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Nic Cage's Son Hospitalized for Mental Evaluation

6/7/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nic Cage's son, Weston Cage, has been taken to the hospital by ambulance for a mental evaluation and possible 5150 psychiatric hold, sources tell TMZ.


Sources tell TMZ ... Weston was at The Farmer's Kitchen in Hollywood at around 4:00 today, when his trainer told him he couldn't eat something on the menu.  For some reason, we're told Weston went off and started pushing the trainer in a violent way, at one point trying to roundhouse the trainer.

The trainer took Weston down, and someone else tried calming Nic's son down, to no avail.  Weston got up and continued freaking out.

Cops showed up and told Weston if he didn't get on the ground they would tase him.  Weston then complied.  Cops put Weston in handcuffs but they were so worried he was unstable they strapped him to a gurney. 

It's unclear if Weston was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but people who work at the restaurant say he appeared to be under the influence of something.

Weston was taken to a local hospital where he is being evaluated.

One source says Weston got into a nuclear argument with his new wife, Nikki, this morning and she stormed out of their house.

UPDATE:  Sources close to the Cage family tell TMZ Nic has arrived at the hospital.  We're told Nic has cleared his schedule and plans to stay in town as long as Weston needs him to be here.


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PRO US    

"Sources tell TMZ ... Weston was at The Farmer's Kitchen in Hollywood at around 4:00 today, when his trainer told him he couldn't eat something on the menu."

Since when does an adult have the right to tell another adult what food item he can or can't order off the menu? The trainer should be the one committed to the hospital with the 5150.

1204 days ago


He has *Crazy Eyes*...

1204 days ago


low blood sugar is usually more of a problem for diabetics than nondiabetics.

1204 days ago

Are You Serious    

Looking at his weird eyes, I think it is safe to say he is Paris Jackson's real father.

1204 days ago


celebrities should be sterilized

1204 days ago


nic is crazier than his son. they should 5150 nic as well.

1204 days ago


You know that saying about "The eyes are the window to the soul?"

1204 days ago


He like his father is weird and I agree with Cartman re drugs!

1204 days ago


You need to stop using the term "unstable"; it has no clinical meaning. It's just a colloquialism that is used to unfairly label people for behavior that others don't understand.

If and when you have actual experience in the field, then you can play armchair psychiatrist. Until then, keep your snide comments about others to yourself.

1204 days ago


Hmmm, a trainer tells you you are not allowed to eat something, you argue, .. trainer 'takes you down'... you into 5150 ... yeah....

1204 days ago


Hes not mental, hes spoiled, its society thats mental for paying his father and other celebrities rediculous sums of money for being clowns while people who do actual important jobs get payed starvation wages. Children of celebrities grow up in this bubble and hes probably going to have relationship troubles like the celebrity parents do, because they can't stand compromising.

1204 days ago

Elizabeth H.    

Yes I'm sure there were MANY, MANY things on his schedule that Nic had to clear. Be serious!!

1204 days ago



1204 days ago


Just tase the bum and be done with it

1204 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

There must be mental issues overall with the Cage family, and maybe the uncle of Nic.

Nic has been off his rocker lately and his drinking etc.. They all should be evaluated. And oh,... yikes. His son is an ugly brut..People in that area of physical obsession have a big distorted mind set that is good to look and act like a big bully bulk monster. Weightlifters,wrestlers,and the like have a want to be bullies. And they are ********... And steroids can be added to the mix. Arnold S. is an example of a blow hole. These types are blow holes. Again he is ugly. Not that his dad is good looking but at least he doesn't look like a bully and sometimes can act.

1204 days ago
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