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'NJ Housewives' Sued Over Bloody Attack on Cop

6/13/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You're staring at the bloody face of a man who claims he was attacked by several members of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" back in February -- and now he's seeking his revenge in court.


TMZ broke the story -- a campus police officer from the University of Illinois at Chicago named Adolfo Arreola claims he was chillin' at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic back in February, when Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo and other members of their family beat the living crap out of him and his family.

Now, Adolfo, along with several family members, have filed a lawsuit -- describing the attack in detail.

In the docs, Adolfo claims things got out of hand when Teresa began spraying champagne in the club -- and blasted Adolfo's mother-in-law right in the face.

Adolfo claims Teresa "mocked" his mother-in-the-law after the spraying -- and then, "without provocation" Giudice and the other cast members physically attacked Adolfo.

Adolfo claims the "NJ Housewives" stars "brutally and savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped on and smashed glass" on him AND members of his family ... including his mother-in-law.

Adolfo and his family members are suing for unspecified damages.


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With the way those women act on tv, it's easy to believe the guy. Kind of surprised Caroline was involved but she can have a temper, too.

1227 days ago


Y weren't theses slvts..i mean Housewives arrested?

1227 days ago


I thought it was a woman on the pic...

1227 days ago


This sounds like the work of Teresa and her husband - I seriously doubt Caroline and Jacqueline were involved other than perhaps being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being guilty by association.

1227 days ago


And THIS is what happens when you put low life reptiles ON reality tv. I hope this guy sues them into the toilet where they belong.

1227 days ago


this pic looks like Caroline

1227 days ago


You can see the shoe print on his forehead. Like Lauri said anyone tha*****ches the show knows this is typical behavior for the NJ cast.

Good luck to him getting any money. I saw on a website that they are all in bankruptcy or have been in recent years. Even Jacqueline and her hubby. I think the only one not on the list was Caroline.

1227 days ago


I can see Theresa doing this but NOT Caroline. I think it was the only other name he could remember......

1227 days ago


Good. The NJ Housewives are Bravo's lesson in where the Snooki's of the world come from. Never mind how not to act in just about any given situation. Ugly idiots who all need decorators. I have never seen such copious amounts of bad taste. Ugh.

1227 days ago


That is NOT a man. That is a woman.

1227 days ago


First of all, that looks like an (ugly) woman in the photo, not a man. Second of all, there has to be more to this story. I don't believe for one second that without any provocation, a bunch of women decided to beat him and his whole family up. There's always more to the story. No doubt the "Housewives" were acting trashy, but I'm sure this guy was being a huge ahole himself. Can't wait to see their response to his accusation.

1227 days ago

Fred Farkel    


We finally have degenerated to the point where adult women are behaving at the level of vile degenerate teenagers.


Just like my own 2 daughters in their mid-20s and my ex-wife who is a grandmother and 53 years old.

I have had these vermin out of my house for 2 years now and I rejoice every night that they are gone... because this phenomenon is destioned to get a lot worse.

1227 days ago


Wow!!....Those women are animals. Poor guy. sue them. Though i wonder why didn't bouncers throw their asses out or why didn't or call the cops. They could be in jail by now.

1227 days ago


The whole bunch on RHONJ are skanks..the show is nothing but a family drama, can't understand why BRAVO would have negotiated another season with them...and Teresa's husband and brother, what a couple of ignorant Italian fire plugs this two are..not to mention those UGLY houses they live in...gawd they are creepy places!

1227 days ago


And America wonders why it's in the Toilet when "Housewives of New Jersey" is a hit show...Sheesh!

1227 days ago
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