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Kim K to Lockett: Shut Up and Take it Back, Or Else!

6/9/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is ballistic over Bret Lockett -- aka Tom Brady's teammate -- and if he doesn't admit he lied when he said he had an affair with her, she's hauling his big ass into court.


Kardashian has fired off a new demand letter to Lockett, obtained by TMZ, which warns him if he doesn't retract his allegations and cease from making fresh ones, his new position will be defendant on the left side of the courtroom.

Lockett went on TMZ Live Wednesday and insisted he did indeed have an online and physical relationship with Kim this year, at the same time she was dating now-fiance Kris Humphries.

In the letter, Kim's lawyer, Michael Kump, says, "To put it very plainly and clearly, and as Mr. Lockett knows, there is not now, and never has been such a relationship," adding, "Ms. Kardashian does not know and has never even met Mr. Lockett."

060811_brett_locket_launch3Lockett told us he has physical evidence proving the relationship, but he evaded questions on specifics.

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Stacey Patterson    

how about Kim K is a whore everybody knows that, she will denied every man she has been dated, when she might Married the losser Kris Humphries!

1171 days ago


what would he gain by making this up, 15mins 'fame' & long-term notoriety? don't think so. if it wasn't true, kim would probably ignore his "allegations" but she's got her lawyers all over him to shut him down.....interesting.

1171 days ago


This is very, very easy to resolve. Someone is clearly lying so all Brett has to do is send SOME of the pics and a few pieces of the other proof he has to TMZ.

I'm not talking about some grainy, fuzzy picture of the back of a woman's ass, I'm talking about sending a clear picture with Kim's face facing the camera.

If you're lying I hope you get what's coming to you and I hope Kim sues you for everything you got...if you're not lying, congratulations, you have showed us how much of a liar Kim is.

Ok...let's get ready to rumbbbbbbbble. lol

1171 days ago


Lockett is full of it. He doesnt wanna go into details and doesnt want his business in the tabloids yet he talks to a tabloid? *insert confused face here* He told on himself...the mag came to him, said they had a story that they werr gonna run whether he told his story or not so he went with it....but now u wont tell details? Uhm, ok.

1171 days ago


Kim Kardashian has been a media whore for years. She's spread her body around like cream cheese in a bagel shop. So who's surprised that she's a whore in her personal life too? Hey Kim, you said all the athletes want to get it from behind. Guess why? YOU'RE UGLY AS A JOAN RIVERS/DACSHUND CROSS DRESSER. They want to do it from behind so they don't have to look at that face. Serves you right for buying your own $2million engagement ring so you could have a better ring than Khloe. You're nothing but a self serving HO, and you deserve all the negative press you could ever get. I hope one day very soon your 15 minutes of fame is only a burning memory.

1171 days ago


i believe him

1171 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Hoopee

"She's spread her body around
like cream cheese in a bagel shop"

So Raymond Chandler-like.

You are right,
Kim K is nothing
but a self serving HO!

1171 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Why should he give any information or show proof before ms thang contact him for a law suit????...... so her lawyer can find a way to show the evidence is not really what it is.

If he is lying, that does not make her any less a s&&t with filthy desires. Personally I cannot figure why ANYONE would admit to doing that skank.

To be honest, I would not suffer from withdrawals if the Kardashions are never in the news again. Maybe soon it will not be about her strange sexual desires but about charity and a new way of life. There is hope.

1171 days ago


dude is lieing for whatever reason,why does he keep throwing lauren londons name up(isn't she one of lil wayne baby mama's).For some reason he doesn't like kris or kim and kim has grown tough enough skin to to give less than a damn about being called names, she's got dough. Kris needs to get used to this crap I wouldn't be surprised if dude isn't reggie bushes best friend lol.

1171 days ago


There is absolutely no reason for this guy to lie about a fling. He doesn't need the fame. He doesn't need money. I'm telling you, the truth will come out. It is well known that Kim is the slut in the family. Even if this development doesn't put a halt to her marriage, something like this eventually will.

Out of all the idiots that are famous for nothing and making loads and loads of money from it, this girl is the worst! I simply can't stand her. I hope she gets busted and has to return that ridiculous rock on her finger.

1171 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Maybe he's bored. Isn't he involved in the "lockout"?

To Fidel's niece: I was JUST eating a bagel & cream cheese!
Dropped that sucker so fast! It's gonna be a while before I will eating cream cheese again......................

1171 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

will "be" eating cream cheese again..maybe never

1171 days ago


Did Chris take back the engagement ring?

1171 days ago


Who knows, who cares really. He said, she said. But either way Kim might get the last word on this if this guy keeps talking and blows it up into a big deal. As a long time Patriots fan we all know that the team owners come down hard on players that bring negative attention on themselves and team.

Dude if you got the pictures or text show them- otherwise it would probably be a good idea to let it go and blow over before the season starts (if it does start) The Bruins are int the finals so the press here is busy with that, once thats over they will have only the red sox to talk about, and of course this

1171 days ago


Just because she doesn't know him doesn't mean she didn't sleep with him.

1171 days ago
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