ask for Vet bills to be paid?

1230 days ago


That poor Corgi must be traumatized! Isn't there a law that requires pit bulls to be on a leash when outside of their compound?

1230 days ago


Why wasn't Jesse charged? Didn't Sam Ronson risk her dog being put to sleep when her dog did this?

And paid the vet bill? Jesse how about hauling your azz to Petco and buying that poor corgi a gift basket of every treat and toy available.

The pitbull is an animal and doesn't know any better but Jesse is just a freaking menace.

1230 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Jesse needs to pay for a pet Psychologist for Buckley. I'm not even kidding. That poor innocent little dog.

1230 days ago


Not surprising he owns one of those dogs. He's such a loser.

Oh and they didn't euthanize the dog..WHY not? They waiting for it to attack and kill a child?

1230 days ago


lmao, there's not a chance in hell Jesse would pay for a so-called "pet psychologist".

1230 days ago


Its always pitts it seems..

1230 days ago


$250? Wow, that's a cheap vet!

1230 days ago


Why doesn't that creep leave Texas and go back to California...and take his killer dog with him. What a red-neck loser.

1230 days ago


Austin has a leash law!!!!!

1230 days ago


Pit bulls are freindly dogs. It's the people that raise them that are cluless.

1230 days ago


It's not a surprise that he's an irresponsible pet owner. That poor corgi!

On a side note--$250 for the vet bill? I guess I'm paying way too much at my vet. I think I would have been charged more like $1,250.

1230 days ago


Didn't he have another dog situation a while back where two pitts fought when left alone at his shop? There was talk he was dog fighting but those allegations where not true, he stated they had been left a lone before and never fought...

1230 days ago
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